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Top 7 Best Epilators Oct. 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2017)

Hair removal could be a frustrating and frequently expensive experience. If you’re like us, you’ll have tried a lot of different ways and soon you find what works effective for you. Waxing began to get too costly and that we were fed up with the need to lose time waiting for hair to cultivate back, shaving was and then stubble with an endless re-buying of blades. Finally, we tried the epilator.

These handy devices also come in all sizes and shapes. Some are better for the face and sensitive areas, some your legs, plus some for any entire body groom. Whatever your need, we’ll be useful for finding just what exactly you’re searching for through our epilator reviews. Whether you’re a first-timer or perhaps a seasoned pro, we’ve produced comprehensive guide of the greatest epilators in the marketplace.

Epilators are awesome simply because offer smooth hair-free skin for about a few weeks for just an affordable price!

That’s for you to receive the best epilator for girls and have utilizing it for quite a while in the future and never having to spend another dime.

Best Epilators Comparison

Epilator NameSpecs/TechnologyWet/Dry 
Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401Compact and Corded Hair RemovalNoCheck Price
Philips HP6574/50 Satin Perfect Cordless EpilatorCordless EpilatorYesCheck Price
Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s EpilatorCordless Epilator With 4 bladesYesCheck Price
Remington WDF5030A Electric Foil ShaverRechargeable EpilatorYesCheck Price
Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Epilator72 Tweezer Heads EpilatorNoCheck Price
Emjoi Epi Slim EpilatorBattery Operated EpilatorNoCheck Price
Epilady Speed Corded EpilatorSpeedy Corded TechnologyNoCheck Price


Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401

Help your legs stay silky smooth while using Philips Norelcobest epilator Epilator HP6401/50 techniques system. Unlike conventional shaving methods, the Philips Epilator removes hair from your root, so skin stays hair-free for a longer time. The profiled ergonomic handle offers comfortable handling and gratification. The Philips Satinelle Epilator has a extra speed setting for faster traditional hair removal. Use the Philips Norelco Epilator HP6401/50 when you need satiny smooth legs. The Philips Norelco Epilator HP6401/50 has a lithium ion battery.

This product has two speed settings and as well has a protective cap to get rid of hair from sensitive areas including arm pit or bikini line (for daring ones). It, however, feels like a smallish lawnmower and blades appear slightly scary, but that isn’t existent once one starts making use of it and hair gets plucked out.

it is fantastic for legs and arms: ensure that is stays perpendicular to skin and move it contrary to the direction of growth of hair, at one of many two available speed settings (dependent upon one’s tolerance for pain). Go over two or three times to acquire a smoother finish and abide by it with moisturizing lotion. For armpits and bikini line – placed on the protective cap (which I personally don’t use) and adhere to the same procedure as outlined above. For armpits one will need to go in both upward and downward direction to take out hair.

Good GripVery Noisy
Can be used on Sensitive Areas as WellLess Tweezers
Easy to Clean
Two Years Warranty
Budget Friendly


Philips HP6574/50 Satin Perfect Cordless Epilator

The Philips Satin Perfect Epilator earned decent scores for manybest epilator epilator functions. Our consumer testers rated it the next best product for removing hair on the bikini line, likely because its narrow head design makes it easier to advance around that area. It was also on the list of easiest epilators to completely clean. The Philips comes with a variety of great features, including a shaver-trimmer attachment and also a built-in LED light — however, consumer testers reported which the included instructions were confusing, making the great features simply confusing.

Built in LEDCan Only be Used on Dry Skin
Includes Travel Case


Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Epilator

The Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver isbest epilator affordably pricing under $30 and is also your very best self answer to whenever you don’t must use a shaver or smelly tweezing and waxing methods creams. This shaver comes with a attractive light pink, silver, and mauve appearance. It’s inside the traditional electric shaver shape, but gently tapers right down to the bottom in order that it’s simpler to hold together with the hand.

Not only is a cordless and rechargeable women’s shaver, nonetheless it they can double wet or dry. One full power over the shaver lasts you for 20 minutes of shaving time.

The Panasonic ES2216PC shaver can be employed wet or dry, so that you can take it into your shower or bath to you. It is also fully immiscible, when you drop it inside bathtub accidentally. You can also make use of your favorite shaving gels, lotions, creams, or foams, or simply just shave with water and soap.

This shaver is lightweight and portable, and to help keep clean. You can simply rinse it underneath the tap to leave the fine hairs and shaving products.

