How to Place the Lights For Finest Green Screen Video Making
(Last Updated On: September 10, 2018)

The green screen video effect is amazing. You stand it front of the green backdrop striking record about the video camera. Then, you drop the footage into the video editing software, decide on a new background, apply the chromakey filter and you’re simply instantly transported to a different location. You can be inside a shiny new office, standing in the high-tech virtual set, within the beach, or maybe within the moon. At least, which is how you will imagine things will continue to work.

All too often, the primary attempt you will be making on the green screen effect produces disappointing results. When you attempt to take away the green background inside your editing software, you don’t get the many color to vanish. You mess around using the settings to become more with the green disappear and suddenly the center of your shirt disappears. You make increasingly more adjustments until things look better. You have lost every one of the fine details across the edges, though the green fully gone. But, if you hit play, the perimeters of your respective footage dance around like lightning bolts. You go back and blur the sides until they choose mush.

After hours of tweaking and fine-tuning, you’ve created bad green screen video.

Creating Bad Green Screen Video is Easy

The secret that a lot of people selling the knowhow and software for your green screen video effect don’t let you know is that it is basically very easy to create bad results. YouTube is full of samples of horrible chromakey video. But, there’s another secret. It is not harder to provide fantastic chromakey video.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or many hours of effort to make videos you happen to be proud to share with all the world. One major way to succeed is the way you light your screen.

The Big Screen Lighting Myth

There is a large misconception about shooting green screen video that comes in the companies selling screen and lighting kits. Search online and you should see great report on selections for choosing a kit which includes all you should shoot green screen video. The report on included items is usually a similar. You get a natural muslin screen, a support might manage the screen, and three lights. You always get three lights, and which is the situation.

To get the very best results in the process, you should light the screen separately in the subject. An ideal green screen lighting kit includes five lights. Two lights are dedicated exclusively to lighting the screen itself. The other three lights are familiar with light your subject.

The Best Lights For Your Green Screen

Flat even lighting is desire to when lighting an eco-friendly screen. Any variation in brightness is likely to make it tougher for your editing software to take away the background while preserving edge details. In a home office video studio, space is often confined, to help you afford to use big soft boxes or place lights far from your screen. The easiest way to have accomplishment is to apply fluorescent or LED bank lights.

A bank light are few things greater than a large flat (usually rectangular) permanent fixture. Professional versions just resemble fancy fluorescent shop lights turned sideways. In fact, you could make you from inexpensive parts purchased in your local home center. There are a few circumstances to be aware of when producing your personal. But once what happens to get, it is simple to do.

LED bank lights are higher priced to buy, nonetheless they last forever, don’t have any glass tube to sneak, and may usually be dimmed to dial-in an ideal level of light.

Placing The Lights

Lighting your screen with bank lights is simple. You place one light on either side from the screen. The lights ought to be oriented vertically so the light shines out evenly thoroughly. Adjust the angle and distance through the screen till the entire surface within your green screen is lit in an even volume of brightness.

Once your screen is properly lit, you may use the opposite three lights that was included with your kit to light your subject. Make a few critical tweaks on your camera settings and you may quickly be shooting amazing green screen video to share with all the world.

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