Are you looking to invest in a treadmill and wondering whether it’s even worth the cash? Well, treadmills boast massive catalogs of features that replace the need for gym memberships, and even outdoor running, and rocket you towards your fitness and weight goals. The flexibility of bringing home your fitness solutions and cutting gym membership costs has given rise to treadmills as essential home equipment.

Treadmills or running machines come with robust customization and workout options. Your intended daily activity should be the main aspect to focus on while shopping for a treadmill. Whether you’re a runner, jogger, walker, or a hiker, the ideal treadmill should cater to your needs without negating the benefits that particular activity provides. Apart from that, the best treadmill for home also excels in three main criteria: Convenience, Motor Power, and Technological Support.

In simpler words, the treadmill should fit the size of the installation place and be sufficiently portable, with a motor speed that can facilitate your intended workouts and a dashboard that can extend the right statistical or digital functions for your needs. Treadmills with an appropriate fitness guide technology can unpack loads of personalized features and integration with wearables, inspiring you to push even harder and motivate your session furthermore. If you are looking for the best treadmill 2020, our curated list of amazon treadmills can help you make an informed decision.

Best Treadmill for 2020 (Comparison)

TreadmillMotor SpeedPrice
NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmill - ( Editor's Choice)0.12 MPHCheck Price
Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill0.5-9.0 MPHCheck Price
Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill1.0-8.0 MPHCheck Price


NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmills + 1-year iFit membership – (Editor’s Choice)


The NordicTrack commercial 1750 offers a great combination of interactive personnel training, solid form, and superior ergonomics. It remains one of the top treadmills with rave reviews from customers.

The NordicTrack 1750 displays outstanding engineering quality, balance, and dependability. The tread belt is spacious with dimensions of 60” by 22” giving ample room for mobility and leg extension. The thickness of the belt ensures lesser noise and more stability. There is also provision for activating the cushion mode on the rail, which gives a realistic feel of terrains in immersive mode or protects the joints during an intense workout.

The treadmill’s motor speed comes with a range of 0-12 mph, thanks to its 3.75 hp motor, but don’t worry, because even at this speed the motor is surprisingly very silent. Not only that, the machine packs 1 year complimentary NordicTrack iFit membership. It is a heavy-duty treadmill supporting users up to 300 pounds, so if you fall under the plus-size umbrella, this treadmill is ideal for you.

One of the best features of this treadmill is its patented folding technology “EasyLift Assist”, which allows folding/unfolding in just 10 seconds, saving you some grueling hassle. The touch panel of the treadmill displays the calorie, mileage stats and lets you browse and access different workout programs and essential modules. The workout intensity can be controlled using the 15% incline – 3% decline feature which can be just the thing you need for your athletic cravings. Such a combination of normal workout with incline workout is known to improve the desired calorie burn and muscle strength. If you are looking to step up your workout game, then keep the NordicTrack treadmill on your radar next time you seek a treadmill for sale!

This portable treadmill also comes with Bluetooth connectivity for extended media experience through its inbuilt speakers. You can include a heart rate monitor system into the media with the help of chest strap trackers (not included). The sensor can be connected via Bluetooth for a precise training regime. If temperature or humidity is an issue when working out, you can ease the tensed muscle region by turning on the AutoBreeze cooling systems. The fitness guidance technology offers real-time stat recording and predicts workout based on the reading suiting your body vital stats.

Its sturdy engineering combined with a power-packed speed transition mechanism make the NordicTrack 1750 one of the best treadmills for long and intense workouts.

Powerful motor with speed adjustmentNo USB ports
Incline/Decline Capability
iFit membership
EasyLift Assist technology


NordicTrack has managed to provide a decent home-based workout solution keeping many things in mind. It is strong on both hardware and software making it a reputed name among fitness enthusiast circles. The cardio trainer feature is often associated with ultra-premium and high-end treadmills but the NordicTrack commercial 1750 treadmill has offered top-notch features under an affordable price tag.

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill with Device Holder, Shock Absorption, and Incline

The Sunny SF-T4400 offers decent cardio workout at home while minimizing the treadmill price. The treadmill is ideal for users preferring minimal workout and stands as a premium treadmill for home.

The treadmill packs 2.20 HP motors that aid in smooth transitioning and quiet workout experience with speed up to 9 mph.  The SF-T4400 comes with three basic settings for incline workout which can be adjusted manually. The rail speed can be controlled by both a dedicated button and a console. The unit is well built and comes in two different color variants: gray and pink.

The SF-TF4400 comes with a large LCD displaying speed, pulse rate, distance, and calories. The maximum threshold for users is 220 pounds and a running dimension of 48.82 (L) x 15.75 (W). The unit under idle condition weighs around 102 pounds that can be easily folded/unfolded when in operation and idle mode.

