Are you looking for the right cologne for men that can complement your personality? Or, do you want to amplify your attractiveness meter to help you socialize with women? Either way, attractiveness is not just all vanity and narcissism; in fact, it is a primal feeling that is as natural as breathing.

Attractiveness is one of the most ancient feelings that humans experience since time immemorial. Even if times have modernized the way we perceive beauty, vanity, and image, the same longing for validation and sensual attraction remains.

In fact, humans perceive attractiveness through different senses. We feast our eyes on beauty, get thrilled by touch, smitten by melody and rhythm, captured by gastronomy, and of course, driven by our olfactory senses.

Both men and women have the same sense of attraction linked with smell wired in our brains. Even science speaks of how even animals have used smell to get to their chosen mates.

As ancient as it is, the longing for attractiveness remains a passionate and sensual emotion for humans and it is essential to human relationships.

For this reason, I’ve rounded up three of the best colognes for men that can help your reach out to the woman of your dreams or convey your message. I use different performance factors in rating the products on my list like price point, quality, how pleasing the fragrance notes are, how long it lasts, etc.

Best Colognes for Men (Comparison)

NameNotes/Scent Profile 
Creed Aventus - ( Editor's Choice)Pineapple, apple, birch, ambergrisCheck Price
Chanel Bleu de ChanelWoody (cedar) and citrusyCheck Price
Christian Dior SauvageCalabrian bergamot, ambroxan, patchouliCheck Price



Creed Aventus Men’s Eau de Toilette – (Editor’s Choice)

Men are known to be aggressive, macho, goal-driven, strong, and assertive. These masculine attributes can also be conveyed using a particular fragrance. This is where Creed did not disappoint. With all the user feedback, I can say, that this one is an epitome of male fragrance.

Another attribute of smell in the human sense is helping us convey our personality. Aside from using clothing, accessories, and makeup, we also use perfumes and colognes as an expression of who we are. Perfumers use oils, blooms, fruits, and other natural extracts to come up with the right fragrance conveying a certain personality. That’s clever, and fascinating, at the same time.

Creed is one of the oldest houses of perfumes, including cologne for men and women. It was established in 1760 by a Father that was passed continuously to the next generation, lasting to about 250 years now or about seven generations.

This kind of credibility remains unmatched by other perfume houses in modern times. And it still uses the same methods to concoct fragrances that complement a man or a woman as who he or she is. Their exceptional exposure to the evolving trends in perfumery and fragrance is a testament to their genius and craftsmanship.

Alongside, the fact that they remain in the industry after more than two centuries is one exceptional enduring prowess in maintaining the quality of their products.

Aventus’ Creed is a blend of birch, pineapple, and ambergris notes. This unique blend of perfume for men is strong but not overwhelming – just right for men who want to project a sense of power, strength, and authority. Pineapple and apple notes add hints of sweetness without being too lady-like.

It is a product from one of the oldest perfumes and scents houses in the worldMight be overpowering for some men who prefer citrusy notes
Emits long-lasting fragrance
A pleasing fragrance that is appealing to both men and women
Its added pineapple notes complement the birch and ambergris notes well


Being one of the most popular men’s colognes nowadays, I vouch for its unique blend and concentration of oils that result in an undeniable cologne for men. The team behind Creed’s Aventus Men’s Eau de Toilette speaks of the rich history of fragrance making and their enduring power is a strong testament of their craftsmanship. Having a bottle in your hands is like holding a legacy of a genius, which empowers its value even more.


Chanel Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette Spray

We all know that Chanel is synonymous with sophistication and elegance. The brand speaks of this overall, including their fragrance line.

According to its maker, Jacques Polge, this particular men’s fragrance signifies freedom, particularly something that is deep and boundless and seemingly endless. It is dedicated to men who are not withholding anything to reach their dreams. This is a perfect way to convey a sense of adventure and breaking barriers.

