Are you looking to engage in an intense, offbeat outdoor adventure? Do you want to carry more than a regular backpack? If so, a tactical backpack is the right choice. Tactical backpacks are built from military-standard materials and designed for outdoor excursions or survival trips. Their hardwearing and top-notch build endures intensive usage, including harsh military activities, like hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping.

Nothing puts a depressant on an outdoor adventure like an improper backpack. Tactical backpacks have created rustic trips like hiking, cycling, and camping more fun and engaging than ever! They serve to carry safely everything, from your laptop to camera equipment or a sleeping bag and change of clothes, in one place, no matter how long you’re traversing.

It can be arduous to sort through the piles of cool tactical backpack designs and select the best fit, especially given the ridiculous prices most brands demand for tactical equipment. That’s why we have carried out lengthy research of the best tactical backpacks under $200 to assist you in your search. Read on and get yourself the ideal military tactical backpack!


Best Tactical Backpacks under $200 (Comparison)

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Direct Action Dragon Egg MK II - ( Editor's Choice)Laser-cut MOLLE,
Duraflex hardware
Check Price
5.11 Tactical RUSH7255L capacityCheck Price
5.11 Tactical Men's AMP12HexGrid storageCheck Price

Direct Action Dragon Egg MK II Tactical Backpack

When it comes to military-grade equipment, Direct Action is at the forefront of the market with products like the Dragon Egg MK II. The Direct Action Dragon Egg MK II is a beastly tactical backpack that will serve you faithfully on the most hectic of journeys.

Dragon Egg MK II is armed with specialized modules to fulfill the professional requirements of military and law enforcement personnel. Built from 500D Cordura, it boasts a mighty construction that will withstand any climate. The material, of course, is heavily water-resistant owing to its repellant lamination. You can fit all of your survival/travel gear easily in its 25L interior. The backpack’s catalog of features was the most versatile and well-developed among all the backpacks we tested. Its external pockets are accessorized with a flexible plastic base. This allows for adequate expansion when you need to stuff a bulky item into the bag.  There is a hydration bladder as well as bottle pockets integrated into its sides.

Direct Actions’s Dragon Egg includes an exceptional combat vent system to supercharge your comfort when you are coursing through long hikes or exhausting treks. But that’s not all. The bag gets its name from its quirky, egg-shaped body which is designed to reduce its height. This makes it convenient to wear the bag alongside belt kits. The bag also incorporates an effective, laser-cut MOLLE/PALS system to boost overall capability, rivaling even the best travel backpack in terms of practicality.

Unlike most conventional rucksacks, MK II’s waist straps are entirely detachable for added personalization. The bag’s interior is heavily padded and implanted with various pockets for organization. Its safe, cushioned compartments are surprisingly practical, allowing the bag to be used as a laptop backpack, hiking backpack, and travel backpack. We loved that the bag’s carrying handle is woven into a cord and allows you to drag through a 2.5m cord extension. If you enjoy lengthy expeditions on hiking trails, MK II’s comfort system will be a great asset. To top it all off, the Direct Action Dragon Egg MK II daypack carries heavy-duty YKK zippers and Duraflex hardware. Such top-notch technologies and their masterful integration are the reason MK II ranks as our top tactical backpack under $200.

LightweightRough material can be uncomfortable for some
Perfect ventilation at the back, keeping
your back dry.
Might be too huge for short-statured people
Durable and waterproof Cordura 500D body
Equipped with hydration bladder and bottle pockets
Comes in a variety of colors and camouflage themes



Overall, the Direct Action Dragon Egg MK II Tactical bag is a well-rounded backpack. Its distinct design and space readily accommodate your belongings, safeguarding them with tough, water-resistant walls. The build quality is solid; it has industrially renowned YKK zippers and enough pockets for all your survival/travel needs. If you are looking for a sub-$200 bag that makes no compromise on quality, Dragon Egg MK II is your match.


5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Military Backpack

Having thoroughly tested the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 backpack, I can confidently say that this is one of the most flexible and cool backpacks available on the market. If you have researched military backpacks before, you have probably heard of 5.11, for their bag-making expertise is unparalleled in the industry.

The RUSH72 tactical backpack features a standard military design assembled from highly durable and water-repellent 1050D Nylon. It extends a 55-liter storage capacity that would put any large travel backpack to shame. Most tactical bags prioritize storage functionality rather than capacity, but RUSH72’s massive interior offers both. Being a MOLLE pack, this 5.11 beast is loaded with organizational compartments to make load-carrying more convenient. It has a dual-zippered front that is built to be easy to operate. Inside the bag’s main compartments, you will find glove-friendly, molded grip pulls and a handy scratch-free sunglass pocket. To make it easier to store small items, like pens, documents, and maps, RUSH2 possesses an internal admin compartment. If you are an ambitious adventurer, RUSH72 may be just the upgrade you need for your heavy packing desires.