WaterproofNone that we could find
Four Blades
Easy to Clean
Bikini Attachment


Remington WDF5030A Electric Foil Shaver

Smooth Shave Technology delivers comfort, closeness, andbest epilator convenience, from the Remington Smooth & Silky Women’s Rechargeable Shaver. The angled shaver head features four blades that stay nearby the skin for swift, smooth results. The unique foils and special dual-sided trimmer guide hairs on the blades to produce every pass count. And you’ll love the particular from the cordless, rechargeable shaver which they can use inside the shower along with shaving gel. Plus, the moisturizing almond oil strip nourishes skin during shaving with the ultimate comfort. Smooth Glide Technology – The new open-blade cutting system provides for hair and shaving gels to simply traverse the foils and make it to the blades, creating a smooth, silky shave.

  • 4-Blade Shaver – The hypoallergenic foils and trimmers move smoothly across skin and then leave no hair behind
  • Optimal Angle Head – Shaving blades are situated in order that foils stay flush to your skin layer to get a close, comfortable shave
  • Flex Dual-Sided Trimmer – Get speed and smoothness out of this special blade that preps longer hairs to get cut from the foils
  • Lift Logic Foils – The unique foil design provides for even shaving of most hair lengths by angling hairs to your blades
  • Almond Oil Strip – Skin stays nourished and soft after shaving, as almond oil transfers to your skin with every pass
  • Anti-Microbial – The anti-microbial finish helps maintain skin free from breakouts
  • 100% Waterproof – Use the shaver from the shower for max comfort and saving time with your daily routine
  • Soft-Touch Grip – The no-slip handle ensures confident easy use in or out from the shower
  • Also Included – Charge stand, bikini comb and head guard, and wonder bag for storage and travel
Comfortable on SkinCharging Issues Reported, Battery Does Not Last Long
Close Clearance
Contains Almond Oil Strip


Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Epilator

The Emjoi Emagine Tweezer-Head epilator can be a revolutionarybest epilator device which is more effective than waxing or shaving. It comes with 72 tweezer heads, removing hair quickly with minimum passes in comparison with other techniques methods. Despite its techniques ease, nonetheless generates a smooth, touchable and silky skin.

The strategy is the 1st of this type to provide Silver Ion technology for techniques process. One of its benefits is that it prevents microbial infection mainly because it contains antimicrobial protection.

The Emjoi AP-18 Emagine was made inside an innovative way with dual opposed staggered heads to pay for a bigger surface before epilating hair in one pass. The head feature is additionally created to catch middle and short hairs mainly because it works its way via your skin leaving a long-lasting reaction to smooth skin for up till five to six weeks.

72 TweezersCorded
Pain Free
Protection Against Bacterial Infection
Smooth and Glossy Finish
Perfect for Women


Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

 The Emjoi Epi Slim Travel is bulimia during my little number ofbest epilator reviews and i also ought to say it’s a bit of an odd one, however it’s definitely growing on me! Rather unusually on an epilator, the product is battery operated, requiring two AA batteries. Which since you may have guessed already means this revolutionary product is very a dinky kid, great for tucking away in a very purse or handbag and can easily slip into a carry-on or checked bit of luggage.

I should admit i’d been somewhat concerned initially concerning the size it, as being the actual epilating head is pretty small but having had an opportunity to utilize it a couple of times now i must say it’s quite efficient at carrying out work. Though automobile smaller size it lets you do take somewhat longer to pay for the identical area, i’ve found myself reaching for it to touch up those little areas in this little leg that perhaps i missed the previous day.

Whilst not just a brand we hear often in the USA Emjoi is popular in the world if the Epi Slim is almost anything to overlook you can expect view a much more with their epilators for all of us brits.

Some of my friends who may have purchased the Emjoi Travel Epilator have enjoyed the product or service while there is less pain regarding becoming along with other competitors, though again this might somewhat be due to smaller epilating head. In addition to being compact, lots of people are praising the product if you are quieter and gentler. It’s not pain-free, nevertheless it won’t create skin feeling irritated, therefore you won’t have several of people nasty red bumps either!

If you’re fed up with using facial creams and waxes, this can be a great alternative. Once you put money into these devices, it can last together with the proper maintenance and comes with somewhat brush to support pick up. Most of the devices have a very longer life span, that will reduce costs too. The expense with the epilator is a lot less than the price of the creams and waxes over a similar length of time, plus the answers are better. There will be no having to cost the video store regularly to obtain waxes and depilatory creams.

To properly operate these devices, you need to hold skin taught, and it will run smoothly along the skin. There may be a tingling feeling, but it really should dissipate eventually or having a moisturiser onto the skin. As always, i propose to evaluate any new techniques device using a small discrete region of skin in the beginning. This will let you test for virtually any complications to the merchandise.

To make laser hair removal easier, you may should apply a warm cloth to your epidermis to look at the pores, but it’s not too time-consuming. It usually definitely makes the process easier and much less painful, and utilizing the epilator from a warm bath can also help. Many people utilize epilator in conjunction having a facial to generate the task more efficient. It’s the right complement to the home beauty treatment.

