Bath Pillows Benefits, Types And Buyer's Guide

Bath pillows may have been around for not that long a time but they have become a very important part of your bathing experience specifically if you are a regular user of the bath tub. A bath pillow has been developed with one thing mind that is to provide the user a comfortable and relaxing experience and is ergonomically designed to provide just that. If you have been taking baths in a bath tub without using the bath pillow you might have experienced an uncomforting bath every once in a while and a bath is not supposed to be uncomforting in anyway. A bath has to be the stress reliever at the end of a long day.

So in this publication we are going to discuss the benefits of the bath pillows, types of bath pillow and discuss some of the points that you can keep in mind if you are going to buy one for yourself. So let’s get into it.

Benefits of Bath Pillows

If you have a bath tub installed in your home then you will be aware of the fact that the material used in manufacturing the bath tub is mostly ceramic or in some cases hard plastic. Both these materials can be very uncomforting if you lean against them or lay on them for more there few minutes and the point of whole bathing experience is wasted due to this issue.

Now bath pillows are designed to improve your bathing experience and they provide your head and neck the extra comfortable support that is not there in the design of the bath tub. A bath is a rejuvenating experience for a lot of people after a long day of work, the bath pillow’s extra comfort which supports your back and neck in such a way that you don’t have to worry about stiff neck or back after your bath combined with the bath itself can prove to be a truly rejuvenating experience and can help you get rid of those little muscle aches that you can experience after hours spent at work.

Bath pillow ca fit in your bath tub and can adjust itself according to your body contours and provide support for your entire upper body. If you don’t want your entire upper body to rest on the bath pillow you don’t have to worry about getting a new smaller bath pillow, you can adjust the same bath pillow with respect to your bath tub rim or the wall to provide support just for your head and the neck area. Bath pillows, just like the pillows in our bedrooms, are very comfortable to use and not only they provide comfort but they also provide functionality as well. You might be wondering if the bath pillows will not be able to stay in one spot in the bath tub and might slip due to wet surface of the bath tub, to solve this issue bath pillow come equipped with suction cups to hold it steady in a spot.

All of the bath pillows that are available in the market come equipped with proof covers which can resist mold, mildew, bacteria and any odors.

Types of Bath Pillow

There are a lot of bath pillow types available in the market according to user’s requirement out of the bath pillow. Some of the bath pillows we will discuss here in this publication. Let’s get into it.

  • Jelly Filled Bath Pillow

These bath pillows are usually filled with liquid that is either hardened a little bit or their structure resembles to those of a jelly. You can play around with this kind of bath pillows you can place them in the freezer to get a cool feel in the bath when you use them. These bath pillows are also available in different colors and are very comfortable to use too.

  • Beads Filled Bath Pillow

Beads filled bath pillow is the other type you will find in the market. This bath pillow comes filled with micro beads and they are perfect for automatic adjustment to your body contours and the shape of your head and the neck. Beads in this bath pillow type stay in shape for a longer period of time and tend to last a bit longer. This bath pillow is also very comfortable in it’s use.

  • Foam Bath Pillow

Foam bath pillow is also commonly available in the market and provides the softest feel of all the bath pillows. There are memory foam bath pillows as well which last a bit longer due to their functionality of being heat and pressure sensitive. Normal foam bath pillows last through the least amount of time compared to every other bath pillow.

  • Inflatable Bath Pillow

Inflatable bath pillows are also one of the most commonly available bath pillows out there. These bath pillows are usually filled with air, cold water or warm water and the firmness of these bath pillows can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement. These bath pillows provide additional benefit of being compact and travel friendly in addition to the already comfort factor that comes with them.

Bath Pillows Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a perfect bath pillow can be tricky since there are quite a few options available for the consumers today. This variety of options in essence has to be for the convenience of the consumer but they are in reality serving the purpose of confusing the consumer. The other thing when it comes to selecting a bat pillow is that it’s a matter of personal preference and no two bath pillows can be equally comfortable for a consumer so there is a difference even when you narrow it down to two options depending on your personal requirement. So in this publication we are going to discuss some points that will help our readers in making a good choice when it comes to bath pillows. So let’s get into that.

  • Inflatable Bath Pillow Quality

When it comes to inflatable bath pillows you have to keep in mind few things that will help you ensure that the quality of the inflatable bath pillow is not compromised in anyway. Apart from the obvious joints around the suction cups and the seam you should look for joints in any other part of the pillow as well. After identifying all the joints and seams on the pillow you should look for any tiny holes around the joints and the seams because they are obvious indications of poor quality. Around the seam area you should look for the seam material itself that it’s not starting to break or anything like that and there should be no cracks around the seam area as well. If these points are all good in the bath pillow then you will not have to worry about any air or water leakages in the pillow.

  • Filled Bath Pillows

When it comes to filled bath pillows which are usually filled with micro beads or some other material you have to look for the same thing as the inflatable bath pillows. There has to be strong seal that will ensure that no filled material escapes the bath pillow if that does happens you will have to replace the bath pillow as a whole there is nothing else you can do about it.

  • Proof Cover

When you select a bath pillow of any type you should make sure that it has proof cover on it that will resist any type of odor, mold,  mildew and bacteria.

  • Cover Material

There is variety of options available when it comes to cover materials of bath pillows ranging from PVC to Fabric. In the end this point comes down to the user’s preference. But if you do buy a fabric covered bath pillow you should make sure that the fabric can be removed so that it can be washed or cleaned when necessary.

  • Suction Cup

Finally if you are selecting a bath pillow for yourself you should check the quality of the suction cups. This is necessary especially in the case of inflatable bath pillows because when the bath pillow is filled up the weight of the bath pillow increases. The increased weight can test the limit of suction cups and if you find that the suction cups are not strong enough in the bath pillow you want to purchase you should leave that bath pillow and look for another one. Strong suction cups will improve your bathing experience and weak suction cups will lead to bath pillow moving around too much and you having to adjust it a lot during your relaxing bath, this is annoying.

  • Installing A Bath Pillow


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