Fever is a sure sign that there’s something wrong in our bodies. It’s not a disease itself, but only signals an irregularity that affects our body functions. Our body warms itself in an attempt to “repair” it. Under normal circumstances, fever doesn’t always signify an emergency, but early intervention will go a long way especially when it a more serious illness that’s emerging.

Equipping yourself with a body or forehead thermometer gets you a head start in early detection. Usually, a thermometer detects fever through the forehead, so some opt for a forehead thermometer for adults that is non-contact. On the other hand, others are more confident in using a contact thermometer as it reads temperatures directly from the body it is in contact with.

Why Do I Need to Own a Thermometer?

Especially now that we are amid the pandemic where a fever could signify the presence of the COVID-19 virus itself or other diseases, a thermometer is a definite must-have for every household. This is the perfect time to invest in a reliable and durable one.

There are a lot of adult and baby body thermometers in the market, and it is challenging to know which one fits your needs. Here are some of the common ones:

Glass or Mercury Thermometer

This is one of the first thermometers to hit the market. It consists of a small glass tube with liquid mercury inside a bulb at the bottom. The liquid mercury tends to rise in the valve when it detects an increase in temperature. That is how you get a reading.

However, mercury thermometers are now obsolete since liquid mercury is dangerous. Since mercury thermometers are made of glass, the risk of breaking it and the liquid mercury coming out getting contact with our skin is very high.

Digital Thermometer

A digital thermometer for adults is the same build as a mercury thermometer, only that it replaces liquid mercury with a digital sensor to read the temperature. A digital thermometer also improves the accuracy of the reading since it is electronic. It is also made of plastic material with a probe that has sensors. It has an LCD that displays the temperature reading.

Infrared Thermometer

Aside from incorporating sensors, using infrared frequency also improves the accuracy and speed of reading temperature results for this forehead thermometer. An infrared thermometer is also non-contact, so it is more hygienic to use than its other digital counterparts.

Crossing off mercury thermometers on the list now boils down to having a head-on between an infrared thermometer and a digital one. Comparing brands should also include strong considerations in functionality, durability, accuracy, and other important performance indicators.

Key Performance Indicators of the Best Body Thermometer

Having a thermometer in your home or your stash can help you monitor your and your family’s health. A baby thermometer is an essential item that should be in your home, as well as in your bag when you travel. Overall, a thermometer is a must-have item to include in your bag and home essentials.

Getting this cheap but highly-reliable equipment is not only essential but also a non-negotiable item in your first aid kit. A thermometer reads fever more accurately than just feeling it with your hands. With a more accurate basis, you can easily administer initial remedies or seek a doctor immediately.

It is important to know which key performance indicators (KPI) you should prioritize so you can trim down your choices when it comes to choosing among the best body thermometers in the market.


Primarily, a thermometer for adults and children can be a single product and is able to read temperature values accurately all the time. Many simpler thermometers only have this straightforward function, but having one that has more functions provides added value.

There are digital and infrared thermometers that can store past readings for comparison. More advanced ones can also read other vitals like heart rate. More sophisticated thermometers have better accuracy ranges which are a must for hospital or stricter monitoring use.

Battery Life

The lowdown on digital and infrared thermometers is that accuracy is affected by battery levels. So, it is important that your device’s battery is highly reliable and has a long lifespan. The best body basal thermometers may have battery charge indicators to let you know when it’s time to replace batteries or charge it.

Learning Curve

Body thermometers for adults and kids alike are straightforward devices and you won’t see as many buttons in its interface to make it work. You just need to check your manual to know if it displays the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, or how to change it according to your preference. Some thermometers also enable you to check back past readings, which may be vital when you are monitoring and recording it.

In more sophisticated thermometers, it is a must that it comes with a manual for you to operate it properly or know how to troubleshoot it accordingly.


The most important aspect of a thermometer to look for is its accuracy rating. The manual will show a +/- accuracy rating. Usually, this is in percentage or decimal value. It shows the leeway of the actual versus displayed reading. The less rating you see, the more accurate it displays the reading. However, it is also important to note that battery levels greatly affect the accuracy of the readings. Therefore, it is a must that you ensure your device is working efficiently under the best power levels.

