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(Last Updated On: July 5, 2019)

Designer desks are very ergonomic. They offer accessibility to designers to draw their designs with grip. Know that, if your desk is not right you can suffer from severe neck pains as, you continuously trying to move things horizontally. So, it goes without saying, that you need a best desk for designers. To choose the right one you need to keep in mind its size, sturdiness, portability. However, to make your shopping experience we have found and list some of the best desks for designers below.



Best Desks For Designers (Comparison)

Studio Designs Futura Advanced Desk (Editor's Choice)40 x 26 x 9 InchesCheck Price
Studio Designs Comet Center Desk23.8 x 50 x 29.5 InchesCheck Price
Martin Ashley Creative White Hobby Table25 x 5 x 40 InchesCheck Price


Studio Designs Futura Advanced Desk – (Editor’s Choice)

Their model of Futura Advanced Drafting Tables are only concerned with efficiency. It’s sleek and contemporary design is made from durable heavy gauge steel and includes a tempered blue safety glass work surface, that includes a measurement of 36W x 24D inches.Studio Designs Futura Advanced Desk Best Desks For Designers If you decide to work either with a portrait or maybe a landscape, you wouldn’t be running out of desk space sooner. The side shelf that accompanies this table offers a sturdy surface that stays flat as the work surface is propped and tilted over it. The 35-degree tilt feature in the work surface makes it easier so that you can sketch outlines this will let your vantage point while typing in those delicate details.

As an additional benefit with just a compact the aid of the light source within the glass work surface, you will have a tracing table that’s suitable for parallel bars. With the drafting table, you happen to be even given two types of removeable side plates, two rings, and six trivial pencil hovels.

StylishHard To Assemble
Excellent Customer Service


Futura advanced by studio designs is one of the best desk for designers. It has stylish look, sturdy built and after sale services by this company is top-notch. You will not regret buying this desk for designing work. Only downside, you are going to find its instruction manual is very poor which makes it hard to assemble.




Studio Designs Comet Center Desk

Comet Center is a must for virtually any designer, whether it is an illustrator or perhaps an architect, to get a comfortable office operating their tools and supplies readily accessible at arm’s reach.Studio Designs Comet Center Desk Best Desks For Designers The Studio Designs’ comet center is about offering the right work place to its users.

The 3-piece center table top is adaptable as much as 20 degrees and features a 24” pencil ledge that slides up and locks into place if needed. With three adjustable storage drawers as well as a padded tool, it will be possible to get results for hours without needing to have your neck hurt or maybe your bottom going numb. In just under couple of hours it is possible to put together the desk yourself, and it’s also quite surprising how sturdy it really is.

But in retrospect, if you’re very particular about your desk needs, then your fabric drawers might think that a drawback. As it’s not just a compact box, your instruments when stored will roll around when you pull the drawer to send and receive. The soft-sided drawer isn’t really intended for over of a pound of weight inside it, so that it will flex and splay, collapsing a little underneath the weight. But the other drawers replace this lack, because they’re very light and slide inside and outside with much comfort.

InexpensiveFlimsy Drawers
Easy To Assemble


One of the most budget friendly desk for designers. It offers outstanding value without any doubt. Its durable and stylish enough to get your work done easily. It has eye catchy design which makes it more desirable and assembling it is very easy. Requires no professional help at all. However, the drawers can only hold lightweight and they are kind of flimsy so, that’s the drawback you are going to get if you purchase is desk.




Martin Ashley Creative White Hobby Table

One on the lighter models available today, the Martin Ashley number of Art-Hobby tables are great for households that have an uneven floor.Martin Ashley Creative White Hobby Table Best Desks For Designers Each leg from the desk is exclusive anyway as they are able be separately adjusted on any form of surfaces that lack a gradual level. The additional tilt mechanism can make it incredibly sturdy and will not let the surface top to collapse without treatment weight pressure to be able to draw away for many hours at a stretch. The small simple to operate drawers are compact which enable it to fit a number of instruments inside. Perfect for storing your airbrushes and Rapido graph pens. But to many while unboxing and installing, the assembly directions may suffer unbelievably tricky. Setting it up, because of this, will take over 3-4 hours, that is definitely not perfect. However, its small compact size is what causes it to be so robust and moveable.

CompactHard To Assemble


This desk for designer is very hard to assemble. Although, it is compact and portable. The built quality is also not bad. So, yes if you are on a tight budget and looking to comprise on things or two then go for this desk. Otherwise, you can get better designers as mentioned above.



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