Best Shampoos For Silky Hair
(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

Achieving a good looking, shining, healthy tresses is key to the woman. It’s similar to maintaining glowing radiant skin. Unfortunately, the day-to-day mishandling our hair receives from curling irons, blow dryers along with other machines are quite drying and damaging for the hair. Even, if you have the silkiest hair in the world you need to take care of them properly and for that purpose We have gathered the list of best shampoos for silky hair. So, let’s have a look.



Best Shampoos For Silky Hair (Comparison)

ShampooSuitable For 
Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal (Editor's Choice)Daily MoistureCheck Price
L’Oreal Paris Shampoo Smooth IntenseMaintaining The SmoothnessCheck Price
TRESemmé Shampoo Moisture RichProviding KeratinCheck Price


Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal – (Editor’s Choice)

Pantene’s Pro-V suits all hair types which is great for those who’ve not a chance of lowering washes.Best Shampoos For Silky Hair This gentle formula from your Pro-V range is very made with the goodness of oils that penetrate using your hair shaft to its core and develop a cellular level to lock essential moisture and inwardly smile at excess humidity. This helps prevent issues including dryness, frizz, damage, and breakage. The shampoo keeps hair feeling silky smooth all day long after effectively cleansing it without stripping away the natural oils which might be necessary for hair’s health. Apart from making the hair super manageable, this shampoo will even strengthen and thicken it within two weeks.

Smells GreatNone That We Could Find
Suitable For Every Hair Type
2 in 1 Combination


If you are looking for best shampoo for silky hair, then Pantene pro v should be your first choice. It comes with shampoo and condition combination can be used daily and nourish your hair flawlessly. It suits every hair type long, short curly etc. And, it has no downsides so, we highly recommend it.



L’Oreal Paris Shampoo Smooth Intense

Smooth Intense Shampoo helps you to remove frizzed and unruly hair.Best Shampoos For Silky Hair This shampoo from L’Oreal Paris holds silk proteins to provide silky and smooth hair. This shampoo deeply nurtures your hair to acquire those beautiful hairs that you just desired for.

Tames FrizzNone That We Could Find
Smoothing Serum For All Hair Type
Provides Shine


This shampoo is also inexpensive tames curls and leaves smoothing serum in every kind of hair to provides shine. Surprisingly, this shampoo also has no drawbacks.



TRESemmé Shampoo Moisture Rich

This shampoo is s a frizz-freeing shampoo that manages hair effectively.Best Shampoos For Silky Hair This is the blimey of natural keratin protein. It will condition and revitalize nice hair to counter frizz through the origins for the tips. This shampoo replenishes nice hair with proteins and makes your tresses look super straight. This makes flowing hair appear softer and shinier using a smooth, fashionable finish.

Cleans Hair EffectivelyNot Suitable For Extra Silky Hair
Provides Extra Shine
Keep Hair Smooth & Strong


Having a silky hair is a blessing but you can ruin them if you do not take care of them properly so, this shampoo suitable for every hair type from silky to dry hairs. It cleans and moisture them perfectly, brings the shine back and make them stronger and smoother with keratin. On downside, if you already have very silky hair it will make them oily as it is moisturizing and powered with keratin so, we do not recommend this shampoo to women who already have very silky hair.



How To Get Silky Hairs Naturally

There are several steps to regenerate the luster the hair could be lacking. The best part is, almost all of the items necessary could possibly be available at a nearby food store and price just fraction with the price you’ll spend on a whole hair treatment for a professional salon. Also, they just don’t contain excessive degrees of harsh chemicals which are detrimental for the health of the hair.

  • Prevent Your Hair from Falling Out, Splitting and Breaking

Your tresses are most vulnerable and weak only when it’s wet or damp. Instead of vigorously rubbing the hair dry using a towel, lightly squeeze the strands of hair to discharge the maximum amount of water as you possibly can. This will help reduce the likelihood of flowing hair having split ends, hair thinning and even breakages.

  • Add Shine, Bounce and Volume

Does flowing hair need volume? Is it lifeless and dull? Try these 2-step all-natural treatment to create it back again:

Step #1: Mix an egg and also a little bit of mayonnaise together and massage it in flowing hair (in places you begin with your scalp, and moving outward every one of the way for the end of hair)

Step #2: Leave lots of people on for about fifteen to twenty minutes when you rinse it, after which shampoo and condition the hair as you always do.

For optimal results, you might want to repeat the above mentioned 2-step process once per week.

  • Apply an Avocado Mixture

Is the hair looking slightly dry and lifeless?

Avocado will be the secret ingredient to re-moisturize and revitalize nice hair as well as eradicate that frizzy look. Follow this avocado recipe to naturally revive your dry dull hair:

Step #1: You need a peeled avocado sliced by two, several tablespoons of essential olive oil, wheat germ, castor oil treatment, as well as an egg.

Step #2: Combine these components within a bowl and blend them together well. Apply a combination all over flowing hair, taking special care to fully cover your ends.

Step #3: After you’ve thoroughly saturated nice hair, cover all nice hair that has a shower cap as well as a plastic bag for half hour. If possible, you really should wrap a warm towel around your covered head as that can help improve the moisture infusing treatment.

Step #4: Lastly, thoroughly rinse off all the mix from flowing hair after which shampoo hair as usual.

Repeat Botox cosmetic injections at least once per week until hair has stopped being dry and dull. Alternatively, if flowing hair is a little about the oily side, you could possibly merely have the procedure a couple of times monthly.

  • Put the Shine Back

To bring the shine and luster back to nice hair, you might try a straightforward take advantage of soak:

Step #1: Massage your complete scalp with take advantage of and work your way outwards till you attain the ends of nice hair.

Step #2: Leave the milk on hair for around sixty minutes, and after that rinse rid of it. Do not shampoo or condition hair before the following morning.

Step #3: When you get up from bed the subsequent morning, just shampoo and condition flowing hair like normal, and observe rich and luxurious nice hair now appears and feels!

You may repeat your entire dairy soak process once, or it could be twice every week to keep the hair’s moisture-rich looks.

  • Do Not Go to Bed with Wet Hair To Prevent It From Falling Out

Going to bed with nice hair still wet may cause it to fallout. Hence, always seek to go to sleep when nice hair is completely dried.

To significantly limit the level of hair fall, you really should try using silk pillowcases, instead of the normal cotton pillowcase.



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