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Best Stereo Amplifiers Under $500 2018

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2018)

An amplifier is a second device connecting for an operating stereo component. It increases the wattage output thus creating higher pitch sound at higher decibels. The audio system can have an increased bass compared to what it could receive with only standard speakers. In most cases the amplifier could have the stereo head unit since the output device ever since the sounds are coming from your cd in the cd player or tape player. Thus, the subwoofers and/or tweeters include the input device website traffic speakers are becoming the sound waves through the speaker wires that can on the amplifier. Generally, amplifiers are sorted because of the volume of voltage it may draw, the channels it might hold, and the wattage of sound it may output. They are also seen as an appearance and reputable brands.

The amplification of sound as aided by an amplifier come in many applications. Automobiles come with them and once as well as an equalizer, these are employed to channel out noise from traffic, thus creating more crisp sounding music. If utilized in a multichannel surround sound system for your home, it can make the sound of action sequences more exciting. For public usage it could possibly output higher volume to have an audience. Schools, clubs, organizations and recreation areas would utilize it just for this purpose.

Amplifier are not cheap, but we have found the best stereo amplifiers under $500 so, you can enjoy the quality and benefits of amps without paying a lot of money.


Best Stereo Amplifiers Under $500 (Comparison)

AmplifierWeightFrequency Response 
TEAC AI-301DA (Editor's Choice)4.6 lbs2.8MHz/5.6MHzCheck Price
Pro-Ject MaiA - My Audio Integrated Amplifier3,9 lbs24bit/192kHzCheck Price
Dayton Audio MA1240a Multi-Zone 12 Channel Amplifier34.2 lbs5 Hz to 72 kHzCheck Price
Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus2.6 lbs24-bit/384kHzCheck Price


TEAC AI-301DA(Editor’s Choice)

TEAC AI-301DA integrated amplifier appeals to enthusiasts and newcomers alike.best stereo amplifiers under $500 The blend of aptX Bluetooth, high-res audio and DSD playback can make it distinguish from the ferociously competitive small stereo amplifier horde. The rounded quality soothes off any rough edges a song can have. Admittedly, what this means is the TEAC isn’t essentially the most transparent or revealing of amplifiers, but it really does ensure it is simple to focus on. The TEAC’s sonic characteristics remain consistent when switching between sources and coming from a CD-ripped WAV file into a high-res FLAC file. It’s if you exchange signal of Bluetooth does the TEAC falter. It sounds less solid, and much less lively. That exterior is obviously traditional, but underneath it’s an alternative story. The single coaxial and Type B USB inputs support hi-res files up to 24-bit/192kHz, whilst the optical input is fixed to 24-bit/96kHz. There are also two pairs of RCA line-level inputs around the back panel, while a subwoofer output is accessible if you need more oomph. The metal build is sturdy, even though the aluminum faceplate looks classy in black or silver. The volume dial is perfectly weighted and incorporates a nice tactile feel when turning it – it’s great make use of. The power and source buttons respond swiftly, along with the somewhat chunky, but small handy remote control. It fits gracefully in your fingers.

Smooth SoundForward Midrange
Classy Design
Excellent File Support


One of the best stereo amp you can get under $500. It offers smooth quality with classy and elegant design. The file support is very good. The downside is with forward midrange. Overall, the amp you can count on within budget.



Pro-Ject MaiA – My Audio Integrated Amplifier

Pro-Ject can be an audio company that acknowledges the exponential progress of technology and is also determined to maintain the times without having to sacrifice its musical roots.best stereo amplifiers under $500 The MaiA could be the statement to the fact. To be able to emphasis on the supplies classic hi-fi audiophiles and up-to-date music buffs the MaiA have provided wide input provisions for example: 3 RCA inputs for analog sources, a 3.5 mm jack input, an RCA coaxial input, 2 TOSLINK sockets, a USB connection and Bluetooth connectivity – 9 available inputs in general! For sound output, there’s an available 3.55 mm socket for headphones as well as a provision to get a single two of speakers. Equipped with the potency of 2 x 25W / 37W at 8 / 4 Ohms consecutively, it really is enough to support a bedroom or even a small function room. The MaiA provides much more of a casual sound. Expect no coloration when playing straight from analog sources without equalization like turntables and that is good since this entails its ability of faithful sound reproduction. For a recent amplifier enthusiast whose ambition is the power to get admission to several analog and digital sources, the MaiA that are the amplifier in your case.

Good QualitySometime Gets Flat
Offers Multiple Input Options


One more amplifier which you can get under $500. It offers good quality and offers numerous connectivity inputs. It can sometime get flat because of sound reproduction.



Dayton Audio MA1240a Multi-Zone 12 Channel Amplifier

The MA1240a Multi-Zone 12 Channel Amplifier from Dayton Audio will be your solution in case you are requiring multi-channel amplification in several areas.best stereo amplifiers under $500 Consider it as six diverse amplifiers united into one frame. Each channel has 40 watts at 8 ohms, 60 watts at 4 ohms, or in case you need more power in different channel this could bridge to build 80 watts at 8 ohms. The great aspect of this amplifier is, you can hear your turntable for your living room area, while your sweetheart is paying attention to her laptop for the kitchen, as well as your son is rocking out with his iPod I his bedroom. This is because the MA1240a contains the capacity to divide your property right into a maximum of 6 zones, so you have the possibility with the idea to have six many different sound sources or maybe possess a one feeding the signal to all or any 6 zones. It also has an auto detect feature for each zone – this will likely explain to you whether that zone has used, or if has some problems. A very good amplifier to get should you be planning on starting numerous speaker outputs.

Solid BuildWired Speakers are hard to Connect
Great for Home Use


This stereo amplifier also costs under $500 but offers outstanding value. It offers multiple output options which makes it very friendly for home use. The people face problem when they try to set up wired speakers with it.



Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus

In this point in time, when social websites ended up being the medium of constant communication and interaction for several, it is no wonder that music also become a format where you’ can just order a full album online.best stereo amplifiers under $500 Cambridge audio developed the DacMagic. The building in this amp is only high quality. It has 75 watts of amplification per channel and 6 viable inputs, including a USB selection for direct computer connection. The clear sounding highs that has a very expressive midrange will entice you into listening to more classical music as well as other genres which will supply you with a full spectrum of sound. The only gripe would be that the bass sounds somewhat held way back in some areas. The nicest thing regarding the 651A is its USB connection, making it possible to bypass the onboard soundcard of one’s laptop or PC and acquire clean unprocessed sound. If you have a massive variety of audio tracks and feels your soundcard isn’t really living approximately your expectations, then your DACMAGIC from Cambridge is perfect for you.

Super Fine QualityOccasional Bass Issues
Outstanding Value


It costs under $400. Offers outstanding value to it’s user with it’s strong built and quality. The drawback? Sometime bass get stuck. Overall, one of the best budget friendly amplifier you can get.




Choosing The Right Stereo Amplifier

Clearly determine your needs prior to starting to look for your brand-new stereo amplifier. The size, capacity and kind of each amplifier differ good specific requirements.

The company’s home stereo amplifier is dependent upon the electricity rating plus the distortion level.

Opposing to numerous people’s opinions, the more expensive and power rating (average between 30 to 150 Watt) just isn’t essentially better. The distortion level can be significant.

Go for the greatest stereo amp you could find most abundant in power and adaptability then it will keep pace with technology and time. By doing so, you may enjoy the main advantages of it for some time while prior to deciding to should upgrade towards the an alternative one. It may cost you more at any given time but help save a lot of $$ ultimately.



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