The display includes controls to adjust the speed and workout program. The manual incline setting adjustment can be calibrated according to the workout regime and 9 different built-in workout programs make the session more diverse. The incremental speed range of 0.1 offers minute calibration that can appeal to users wanting precise jog & walking stats. The speed controls are conveniently located in the handrails for ease of access and better control. The pulse and heart rate are recorded with the help of sensors located in the handrails which are displayed in the LCD monitor. The SF-T4400 has an enhanced folding mechanism to save space and provide better handling.

The overall operation is smooth, apt for light jogging and walking with wide walking trails. However, this small treadmill is not suitable for people who are taller and prefer full strides. The manual treadmill’s controls allow fast transition between 2, 4, and 6 mph speed ratings for a quick shift in intensity workout. Cheap treadmills have similar problems but despite its shortcoming, The Sunny SF-T4400 is a great choice for light cardio workout given its price. If treadmill cost is one of the major deciding factors the SF-T4400 comes as a serious contender with good customer reception. It comes with a 3-year frame warranty and 90 days parts warranty.


Compact and MobileIncline requires forceful Manual adjustment
Powerful MotorMaximum threshold of 220 pounds
Easy fold and handle mechanism.


The Sunny SF-T4400 treadmill is a piece of affordable fitness equipment that still gets the job done if cardio and basic fitness workout is preferred over intense and repetitive exercise regimes. The portability and folding mechanism make the installation simple and don’t take much space at home. With accessibility to body vital stats using sensors and LCD, the treadmill fares better than most expensive units.


Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP under Desk Electric Treadmill

The Goplus 2-IN-1 folding treadmill brings an innovative approach to home and office-based fitness solutions. The treadmill looks modern and packs amazing mobility customization features.

It comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and remote control. The best feature is the presence of a safety lock mechanism that is activated if someone falls on the rail accidentally. It comes across as a compact, easy to access, and mobile workout machine with no frills.

The main USP of the Goplus 2-IN-1 foldable treadmill is its ability to work in two different modes. It is suitable for jogging or light walks when the handrail is folded, allowing speeds of 1-3 km/h and allows for running when the handrail is unfolded. The speed in this mode can be throttled up to 12 km/h. This unique customization makes this the sole treadmill option suitable for both your home and workplace.

Goplus claims that the belt comes with cushioned technology protecting legs, knees, and muscles from injuries. The presence of a phone holder makes media and phone calls accessible while working out on the treadmill. Apart from this, there is also an inbuilt Bluetooth setup for audio, instructions streaming.

The treadmill is powered with a 2.25 HP ultra silent motor emitting minimum sound and vibrations. This combination of sturdy build and shock absorber together creates a safer and convenient mode of cardio workout solution. The tread belt is made of a 7-layer non-slip texture covering the running pavement area of 40” x 16”. This also aids in giving a cushioned and anti-slippery running experience, akin to curved treadmills.

The multifunctional LED displays act as a dashboard displaying vital stats like speed, calories, time, and distance. The remote control helps in conveniently monitoring and changing the speed of the rail, providing ease of access and security. The mobility feature makes it truly compact as it can be moved or railed under an office desk or occupy minimum space at home. It comes in Blue, Red, and Silver variants, weighing around 69.5 pounds. It supports a user of weight up to 265 lbs.

Effective PricingAbsence of Incline functionality
Ultra Quiet noise emissionNo interactive Display
Easy Dual-mode mechanism
7 layer anti-slip belt


The Goplus 2-IN-1 folding treadmill offers a neat and lightweight treadmill experience with a bigger emphasis on mobility and ease of access. The treadmill cost is surprisingly optimum given its claim on certified hardware and parts. This is an ideal option for office settings and for those who seek compact fitness solutions that look and feel futuristic.

Final Verdict- Editor’s Choice

Treadmills present a convenient method to break a sweat at home without the need of an expert or gym equipment. Weighing the multiple features of each top treadmill, we found the NordicTrack 1750 to be the best treadmill amidst the competition, not only in specifications but also compatibility with all kinds of consumers.

The NordicTrack 1750 stuns rival treadmills through its precise integration of powerful motor mechanics, stability, and a modern, intuitive UI. Its iFit guidance technology is unparalleled when it comes to workout support, and the machine’s incline treadmill feature delivers maximized workout opportunities.

Whether you are an advanced athlete or a casual jogger, the NordicTrack 1750 stretches to cover each of your needs with its multi-dimensional hardware. What’s more, the machine’s interface is remarkably user-friendly as compared to most treadmills, making the NordicTrack an overall beast worthy of our Editor’s Choice title!


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