Best Treadmills For Runners On A Budget
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is pretty difficult in this day and age especially with the fast paced life we are living today. If you do somehow manage few exercise regiments in your daily routine it is pretty hard to stay consistent on that course. So cardiovascular training is much preferred by a lot of people nowadays due to the convenience and flexibility it provides you can do cardio out in the open or even in your apartment/home. To do cardiovascular training the activity that is preferred by a lot of us is the running and as you can make out that running in your home or apartment is not a very good idea since there is no room inside.

The answer to this problem is the treadmill. Treadmill can offer a lot of convenience for anyone looking to get some cardiovascular activity going to keep himself or herself fit and if you already are a runner and you like to do some running indoors to save time or to avoid unnecessary interaction with other people on the track or in the park, that can be a cause of distraction during your cardio workout. We have compiled some of the best treadmills for runners on a budget that you can check out below but before you do that we would like you to go through some useful information that can come in handy while choosing a treadmill for yourself. Let’s get into that first.


Now if you are looking for a treadmill on a budget (most probably under $500) then you will have to compromise on some things when it comes to treadmill speed. If you are a regular runner then you will be better suited to the treadmill with a top speed of 12mph or 13mph but for that kind of speed you will have to go for a treadmill with a higher price tag. The treadmill that we have chosen as the editor’s choice below has a top speed of 10mph and will cost you under $400 do check that out.

Max User Weight Capacity

The next thing you should be on the lookout for is the capacity of the treadmill’s motor to endure the body weight of the user. Under adequate budget you can find treadmill that will have a max weight capacity of 250lbs but mostly you will find that number to be around 220lbs. So make sure you choose the treadmill which is equipped to handle your body weight.

Incline Angles

When buying a treadmill you should look for the feature of going incline on a treadmill. Under limited budget of $500 you will find treadmills that will have incline angles that will have to be manually adjusted. Expensive treadmills with price tags close to $1000 and above have automatic power incline feature which don’t need manual setup.

Heart Rate Monitor

Budget friendly models that are around $300 and above come with built-in sensor in the handrails which can monitor your heartbeat and more expensive ones come with wireless chest straps that provide a more accurate reading of the heart rate. The heart rate monitor is necessary in a treadmill because many of your cardio variations will require you to keep an eye on your heartbeat to perform those variations to the maximum effect.

These are some of the things that you should be on the lookout now let’s get started with treadmills for runners on a budget.

Best Treadmills For Runners On A Budget (Comparison)

TreadmillHPUser Weight CapacityTop Speed 
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Treadmill (Editor's Choice)2.2 HP220 lbs10 mphCheck Price
Ancheer 502 Folding Electric Treadmill1.5 HP220 lbs6 mphCheck Price
Goplus K1431 Folding Electric Treadmill2.25 HP250 lbs7.5 mphCheck Price


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Treadmill – (Editor’s Choice)

The first budget treadmill we have on here for runners is the model SF-T4400 by Sunny Health & Fitness.Best Treadmills For Runners On A Budget This particular electric treadmill has high ratings and falls under the $400 mark. The treadmill itself is manufactured in China. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the SF-T4400 electric treadmill. This particular model is a folding treadmill and folding it and storing it is very easy indeed. The soft drop system on the SF-T4400 makes it convenient to unfold and fold the treadmill. The frame of the treadmill is hollow metal and plastic and makes it for a somewhat durable build quality.

When it comes to features the SF-T4400 electrical treadmill features a 2.2HP electrical motor which is capable of handling maximum 220lbs of user weight. The deck of this electric treadmill is shock absorbent and makes it comfortable for running. The speed range of the SF-T4400 treadmill is between 0.5mph and 10mph ideal for runners. The running surface of the treadmill measures 48.82” x 15.75”. The SF-T4400 treadmill has 3 manual incline levels (0%, 2% & 4.37%). The SF-T4400 treadmill also features BMI calculating capability as well so you can keep track of your progress easily. The handrail of the SF-T4400 treadmill feature easy to access controls of starting the treadmill, stopping it and the speed adjustment. The built-in wheels on the SF-T4400 treadmill offer convenience in moving around the treadmill.