This cologne for men was released under the brand Chanel in 2010. Its scent is reminiscent of the outdoors under the summer sun, which you can sense from its aromatic blend of woody and citrusy notes. It is one of the classic scents fit for men of modern times.

Other users have favorable comments over this Bleu de Chanel Parfum or cologne for men. Touted as one of the top men’s colognes and a staple, you cannot go wrong having a bottle in your stash.

For men, especially in the working or business class, his fragrance can either make or break his impressions from people. This particular Eau de toilette is just the right scent that conveys the message clear without being too blunt about it, as if saying, “There’s no limit to what I can achieve and I can make anything happen.”. Does that sound like your mantra?

Just a word of caution to only buy the authentic product. This Chanel Bleu de Chanel is a keeper and one of the most reviewed colognes for men since its inception. Though it is on the expensive side, many are attesting its worth and can easily blend with their personality.

A classic scent – a combination of woody and citrusy fragranceExpensive
Comes from a well-known brand that is an epitome of class and elegance, Chanel
Long-lasting fragrance that is not overpowering


You cannot go wrong with a Chanel, as they say. And this cologne for men, Bleu de Chanel does not disappoint. I get the same satisfaction as with their other products, however, the price point could be a bit steep for others. Overall, this Chanel cologne for men is a keeper and is not that overpowering cologne for men, as an aftershave or for regular use.


Christian Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette Spray

Being an attractive man in modern times is especially challenging to achieve as standards have gone up. Meanwhile, attractiveness could well also be a subjective matter and depends on a person’s perception of it. Nonetheless, a good cologne for men could fuel a man’s attractiveness on a different level.

Aside from enhancing attractiveness, fragrances are also meant to convey a message or introduce your personality. With this, most fragrances are inspired by different scenes and inspirations in a man’s life – the scenes he loves most like the outdoors or the sea and his drivers like passion, freedom, and dreams.

Christian Dior came up with a fresh take on the best men’s cologne by combining Calabria bergamot, ambergris, and woody notes. It also has accents of vanilla and smoky notes for that sexy and alluring appeal, which complements the fragrance well.

You can imagine being under the blue sky in a hot desert with the view of a row of the Rocky Mountains not far from where you are. Sauvage Dior for men is one of the best colognes for men because of the account of its fragrance’s inspiration.

What we like most about this cologne for men is its capability to draw attention. You can say that this fragrance is a head-turner because of its non-overpowering and unique blend of notes that eludes attractiveness. Sauvage cologne deserves a spot in our list because aside from that it is Dior, it has a pleasing fragrance that appeals to both men and women.

Induces high attractiveness factorExpensive
Comes from a well-known lifestyle brand, Christian Dior


Wearing this Christian Dior’s Sauvage Eau de Toilette Spray is one of the best ways of boosting your desirability. What I like most about it is its unique blend of notes that eludes attractiveness – it is warm yet exciting at the same time. The hints of zest in this cologne for men break the monotony of woody notes, making you smell wild yet fresh at the same time.

The Sauvage cologne by Dior is one of the top-of-mind fragrances for the modern bachelor. I must say that it is a keeper that can consistently evoke your inner Johnny Depp.



Final Verdict – Our Winning Pick

I admit feeling challenged about choosing the best cologne for men among the three as my personal bias is leaning towards more known lifestyle brands. I tried doing a mock blind smell test to delve deeper into the notes and I must say that each of the three evoke different moods, making the decision even more difficult.

Nonetheless, I chose Creed’s Aventus Cologne for Men as my top choice because I can smell craftsmanship in the way it enhances attractiveness in men. The smoky notes of birch and ambergris blend well with pineapple, which surprisingly was able to depict well the inspiration behind the scent – power, strength, and success.

What I also like about Aventus is its crisp and awakening fragrance profile. The subtle notes of vanilla and musk exude sexiness while complementing well blackcurrant, apple, and pineapple, giving us a tasteful blend of cologne for men. No wonder that it is the 250-year old brand’s best-selling perfume of all time and just rightful in earning its lead in the top men’s cologne hall of fame.

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