Smell awakens a lot of emotions, which could be a memory, mood, perception, or even desire. As one of human’s primal instincts, we cannot deny how our olfactory senses can captivate or deny another. This is the reason why our choice of perfume defines a lot about who we are and the message we want to convey.

This review will focus on women and her innate passion to entice men for different reasons, which can be for friendship, companionship, or intimacy. Our olfactory senses play a significant role in evoking the right emotion based on a woman’s purpose.

Meanwhile, the same purpose should also complement her look and body language. Seduction is said to be an art that makes use of our five senses to engage her choice of mate in her embrace. Take note that I am not sexualizing the concept but only highlighting a primal instinct that is essential to the attraction between people of the opposite sex.

I have come up with my top three list of the best seductive perfume for women in 2020 you can consider. I have curated my list based on different key performance factors that I believe fit the description of “seductive”. Understand that perfumes have a lot of fragrance profiles and while our perception of each boils down to subjective reasons, a majority of seductive fragrances have the following scent profiles:

  • Musky
  • Denser or heavier than other scents
  • Not overpowering with just the right amount of captivating factor
  • A bit on the expensive side since it has higher concentrated amounts of oil and aromatics to make it last longer


Best Seductive Perfume for Women in 2020 (Comparison)

NameScent Profile 
Christian Dior Poison Girl Eau de Parfum- Editor's ChoiceBitter orange, Grasse rose, Venezuelan tonka beanCheck Price
Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de ParfumAlmond, tuberose, jasmine sambac, tonka bean, cocoaCheck Price
Christian Dior J’adore for Women Eau de ParfumYlang ylang, Damascus rose, sambac jasmineCheck Price



Christian Dior Poison Girl Eau de Parfum – (Editor’s Choice)

Women have been wearing perfumes since time immemorial. In fact, the first perfume maker recorded was a woman chemist named Tapputi. She uses oil, flowers, and other aromatics to concoct her perfume creations.

Fast forward to the present, perfumes are becoming symbols – something that evokes a sensation or a personality that is also either momentarily or wanting to be a signature. Perfume makers are targeting different age groups to help them get in tune with their message to the world – that is, “who I am and what I can do”.

Christian Dior is known as a lifestyle store, which caters to a lot of age groups in either women’s or men’s departments. This particular scent, the Poison Girl, is targeted at younger women who want a head start in the art of attractiveness and self-confidence.

One of the best things about wearing Poison Girl is that it immediately manifests its presence in a crowd. The top notes of bitter orange are sweet yet sensational because of Grasse rose and Venezuela tonka bean. To elevate its seduction level, there are the base hints of vanilla, almond, and sandalwood to create warmth around the exciting notes of bitter orange.

Earning its way as one of the top perfumes for women seems an easy feat for Poison Girl. Its fragrance profile is both sweet and sexy with lasting presence. Any woman who wants herself to feel seductive and actually winging it in her next social attendance will not go wrong with Christian Dior’s Poison Girl.

Perfect for women preferring floral, sweet, and warm notes for her perfumeThe price point is steep but is understandable being a designer perfume brand
You (almost) cannot go wrong with a designer perfume
Attractive bottle design
Long-lasting fragrance


Christian Dior Poison Girl Eau de Parfum is definitely a keeper for a woman who is starting to explore her femininity. This is for a girl who wants to assert her inner woman without being too forceful to her peers. For a woman who wanted to unleash her seductive prowess, this perfume is one jump starter. I also find this as one of the best smelling women’s perfumes in the market.


Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum

Being named as Good Girl is not all that describes this fragrance – this perfume is actually for the alluring and sophisticated woman waiting to bloom out of her innocence. The Good Girl line from Carolina Herrera is one epitome of seduction and feminism which is very evident from the packaging itself – a woman’s stiletto.

This beautiful perfume is as pleasant-smelling as it looks. The bottle is already seductive and sexy itself and best describes what is inside – alluring, addictive, and inviting. Most of the time, you can never go wrong with popular perfumes in the market like Good Girl as it is not appealing to many for nothing.

Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Perfume belongs to the olfactory family of oriental vanilla. Its prominent scent profile includes the seductive almond, with complements of tuberose and jasmine sambac. Meanwhile, the innocence factor was attributed to hints of tonka bean and cocoa. Overall, the scent is sexy yet mysterious; something that the art of seduction knows very well.

What I like most about Good Girl, aside from its sultry bottle, is its lasting fragrance. A dab of the perfume in the pulse points is enough to last the entire day. And being in the family of vanilla is one downright sexy for both men and women. That is enough to earn a spot in my best smelling and seductive perfume for women list.

Comes in a sexy and seductive bottle – a stilettoThe smell is quite dense, which will more likely suit more mature women but not young ladies
Long-lasting fragrance
With hints of vanilla and cocoa – without a doubt the sexy element in a perfume
Perfect for women who prefer floral hints in her scent


The Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum is one elegant fragrance that balances innocence and wild fantasies in a bottle. It is for women who advocate femininity and empowerment – something on the opposite ends of womanhood but clearly confirms her essence. The presence of cocoa is a nice hint that complements its almond and floral aromatics.


Christian Dior J’adore for Women Eau de Parfum

This is another Christian Dior on the list since I cannot resist this another charmer. I admit I was captivated by its beautiful and sexy bottle, but more so when I wore what is inside.

The J’adore for Women is one of the most popular women’s perfumes and I cannot deny the reasons why. Having floral and fruity notes is undeniably a seductive woman’s signature. For me, the scent is comparable to a blooming woman who embraces her sensuality and is confident about her innate passion to successfully charm the man of her dreams.

What I like most about this perfume, or in women’s scents in general, is being able to command a presence. However, not all women’s fragrances can positively do this. Gladly, the perfume department of Christian Dior is clearly in tune with women of modern times that they were able to come up with this beautiful and sophisticated fragrance.

Another asset of this popular perfume for women is its use of ylang-ylang essence. In the floral world, this bloom denotes sophistication and elegance; it is commanding yet not overbearing. The presence of notes from Damascus rose, jasmine grandiflorum, and the jasmine sambac complements the main scent profile well, giving birth to a new floral scent that does not even exist in the real world.

This perfume is for ladies who wanted to wear something that will help them develop the confidence to finally call themselves a woman. It is a keeper or signature scent for a woman who is passionate about her dreams and desires.


Comes in a beautiful bottle that resembles a woman’s neck with a jewel resting on top and the iconic Maasai necklace on its neckPurposely for women in bachelor years
The best perfume for women who prefer sweet, floral notes
Long-lasting fragrance


The Christian Dior J’adore for Women Eau de Parfum is classy, elegant, and undeniably a woman in every aspect – from the bottle to its sweet-floral notes. Despite having that profile, the choice of florals and aromatics are mature and command seduction, as well as elevate a woman’s attractiveness.



Final Verdict

I find it challenging to pick my top three perfumes to include in this list, much more to choose my top one. Picking the best perfume is a subjective decision but since I had this titled, “Best Seductive Perfume for Women of 2020”, I need to provide benchmarks to support my number one.

Overall, I find Christian Dior’s Poison Girl checking all the benchmarks for a seductive perfume for women. Poison Girl is a girl’s perfume who is getting ready to unveil her inner seductress. The other two on the list are more for mature women with experience. The sense of unveiling and coming out is sexy for a woman who is ready to take flight in womanhood. Meanwhile, a sense of mystery is what seductive means for a lady about to come out as a woman of the world.

There you have it! I hope you find some of my recommendations good for your next perfume gift sets. Are you now ready to shop for the best perfume to level up your attractiveness meter?

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