Hygienic Properties

A thermometer of course, measure body temperatures so it must come contact with the heat indicators in our body for it to function accurately. They should be put in crucial body areas like the armpit, mouth, forehead, or rectum. Some may opt for non-contact thermometers like infrared forehead thermometers that use frequencies to measure readings. However, one must understand that environmental temperature may affect the accuracy of the reading but is often negligible according to manufacturers.

Now that you’ve understood the different KPIs in knowing the best thermometer of 2020, get to know two of our best product recommendations for you to consider.

Best Body Thermometers You Can Consider

Alpha Tools Handheld Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

This infrared thermometer from Alpha Tools is one of the best thermometers of 2020 because of its non-contact and fast reading features. Normally used in hospitals or situations wherein one needs to read a lot of people’s temperature, this equipment is efficient and reliable to perform minus the hygiene concerns.

The current COVID-19 pandemic poses serious risks in terms of spread, therefore sanitizing equipment is a must. It might be cumbersome to do this constantly when you need to make fast movement in terms of reading temperatures. However, since this handheld infrared forehead thermometers can read temperatures without needing to be in contact with the person and return values fast, this is the perfect option.

The Alpha Tools Handheld Infrared Thermometer uses infrared frequency to accurately read body temperature and return values faster than its counterparts. Aside from that, it can also store past readings for easy monitoring. It also has an adequately-sized backlit LCD so you can still read the temperature values even under low lighting conditions.

This non-contact for fever thermometer uses two AAA batteries and has an auto-shutdown feature when it’s not in use within a certain period. This helps it save on energy for prolonged use. AAA batteries are also easily available in most stores so you don’t have to worry about changing into a fresh one when needed.

Another noteworthy feature of this handheld thermometer is it is portable and lightweight. It is easy to carry around or stash in a small compartment or drawer within easy reach. You can easily keep it in easy reach areas in your home or office, plus a stash of fresh AAA batteries to keep you ready.

You can assign the temperature readings to Celsius or Fahrenheit according to your preference. It also comes in an ergonomically curved body for better handling and operation.

Non-contact temperature readingsIt gives out temperature readings less accurately than its contact counterparts
Returns temperature readings fast; at 3 seconds at an averageMore expensive
With backlit LCD display
Automatic shutdown feature that helps it save on battery charge
Portable and lightweight


The Alpha Tools Handheld Infra Thermometer is a strong contender for the best body thermometer of 2020 because of its fast return of results and non-contact feature. These two characteristics are important nowadays since we are putting a premium on observing proper hygiene and social distancing. These two aspects are equally important under normal situations since you use it on adults and children alike. Having a reliable and efficient infrared thermometer for adults is a must for every home and office. Purchasing this Alpha Tools Handheld Thermometer is a good investment to make.

Skque Digital LCD Body Thermometer


Some people still find more confidence in terms of the accuracy of readings when working with a contact body thermometer. This is where the Skque Digital LCD Body Thermometer becomes the perfect choice for an investment. It is more affordable and functions straightforwardly to measure your or your family member’s body temperature accordingly.

As a piece of contact equipment, Skque made its tip waterproof for easy cleaning and sanitizing. It can be put in the mouth directly or squeezed in between the armpit to measure the body heat precisely.

As one of the best thermometers of 2020, it has an LCD to show temperature measurements. You’ll hear a beep when the measurement is ready.

It also has a memory function and can operate using voice instructions. Its probe also comes with high-quality sensors for swift and accurate body heat readings.

More portable and lightweightWhen hygiene is of great concern, a contact-less infrared thermometer is better
Uses a more rugged battery (LR41) for a longer lifespan
A piece of contact equipment for a more accurate reading


For those who are looking for a straightforward and traditional way of measuring body temperature, the Skque Digital LCD Body Thermometer is your perfect choice. Under ideal battery conditions, you can never go wrong with its accurate readings. It is also lightweight and portable so you can easily carry it with you in your bag or purse. It is a must-have item for parents and medical professionals alike.

Summing it Up

Choosing among different infrared thermometers and other digital ones are subject to the user’s specific needs or requirements. The good thing about body thermometers is that there are different variations to choose from but still boils down to its primary function – accurate and fast temperature readings. Choosing the right thermometer for you is a matter of preference. And hopefully, our facts and recommendations were able to help you reach your perfect choice.


If this article helped you in any way, or have other recommendations or concerns about it, feel free to comment down below.

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