Do you have those days when you are looking for a hot soak after a long and tiring time spent at work or school? You can now stop waiting for the next vacation escapade to do that. With a portable hot tub, you can enjoy a hot soak right inside your home or in your backyard, whenever you want it.

An inflatable hot tub is the most convenient way to set up your own Jacuzzi or spa at home. It requires minimal assembly and is also faster to finish. In the same way, putting your portable hot tub away when not in use is also possible and easy to do.

There are portable hot tub models that already come in complete accessories so you can easily use them after assembly. But, you still have the market for more enhancements if you feel like personalizing the experience more. You can add lights, use a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, or engage in hydrotherapy sessions while on it.

Another advantage of using outdoor hot tubs is improved experience. With the natural environment in your background, you can feel more relaxed each session. Being in an inflatable spa with your loved one is also a beautiful bonding moment – a nice alternative staycation for you especially that the pandemic is keeping everyone mostly at home.

By now, you know that a portable hot tub is for you. The next challenge is choosing the best product to buy. When purchasing the blow up hot tubs, check the available space you have and see what size it can fit, considering some clearance from walls and other sharp areas nearby that can puncture it (remember, you are buying an inflatable one). Also, see to it that the floor space is leveled or smooth as much as possible. Getting a 2 or 4 person inflatable hot tub is a sensible choice if you want something that can be used by more than just you at a time but is not that hard to fill or heat up.


NameKey Feature 
Intex 28439E Greywood Deluxe- Editor's ChoiceComes with a hard water treatment systemCheck Price
Coleman 13804-BW SaluSpaEquipped with a water filtration systemCheck Price
Bestway 60022E SaluSpa HawaiiDeploys 114 Air Jets; Square-shapedCheck Price



Intex 28439E Greywood Deluxe – Editor’s Choice

This portable hot tub brings you both comfort and extra aesthetic appeal in your backyard or outdoor area. If you want an outdoor tub that does not look like a kiddie pool or ball pit, then you’ll surely appreciate how this one looks like. The Intex 28439E comes in a lovely gray wood finish that looks rustic against a natural outdoor backdrop.

This Intex hot tub comes in 4 or 6 person capacity to house you and some of your family members or friends at the same time. It already comes complete with the basic accessories you need to run it after assembly. This portable hot tub is also equipped with a built-in inflation system that can safely inflate the unit within controlled and safe pressure levels.

Meanwhile, the Intex 28439E Greywood Deluxe is well-built to withstand both pressure and heat from your Jacuzzi sessions. It is made of 3-ply laminated material that is insulated inside and outside. It comes with another insulating material as a cover to help heat the water faster, too. The portable hot tub is also durable to withstand tearing and puncturing.

The Intex inflatable hot tub, though ensures durability, remains firm enough for comfort. The interior is equipped with FiberTech, a technology that provides strength and durability against weight, pressure, and heat while keeping you comfortable. This way, you maximize the experience and reap your portable hot tub’s benefits for a long time.

This Intex portable hot tub is also equipped with its own hard water treatment system. It conditions the water you put in by minimizing the presence of Calcium, which can tend to accumulate over time and damage your portable hot tub. It can reduce the efficiency of your heating unit, so it really helps to have this feature already integrated into the tub.

4 or 6-person maximum capacityThe bubble jets help cool down the water faster
Comes with a hard water treatment system
With a built-in inflation system
With 140 bubble jets
With one colored LED light
Insulation cover included
Made of 3-ply insulated and weathering and puncture-resistant material
Heater rated at 1,300-watts
Comes with two headrests


The Intex 28439E Greywood Deluxe comes in a unique finish that looks good in your garden or against any type of background or interior. The hard water treatment system is a huge plus since it helps prolong the lifetime of both the unit and the heating system. The insulation cover is also a thoughtful accessory.


Coleman 13804-BW SaluSpa

This portable hot tub has straightforward features that focus on giving you soothing hydrotherapy whenever you need it. You can make the Coleman hot tub a mainstay in your home during the cold season and pack it away when you’re done. Just remember to keep the pump running as needed, as well as apply cleaning chemicals as necessary.

This Coleman inflatable hot tub can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 people. This portable hot tub can heat up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit – just the optimum temperature you need to soothe your aching muscles or relax your tired body.

The Coleman 13804-BW SaluSpa features a fast-heating system so you do not have to wait longer for your warm soak. To help keep sediments at bay, this portable hot tub has its own water filtration system. An Air Jet system produces bubbles for that spa and Jacuzzi feel. A total of 60 air jets can run at the same time, just enough not to speed up the cooling of the water and allow the water heater to work more efficiently.

The Coleman portable hot tub can be easily moved from one place to another (without the water). It has two handles for easy pickup. It also has digital controls where you can adjust the temperature, set the timer, or turn on/off the air jets, etc. It also comes with an insulation cover to help heat up the water faster or to keep the water from getting dirty when not in use.

For comfort, it features a cushioned flooring that allows you to sit comfortably while having your water massage. Yet, Coleman sees to it that the portable hot tub is durable, weather-resistant, and of course, heat tolerant so it will last. It is made of strong 3-ply inflated walls, dubbed as Tri-Tech technology.

This Coleman blow up hot tub also has water filter cartridges, pump, chemical floater.

Can fit a maximum of 4 peopleThe water heater and circulator pump cannot run at the same time
Deploys 60 Air Jets
Heats up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
Equipped with a water filtration system
Digital control
Utilizes Tri-Tech, 3-ply inflated walls
Quiet motor


The Coleman 13804-BW SaluSpa is a more affordable option and can provide you with the comfort you need to ease those tired muscles of yours.


Bestway 60022E SaluSpa Hawaii

This square-shaped portable hot tub provides ample room to stretch out while relaxing. It claims to accommodate up to 6 people, but having 4 at a time or less feels a lot better.

This outdoor soaking tub has a built-in inflating system that allows you to inflate or deflate it conveniently. It also uses digital controls for easy adjustments on temperature, power-saving timer, air jets, etc. The power-saving feature allows you to automate the operation and or set the temperature up to 72 hours before you need it to work.

This portable hot tub has a total of 114 Air Jets that can help soothe your body or assist you as you undergo hydrotherapy. You get a relaxing massage through the combination of water, heat, and air.

The Bestway 60022E SaluSpa Hawaii can run up to a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This outdoor Jacuzzi tub retains heat well with its insulated and durable 3-ply material that uses Tri-Tech technology. The material is strong, puncture-resistant, UV-resistant, and retains its shape well even after numerous inflation/deflation.

4 to 6 people maximum capacitySome users find the heater slow to heat the water to the set temperature
Deploys 114 Air Jets
Made of Tri-Tech 3-ply material
Power timer up to 72 hours in advance


The Bestway 60022E SaluSpa Hawaii is your no-frills, easy-to-use, and set-up portable hot tub. If you prefer a square-shaped portable hot tub, this is one of the best choices.


Final Verdict

The best portable hot tub should first of all can be easily set up and stow away when not in use. But aside from the aspect of convenience, it should also be comfortable and reliable to use.

With that, the best inflatable hot tub on the list is the Intex 28439E Greywood Deluxe.

The Intex 28439E Greywood Deluxe has all the right features that combine durability, comfort, and performance. It is also one of the most aesthetically appealing portable hot tubs in the market. The added features like inflatable headrests and a colored LED are cool touches that also give it a slight edge over its competitors, too.

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