When it comes to performance the electric motor is comparatively silent when using it. The power of the motor is enough to give you a nice cardio workout. There have been no reported electrical issues when it comes to this treadmill. The treadmill doesn’t have auto lubrication system and requires manual lubrication from time to time.

Shock Absorbing DeckNone That We Could Find
Soft Drop System
Handrail Controls


All in all the SF-T4400 electric treadmill is an excellent option for runners on a budget it provides power and speed needed for cardio workouts for advanced runners. Apart from the lubrication issue the treadmill offers great value for money.




Ancheer 502 Folding Electric Treadmill

The next treadmill we have on here is the Ancheer 502 which is an electric treadmill and falls under the $250 mark.Best Treadmills For Runners On A Budget The Ancheer 502 has very high ratings and that what caught our eye. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The design of the Ancheer 502 features a space saving design. A foldable treadmill, featuring easy to fold mechanism. The Ancheer 502 treadmill is also lightweight compared to other treadmills. The whole treadmill is not only easy to use but also easy to setup.

When it comes to features the Ancheer 502 treadmill feature a 1.5HP electric motor which is capable of handling 220lbs of user body weight at the maximum. The running surface area of the Ancheer 502 treadmill measures 40.95” x 14.04” which is pretty decent. The speed range of the Ancheer 502 treadmill is between 0.6mph and 6mph. This treadmill also has a heart rate monitoring system which functions using the pulse sensors on the hand grip. The best feature on this treadmill is the self lubricating system which allows you to lubricate the belt at just the push of a button.

The Ancheer 502 treadmill also has a LCD screen along with 12 training programs. The frame of this treadmill comes with 1 year warranty while the motor comes with 2 years warranty.

When it comes to performance the Ancheer 502 electric treadmill performs excellently and there have been no reported issues regarding it’s motor or the belt. But we thing the treadmill lacks on power and the speed is a bit low for an advanced runner.

Heart Rate MonitorNone That We Could Find
Self-Lubrication System
12 Training Programs


The Ancheer 502 electric treadmill is best suited for the runners who are on the beginner skill level and starting up on cardio workouts. At under $250 mark it is a pretty good treadmill for the money.



Goplus K1431 Folding Electric Treadmill

The last treadmill we have on here is the model K1431 by Goplus.Best Treadmills For Runners On A Budget The electric treadmill in question here has high ratings and falls under $400 mark. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

To start with the design the K1431 electric treadmill is also a foldable treadmill which features a soft drop system making the folding and unfolding process very easy to perform. There are 4 silicone pads on each side which work very well to reduce noise while running and the vibration as well. the steel frame construction making for a solid build quality on this treadmill.

When it comes to features the K1431 electric treadmill feature 2.25HP electric motor which is capable of handling maximum user weight of 250lbs. The electric motor has the ability to power the treadmill to a top speed of 7.5mph with speed range varying between 0.5mph and 7.5mph. The running surface measures 47” x 17”. The K1431 electric treadmill features 3 manual incline variations ranging between 0% and 15%. The heart rate monitor is also available in this treadmill which functions using the sensor installed in the handrails. There is a safety key feature on the treadmill as well which is installed on the handrail as well giving user the access to emergency stop of the treadmill.

The K1431 electric treadmill also has a 5”LC display along with iPad and water holder. There are also 12 built-in workout programs as well.

When it comes to performance the electric motor on this treadmill is one of the powerful ones under $400 price range. The motor performs excellently and the 250lbs user weight limit is one of the highest in its class as well. There have been no reported issues on the treadmill and is a very good option when it comes to treadmill for runners under a budget.

Manual lubrication is the catch on the K1431 treadmill and the top speed is low.

Steel ConstructionElectronics Not Good
Noise & Vibration Reduction
Safety Key
5" Display


All in all if you are looking for a well performing powerful treadmill this is your best option right now. Apart from the low speed limit the reliability of this treadmill is very good.



The treadmills listed here are one of the highest rated and reliable treadmills in the market right now that too under $500 mark without compromising on the performance. We hope you find this publication useful. Let us know what you think in the comments section.



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