5.11 RUSH72 is also remarkably comfortable to wear while fully loaded. It is fitted with a cinching waist strap and dual compression straps to stabilize the bag during heated activities. Moreover, the shoulder straps are intricately designed with dual-density, closed-cell foam. These pads hug your body in a soothing embrace and keep unpleasant stress from building up as you move. The typical muscular strain imposed by heavy-set backpacks was barely noticeable due to RUSH72’s efficient suspension. We also loved that the sternum and shoulder straps could be swiftly adjusted as you move. This made for a smooth, comfortable ride through diverse hiking trails.

Excellent padding in shoulder straps The belt doesn't have vertical adjustments
MOLLE computability that allows
addition of more gear.
Heavier than most tactical backpacks
Great stitching quality, enabling heavy-duty usage
Advanced Water-repellent Coating
Capacious 55L interior



The 5.11 RUSH72 tactical backpack is an outstanding multipurpose bag that overrides the competing backpacks in storage capacity and comfort. The 55L interior is more than sufficient for outdoor ventures even longer than three days, and the advanced foam padding ensures you can keep tugging the bag along without exhausting yourself.


5.11 Tactical Men’s AMP12 Essential Backpack

5.11 Tactical Men’s AMP12 has outstripped other backpacks in this range because of its optimized storage solutions for any situation. It has a smart, enduring, and sustainable design that you won’t find in many tactical backpacks.

Manufactured from 1000D Cordura Nylon, the AMP12 tactical backpack promises to overcome any challenge with the resilience of a leather backpack. The bag features a unique clamshell design, which allows it to open 180-degrees and expose the entirety of its 25L contents. It makes for a simpler and quicker packing process, not to mention a much less stressful experience when you urgently need an item and cannot afford to shuffle through your entire baggage to locate it. Just pop open the bag’s front and view all your belongings at a glance.

The pockets are placed in a thoughtful, ergonomic pattern to serve greater separation. Unlike most backpacks, they don’t impede on each other, which is crucial when you need to get as much in as possible. Moreover, AMP12 possesses 5.11’s iconic HexGrid storage system. It allows you to attach custom gear compartments to personalize the storage frame. There is also a padded 15″ laptop sleeve that you don’t normally see in most tactical backpacks for men or women. If you need to carry large electronic devices, like a tablet or laptop computer, or other quirky items on your outdoor trip, 5.11 AMP12 is one of the best backpacks to consider.

Another exciting feature of AMP12 is its back panel. 5.11 has placed a thermoformed layer all over the pad that readily conforms to your back’s contours. Not only is it immensely comfortable and shock-absorbent, but it also prevents the bag from excessive shaking/vibrations during your strides. AMP12 is built around the Center Line material design, making it hygienic and appropriate for all sorts of journeys. This construction grants AMP12 water-repellant properties equivalent to an expensive waterproof backpack, owing to the DWR and 2x PU coating, as well as hypoallergenic characteristics. Place the 5.11 AMP12 among your target backpacks to purchase, and you won’t regret it.

Water-resistant, Center Line design.Lacks external pockets
Iconic HexGrid load-bearing systemCapacity may be too low for climbers
Comfortable thermoformed back panel
Closed-cell foam padding that prevents moisture retention
Gear set compatibility provides versatility and technical superiority.



As with any 5.11 Tactical product, the quality of the 5.11 AMP12 backpack is exceptional. It boasts an extremely comfortable thermoformed back panel. Although it may be a small backpack compared to other outdoor bags, the exclusive HexGrid system and integrated laptop sleeve extend storage potential while the clamshell closure speeds up the packing process, making 5.11 AMP 12 one of our top tactical backpacks.



If you want a backpack that can be used for recreational climbing, camping, or traveling as well as serious military pursuits, then Direct Action’s Dragon Egg MK II is undoubtedly the best backpack for you. Being compact and attractively designed, MK II simulates the spirit of bookbags while its Cordura construction ranges through any wild environment without fear.

What makes Dragon Egg MK II our top choice is its lightweight yet versatile frame. The bag’s egg-styled construction and laser-MOLLE system set up one of the most efficient storage systems you can find in a tactical backpack or any canvas backpack for that matter. Such a specialized body is what makes Dragon Egg MK II our number one choice among the best tactical backpacks under $200.


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