The Emjoi Travel Compact Epilator is affordable and just requires simple maintenance. It will keep going longer than a number of other devices and is particularly a must-have on trips that you most likely are not able to find your favorite wax or depilatory cream when you arrive

Travel FriendlyTingly Feeling After Use
A Certain Low Level of Pain Using it
Budget Friendly
Easy Maintenance


Epilady Speed Corded Epilator

The Epilady EP-810-44 Speed Corded Epilator is surely an epilatorbest epilator with cord, particularly created for simple and easy hair evacuation. The pace is less and conservative, but it really conveys full power and proficiently uproots hair everywhere through the entire body for not below 2 to 3 weeks. The rate is furnished with all the ideal edge guide, which puts the customer inside the ideal plot for epilation for incredible results the very first tell you. Expels hair securely from any portion of the body whether arms, legs, bikini lines or other place. Smooth, tranquil and effective using the multifunctional ability, the item is aimed to supply cent percent customer happiness and pleasure. This wonderful item from Epilady provides that you simply less painful experience and makes your skin layer charming, glowing and soft for a long time period.  Also the person friendly technique includes quick and simple cleaning brush for longevity and looking after hygiene.

Easy to UseNot suitable for Facial Hairs
Easy to Clean


Epilators Buyer’s Guide

It’s far better to begin with your capacity to purchase since it will determine what an epilator is likely to supply you with. To give you a concept you can purchase one as low as $30 or as high as $100+.

But the costliest epilators are nevertheless freakishly affordable traditional hair removal products for females.

You could possibly get an excellent epilator for a smaller amount than you’ll purchase an individual waxing session with a beauty salon

Without further ado, let’s discover how you can create certain that you see the appropriate device in your case.


The power of the epilator is primarily distributed by the number of tweezers it’s got. The rule is: the harder tweezers it’s, a lot more hairs it removes from your root with an individual pass.

Those tiny rotatory tweezers are those accountable for pulling the head of hair on the root.

That being said, Emjoi AP-18 is among the most powerful epilator because doing so has 72 tweezers, being closely as well as Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilatorwith its 40 tweezers which are incredibly powerful.

With the above devices, you might rarely need more than two passes for that hairs to become removed from your root.

Epilation just isn’t as fast as shaving or depilatory creams but an even more expensive more robust epilator could quicken the method.

2. Caps

Besides the quantity of tweezers, the caps which can be within the package include the second most significant thing, i believe.

Low priced ones usually feature an efficiency cap, like Philips HP6401 does.

I’ve been Epilating in excess of 8 years approximately each model that I’ve used had an efficiency cap. The pain will not be so intense. A pretty nice sensation is produced so I think it may help much.

An expensive best epilator for female can even will include a sensitive cap or maybe a facial one, and thus you don’t need to get an outside epilator for undesired facial hair.

You are able to use the identical device for that entire body, whether on the neck down or on the neck up. It’s an effective way of conserving money.

3. Wet & Dry Epilator or Only Dry

Why could you prefer a Wet & Dry Epilator?

Because quite a few within the shower or when having. The hot water opens the pores, which is a fantastic way of reducing epilation pain.

If you’ve never waxed or used an epilator before, the chances are you don’t are aware of the concentration of the pain sensation felt when numerous hairs are removed from your root.

A wet & dry one may very well be exactly the thing you will need to acheive you through those first epilation sessions.

4. Corded/Cordless

All wet & dry epilators are cordless, obviously. As a rule, they increases to 40 minutes on 1 charge and so they take usually an hour to charge.

There may also be dry cordless epilators – a fantastic example is Philips HP6576.

5. Built-in Light

It’s an excellent feature for producing without doubt all hairs are removed.

6. Washable Head

For a wonderful hygiene most epilators possess a washable head. Find more information on tips on how to clean your device here.

A clean epilator will not likely guarantee which you won’t get any ingrown hairs anymore but it will help.

7. Additional Features

Such being a trimmer or shaving head.

These two heads, apart from the tweezer head, can instantly transform an epilator in a shaving device or perhaps a trimming one.

It’s a 3 in 1 system for any very convenient price.

A massage head or maybe a pivoting head can also be practical and useful additions.


Now were concluding our list here the above mentined include the best epilators you might get to suit your needs today. epilators are wonderful selection for tweezing and waxing methods plus they can pervent regrowing of hairs for a longer time period times like around five to six weeks. The only drawback for epilators is they may cause ingrown hairs, much like shaving and waxing however the very good news is you’ll find amazing items which prevent ingrown hairs. which we already covered above so, pick the right epilator for you personally today based on your preferences.


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