Best Breast Pumps For Travel
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

In today’s culture, many moms also need to come back to work, sometimes quite shortly after birth. This prevents many moms from breastfeeding their children and lots of will use bottle feeding formula instead. However, a breast pump is a superb solution if you want to get back on work and you still need to provide your little one while using best milk it could possibly get. Do check out the best breast pumps for travel we have compiled in this publication below.

With slightly baby in the household, plenty of hours is going to be spend breastfeeding. Breast milk will probably be essentially the most nutritious milk which the baby may possibly have, and it’s also both in your individual and your infant’s interest to breastfeed provided possible. With a breast pump you can find many of the flexibility that’s needed to get a working mom. You can get a one or maybe a manual one. But is there a best breast pump to get a working mom?

A breast pump is definitely a personal item and yes it depends upon personal choice and preference. Some might like a power one although some prefer a manual version. As a mother of two, we have tried different styles and we definitely prefer an electric one. It offers you greater control and adaptability since it lets you imitate your individual baby’s rhythm, which stimulates the breast better and lets the milk flow easier

The best breast pump to get a working mom is a that may be simple to operate, very easy to dismantle and clean. Furthermore, it needs to be light as you will take it around. Besides, it can be great if you possibly could pump, store and feed on the same bottle, simply because this means that you can buy several spare parts for together. If you need to apply it at the job, you can look at buying two breast pumps to make use of simultaneously because this will stimulate milk production

Let’s check out best breast pumps for travel and working moms.

Best Breast Pumps For Travel (Comparison)

Breast PumpWeight 
BelleMa Effective Pro (Editor's Choice)14.4ozCheck Price
Medela Freestyle1 lbCheck Price
Lansinoh Signature Pro2 lbsCheck Price


BelleMa Effective Pro – (Editor’s Choice)

The Belle MA is a good option for a professional electric breast pump.Best Breast Pumps For Travel The design can be quite well made for the lightweight machine and We love how versatile it’s for the price. You can adjust the suction level up and down mainly because it has over 9 levels nearly 250 mug, which can be definitely a vital since you can choose the ‘sweet spot’ for yourself. The Belle MA is encompassed with double 4oz jugs and nipples, and also a bottle connecter that lets you use pump with Avent and Medela flasks. This is an excellent little addition since the majority mothers already own Medela or Avent bottles, therefore you don’t have to buy any extra ones using this type of product.

For that reason, it truly is also perfect for working moms and travelling It is extremely very easy to clean, and it dries quickly and once discussing convenience, this definitely checks the many boxes. We would claim that it is quite towards the Medela Pump in Style, but it really almost looks like it falls just short with regards to potency, so it can be second one of several the electric type.

Great Close System With Hygienic BackflowBatteries Sold Separately
Easy to Clean


Very powerful breast pump for working and travelling moms. It has very hygienic backflow system which prevents any kind of dripping and bacteria’s. This breast pump is also very lightweight, quick and easy to clean as well. The downside are not major, it just that you have to buy the batteries separately as they do not come with it.



Medela Freestyle

The Medela Freestyle is the best electric breast pump when examining full functionalities and gratification.Best Breast Pumps For Travel It is also optimal for girls with large breasts since it comes stock with 2 Personal Fit breast shields, sized 24mm and 27mm.It could be harmful for a pump, but it really definitely accounts for because of it with all the current inclusions. You get a sleek black tote bag, a rechargeable Lithium ion battery, 2 breast shields, 4 150ml bottles and lids, along with a separate insulated cooler bag through an icepack that in some way helps moms on the move.

The Medela 2-Phase Expression Technology is fantastic for sanction, similar to the sister version Pump in Style Advanced. You can opt to pump both breasts or one at any given time, merely by plugging the hose in to the unit for that latter.

Overall, you receive a pump which is very easy to assemble and employ, the other that automatically shuts off after thirty minutes of idleness. If you don’t mind it is a receptive system pump that needs extra cleaning, you will have no regrets after purchasing the Freestyle Oh, along with the memory function is a timesaver, which often can help a lot with regards to breastfeeding.

LightweightCleaning Takes Time
Memory Function


This is also very best breast pump you can attain for yourself because it is lightweight, portable and the memory function is for quick and easy pumping. The only drawback is that as it has closed tube system the cleaning will take some time compared to Belle Ma.




Lansinoh Signature Pro

The Lansinoh Signature Pro is an extremely affordable double electric pump he closed system is highly, so it helps a whole lot together with the hygienic aspect.Best Breast Pumps For Travel It comes with a small number of parts rendering it easy to completely clean, in order that is surely a big plus. The motor isn’t very loud by any means, and you also probably won’t be awakening baby while running it. There are two modes, stimulation and expression, as well as pump all right for the majority of mothers. A great addition would be the Lansinoh storage bags (which you will get yourself a sample of in a package on this pump) given that they allow you to keep the pumped milk until it’s bottle ready during feeding time. Now the one main con in the Lansinoh Signature Pro is the suction is just not the best, which is just not the strongest electric product available. The 2 above tend to be stronger and overall, so we highly recommend them.

Spillage FreeNot Powerful
Better Fit Options


This is also good option for travelling moms as it offers spillage free pumping and different sizes of suction cups for better fitting. The drawback is that suction is not very powerful, yet it is gentle so, if you are looking for portable easy to carry gentle breast pump then choose this one.




Why Electric Breast Pump Are Best for Travelling & Working Moms?

Breastfeeding mothers can get a pump which offers overall convenience and comfort. A well-designed pump could be simple to clean, assemble and utilize to be sure there is certainly maximum milk flow. Choose one to have a breast shield which fits comfortably and securely to your breast. A double electric breast pump with soft unique breast cups may take in many in the nipple while giving an authentic feel of any baby’s mouth. Pumps that are included with built-in bottle holders will help prevent spills. Other pumps makes it possible for mothers to pump milk straight into just about any milk bottle or container. Opting for one which comes using a transport bag could be a good idea in particular when travelling.

Some travel bags can sometimes include an electric battery pack and removable cooler pack with regard to added convenience. Some pumps will have a unique memory feature that learns and remembers a mother’s personal pumping rhythm for optimum comfort. Lactating mothers may also consider the materials accustomed to make these. Ensure it is built using recommended and certified materials that ensure utmost comfort.

The best pump can feature unique advanced pumping technology. Some can mimic a baby’s initial suckling to stimulate the milk then slow to imitate a baby’s deeper, slower suckling which supports maintain milk flowing. Some pumps could have a unique memory feature that learns and remembers a mother’s personal pumping rhythm which further assists in expressing the breast milk quickly. A pump that features a valve or closed pumping system may help prevent milk backup in tubing and pump for easier pick up and greater hygiene.

A double electric breast pump may have switches and buttons located close on the breasts for easier and fast adjustments if needed. A pump with varying strength and speed adjustments can ensure each mom chooses the very best adjustment which fits her needs. Moreover, a power model that enables moms to pump both breasts at a time can trim pumping time by half.



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