Best Breast Pumps For Exclusive Pumping
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

There are numerous explanations mothers may exclusively pump their breastmilk. Occasionally it is mother’s choice and rarely you can find circumstances that stop mama from feeding right on the breast. Exclusive pumping is usually for a trip or even for numerous years, according to the situation and mom’s breastfeeding goals. Every droplet of breastmilk is typically a gift to your baby in receipt of it. We have compiled some of the best breast pumps for exclusive pumping do check them out below in this publication.

Breastmilk is made for human children. Both mothers and babies receive returns from breastmilk feeding. Some moms elect prenatally to exclusively pump, and several uncover following your baby exists that exclusive pumping is an element in their journey. Here are some on the reasons moms opt to exclusively pumping.

  • Most from the moms who belong to this category have a very baby who’s inside the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) who’s cannot take oral feeds. Breastmilk is essential to those fragile babies and several moms will pump their milk until their babies can easily nurse on the breast effectively. Expressed breastmilk will then get via alternative feeding methods while baby learns to breastfeed. Even after a premature baby will be able to nurse in the breast, they often times have difficulties creating enough suction to stimulate an entire breastmilk supply because of their mothers.
  • This is just about the common reason I hear for why a mom offers to exclusively pump as long as they make that plan before obtaining the baby. For some mothers, the thought of locating a baby thus to their breast is merely unpalatable. This may be as a result of personal feelings in regard to the breast, good reputation for abuse or another personal reason. Breastmilk is usually a wonderful gift with the baby, regardless of what the feeding method and many mothers will decide to express their milk and provides it on the baby by way of a bottle. Other mothers will choose this approach in order that another caregiver is usually the primary person to give the newborn.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes mamas and babies ought to be apart. If mother features a career where she’s to become away longer durations (as being a mom who’s deployed) it may well help her feel linked to her baby to pump her breastmilk for my child baby. This also provides baby the healthiest food possible, regardless if they can’t be near their mom. Another time once this might occur could be when the child’s parents are separated and share custody or if the newborn was in foster care.

Now let’s take a look at best breast pumps for exclusive pumping.

Best Breast Pumps For Exclusive Pumping (Comparison)

Breast PumpWeight 
Medela Swing (Editor's Choice)2 lbsCheck Price
Freemie Freedom4.46 lbsCheck Price
Ameda Purely Yours5.93 lbsCheck Price


Medela Swing – (Editor’s Choice)

The Medela Swing weighs only a couple of pounds, is merely slightly bigger than the palm within your hand and has a travel bag for convenient packing.Best Breast Pumps For Exclusive Pumping The pump could be clipped with a pocket or belt or worn around your neck with the included lanyard. Don’t have power where you’re going? It also takes four AA batteries. There’s more to your Swing than portability, though. It has the identical tried-and-true two-phase upset featured around the Medela Pump in Style Advanced, and also the four-button interface is not difficult to utilize, with adjustable suction for comfort. Compared with bigger double electrics, it’s also quieter – “not in any way such as mechanical buzzing we were expecting. Like all Medela pumps, it provides the advantages of easy-to-find replacement parts. The biggest problem with the Swing is evident. As a single electric, it may only pump one breast at the same time, so you’ll need to have a little more time than you’ll using a double electric. For many, that places the Swing firmly among “exclusive pumping”

LightweightSingle Pump


This breast pump firmly puts itself in the category of exclusive pumping. It is lightweight, compact and very quiet. Even it’s drawback makes it suitable for exclusive pumping as it has single pump and mostly moms prefer single electric pumps for exclusive for pumping.




Freemie Freedom

As its tag advocates, the Freemie Freedom double electric aims to free moms.Best Breast Pumps For Exclusive Pumping This breast pump consists of eight-ounce air tight cups joined with breast shields which are over your top and sit with your bra since they gather milk. That means the buffers and flasks aren’t limp off your chest like typical, making it much relaxed to pump without ample privacy or move more over a few inches without leaks and spills. The Freedom is a closed system, so you will find fewer worries about perfect pump hygiene. it says Exclusive Pumping given it let type on the laptop or bottle-feed your baby Another big boon is the pump isn’t as loud as others while pumping away While anyone who’s around will still realize what you’re doing, it’s miles more discreet than other option. It’s pieces less complicated better to clean compared to the regular setup. There are a few downsides, naturally. Baby Bargains says you might be sacrificing pumping power to keep things less conspicuous. For a lot of moms, that’s a large consideration — of course, most only want to get pumping finished with as fast as possible

QuietNot Powerful Enough For Some Moms
Adjustable Suction
Hygienic System


This breast pump advertise itself as well as exclusive pumping system and it does not disappoint with it’s quite operation and adjustable suction mechanism also the closed tubes make it more hygienic than many other brands. The only complain about this product is that it is not powerful enough for moms who want to get the pumping done quickly.




Ameda Purely Yours

Ameda Purely Yours is lightweight, compact and straightforward to hold.Best Breast Pumps For Exclusive Pumping You can use it as being a single or double electric pump and adjust the suction levels and speed to produce a more leisurely pumping experience. Alike to the Spectra, the bolted system with airlock defense avoids milk from backflowing in the pipes. Like numerous breast pumps for exclusive pumping. This pump doesn’t give the same powerful suction as other electric pumps, so that it could take longer to discover the job done. Some moms also realize it’s difficult to acquire and purchase extra pump pieces. Though, Small enough to function. Also, Parts are safe to wash inside dishwasher.

Dual PumpingJust Like Freemie Not Powerful Enough For Some Mothers
Best For Exclusive Pumping


This is the last on our list yet among the best breast pumps for exclusive pumping. It offers quick dual pumping. Compact and easy to carry anywhere also it offers quite operation so, you do not have to worry about attracting someone towards you. The downside is similar to majority of exclusive pumps that it is not very powerful.




Few Tips For Better Breast Pumping

Here are few tips to have better breast pumping for the health of yourself and baby.

Find a Routine that Works – obtaining a routine which works for you, whether soaking in a certain place or chair, with the equipment at ready will relax you and the mind and condition your milk expressing. Try coupling this which has a breast massage prior to starting and you ought to commence to see better results.

Keep Connected – many mothers find breast pumping difficult an unnatural but a good way to get over this can be to remain centered on your ultimate goal of providing a normal nutritional food supply on your baby. Many moms love to know very well what their baby is performing before they start pumping and several breast pumps actually have a destination to put an image of one’s baby in order to keep that loving closeness feel.

Avoiding Sore Nipples – getting sore nipples is unfortunately problems that a great many mothers have to endure which will be completed in a variety of ways. Firstly, you can attempt to prevent this by changing to your lower suction level or consider using a different pump or pads. To ease any soreness after pumping gently apply nipple cream.

Not Pumping Enough Milk – firstly if you’re not pumping around you think that next look at pump as well as the settings to ensure your products are setup correctly. A good time of waking time to pump is within the morning if you have one of the most milk so try adding another pumping slot in here as soon as your breasts are near their fullest. To effectively stimulate the milk supply pump as much as the baby would feed, especially when you’re concerned about pumping an adequate amount of milk for supply. Pumping with greater regularity is best and much more effective than seeking to pump longer each and every session.

Breast Pumping at Work – prior to going time for work practice with all the equipment to ensure you are comfy which consists of operation and efficiency. Consider the way to fit this in your morning. How often are you going to be in a position to pump? Where are you going to be competent to pump? How can you maintain milk? Work out plans and when required agree it with the manager or supervisor.



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