Best Office Chairs For Sciatica
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

If that you are encountering regular or reoccurring upper and lower back pain, among the best places to begin with making changes has been the Sciatic support within your office chair. This is one of the leading adjustments which will a standard impact on the whole body. By properly supporting your spine, you may avoid many health insurance and pain issues.

When we have been sitting without correct back support, we now have as much as 3 x more stress on the back then perform when we have been standing. The human body hasn’t been originally built to sit for a long time that modern humans usually, and moreover to decrease lower back pain, inadequate support also puts stress on the joints and surrounding tissues. Many people try to compensate by shifting how much forward while sitting, but this will create additional pain, and might also trigger sciatica.

Because the fewer portion of our spine features a natural curve inward, toward the stomach, space between seat and our lumbar spine curve should be supported. If there is no support, the encompassing muscles attempt to compensate, plus the shoulder as well as the head lean forward, causing us to slouch forward inside chair. Slumping and slouching could be the first stop on the way to muscle pain and fatigue.

To help remedy this pain, the first task would be to assess the chair you’re using and pay attention to when you can adjust it to produce proper lumbar support. Depending on your height, the lumbar support can be excellent and fill for your small of the back. However, many individuals realize that the lumbar support for their chair falls too low or too big and will struggle to be adjusted enough to fill the gap.

Let’s check out best office chairs for sciatica.

Best Office Chairs For Sciatica (Comparison)

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair (Editor's Choice)36 lbsCheck Price
GM Seating Ergolux Genuine66 lbsCheck Price
Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair55 lbsCheck Price


Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair – (Editor’s Choice)

If you are looking with an ergonomically designed chair having to break your banker, the Modway Mesh Office Chair is our top pick.Best Office Chairs For Sciatica At under $150, it includes astonishing value for anyone over a shoestring budget.

The Modway Chair features height adjustable armrests, back and seat depth. The adjustable back allows you to easily raise, lower or tilt a corner to directly support in places you want it probably the most. If you have back issues, this feature certainly will be useful.

The chair includes a mesh back that keeps you cool even with prolonged sitting. A large choice of colors including green, orange, and red also makes all the chair a tantalizing selection for those who cherish decor. Overall the quality with the Modway is decent, though a lot with the parts are plastic. This is to get expected to get a chair when it reaches this cost.

Excellent AdjustmentNo Head Rest
Supports Lumbar Very Well
Breathable Mesh Keeps You Sweat Free


This is one of the best office chair for sciatica. It offers total adjustments to make your sit as comfortable as possible. It supports your lumbar very strongly so, you don’t have to suffer from sciatica anymore. And, its breathable mesh keeps the air flowing and does not make your back sweaty. On downside, it has no head rest.



GM Seating Ergolux Genuine

For individuals trying your work chair to also carry an air of lavishness, the GM Ergolux Executive is the best mix of ergonomics and extravagance.Best Office Chairs For Sciatica Straight away from the willow, the elegant design allows you to feel it really is worth the premium cost. To put it simply, this really is one amazing looking chair.

The Ergolux incorporates a full high back and headrest and a plethora of adjustment options. The 3D armrests are not only found height adjustable, but angle inwards and outwards and tilt forward and backward. The seat was made inside the traditional ‘waterfall’ shape, relieving pressure from your thighs to market the flow of blood while cradling you from the contoured seat. Pneumatic height adjustment and a seat slide allows you to optimize the seat in your preferred height and depth. The unique lumbar support is certainly worth mentioning, as it really is not just striking to think about, but sometimes tilt inwards and outwards to produce optimal support on the spine.

Luxurious DesignLess Breathable than Mesh
5-year Warranty
Excellent Lower Back Support


Without any doubt it is luxurious office chair which offers excellent support from head to lower back and makes your lumbar very comfy. It also, comes with 5-year warranty and there is no doubt that you are going to love its design, quality and support. But, it is made of leather which is not very breathable like mesh.



Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

Argmomax’s Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair.Best Office Chairs For Sciatica This chair offers one of the better good value we’ve seen from a seat, at under $250.

The chair itself is technologically advanced, having a very modern design having a tall, all mesh back and headrest. It hail from using a protuberant support for your spine, a large high back support to keep the shoulders stable, along with a headrest to cradle the neck thru usage. The headrest may be slanted backwards and forwards, as well as the arm rests swivel sideways to produce your arms with good support.

Great AirflowNone That We Could Find
Adjustment for Arms, Back and Neck
Outstanding Value


This office chair offers outstanding value to it’s customers. Costing under $250 with mesh back, complete adjustments you are not going to find any better office chair in this price range. This chair has no notable cons at all.



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