Best Stereo Amplifiers Under $1000
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Amplifier is a device that is a necessity for every audio equipment that plays back sound of any kind. The audio signals that are played off of any compact disc or audio file is not consistent or has low power and have to be amplified to get the most clear and crisp sound possible.

Now if you are looking for an amplifier you will find three common types of amplifiers in the market. The first one will be a simple amplifier which will only perform the function of amplification and nothing else. There will be no pre amp built into it and these amplifiers are the least priced amplifiers of all. The second amplifier that you will come across in the market will be an integrated amplifier. An integrated amplifier is a step up from the simple amplifier and it has a pre amp built into it and it can support playback with a turntable. The third amplifier that you will find in the market is a receiver, now receiver in essence is a integrated amplifier but the only difference between the two is that the receiver has a built in tuner.

Now before you go on and start shopping for the best stereo amplifier under $1000, there are certain things that you have to know. You should know what factors you should be looking for when buying an amplifier for that kind of money. Let’s get into these factors first.

Analog Audio Input

Analog audio input is the basic necessity if you are buying an amplifier and there is no use getting an amplifier if it doesn’t have analog input. The analog inputs that you should make sure that your selected amplifier should have if your budget is $1000 are.

  • RCA Audio Input
  • RCA Phono Input
  • Balanced XLR

Digital Audio Input

Then there comes the capability to convert digital signals from compatible digital devices such as Blu-Ray Players and CD Players and into analog signal i.e. sound. This is made possible by a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) which is built-in some of the integrated amplifiers available in the market. If your selected amplifier has a DAC built into it then you should make sure has these digital inputs on it:

  • Optical
  • Coaxial
  • USB Port
  • Ethernet

Wireless Connectivity

If you are spending around $1000 on an amplifier then you should look for an amplifier that has the capability to connect to the Internet and supports Bluetooth Connectivity as well. Wi-Fi connectivity will allow you to connect to the Internet and play anything right over the Internet. Bluetooth Connectivity will allow you to stream any audio file over the Bluetooth by just connecting your phone or any other Bluetooth compatible device.

Now let’s get into the best stereo amplifiers under $1000.

Best Stereo Amplifiers Under $1000 (Comparison)

Yamaha A-S701BL Integrated Amplifier (Editor's Choice)24.71 lbs100WCheck Price
Marantz PM5005 Integrated Amplifier14.77 lbs55WCheck Price
Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amplifier23.8 lbs140WCheck Price


Yamaha A-S701BL Integrated Amplifier – (Editor’s Choice)

The first amplifier we have on here is the Model A-S701BL by Yamaha.Best Stereo Amplifier Under $1000 Yamaha as we all know have been producing sound equipment for close to a century now and their name is a sign of quality sound equipments. The A-S701BL is no exception and it falls under the range of $1000 and is one of the higher rated amplifiers in that range. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the A-S701BL. It is one of the beautifully designed amplifiers in the market today and you wouldn’t need to hide it to avoid the embarrassment of big ugly box sitting in your living room in front of everyone. The front of this amplifier has an aluminium panel with silver hairline finish giving it a very aesthetically appealing design. The build quality of the A-S701BL is also very strong and has a solid construction.

When it comes to features, the A-S701BL is not short in this regard. The A-S701BL features ToP-ART Technology which makes sound amplified in this amplifier less likely to be affected by distortion and noise. The ART technology has equipped it with rigid bottom making it capable of controlling the vibration. The technology in A-S701BL has made it capable of continuously controlling the variable loudness of the audio signal. The extruded aluminium in the A-S701BL does an excellent heat sink job. The A-S701BL features custom made transformer and the power rating on the A-S701BL is 100W x 2 – ch (20Hz – 20Hz). The terminals on the A-S701BL are also gold plated preventing signal loss and producing high quality connection.

The performance of the A-S701BL is unmatchable and it produces crystal clear high quality sound. The sudden spikes of audio signals are perfectly handled by the A-S701BL and produces an even sound throughout. The build quality is excellent and it provides very good value for money. We weren’t able to find anything wrong with this amplifier.

Variable Loudness ControlNone That We Could Find
Gold Plated Terminals
ART Bottom Design


All in all the A-S701BL amplifier by Yamaha is a very good option for the budget of under $1000. The rest is up to the user and a matter of personal preference. Performance wise it does a very good job of amplification.



Marantz PM5005 Integrated Amplifier

The next amplifier in our list of best stereo amplifier for under $1000 is model PM5005 by Marantz.Best Stereo Amplifier Under $1000 The model PM5005 amplifier is a budget friendly option and falls in the range of entry level integrated amplifiers in the market. The PM5005 is considered an all in one amplifier option because of the diversity it offers when it comes to compatibility with different types of devices. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the PM5005. The construction is all metal making it for a very durable amplifier. The build quality is excellent and there is no compromise on that whatsoever by Marantz. It comes with a 9” remote control that gives user the access to every PM5005 has to offer.

When it comes to features PM5005 has pretty much all you can need and considering it’s price tag it is fully equipped. The PM5005 features all analog circuitry and is equipped with current feedback technology. This technology has made PM5005 capable of handling dynamic bursts of sound excellently. The power rating on the PM5005 is 40W into 8ohm and 55W into 4ohm. The PM5005 offers a wide range of connectivity options which include MM Phono Input, Dual Recording Input & Output and Headphone Amplifier as well. The source direct function of the PM5005 allows users to bypass circuitry for a more natural sound.

When it comes to performance PM5005 is a very good amplifier considering it’s price tag. It works excellently with headphones and turntables as well as other sound equipment. The PM5005 provides a very good sound clarity and separation whether it is working with a cassette player or a CD player. The sound highs don’t drop with this amplifier and mids are clear and precise.

The only thing that bothered us was the remote control as it is too big and too crowded it may confuse some people and Marantz needs to work on it’s design.

Budget FriendlyRemote Control Not User Friendly
All Analog Circuitry
Current Feedback Technology


All in all if you want an amplifier that does it’s job no more no less then PM5005 is the answer for you. It costs in and out of $500 that is way less than the $1000 budget you had in mind.



Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power Amplifier

The next amplifier we have on here is the model MM7025 from Marantz.Best Stereo Amplifier Under $1000 This is the second amplifier form Marantz we have on our list. The MM7025 is a step up a notch from the PM5005 we reviewed earlier in terms of price and in terms of performance. The MM7025 is a powerful amplifier and also one of the higher rated amplifiers in the market within the range of $1000. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of this amplifier. The MM7025 has a beautiful design and the construction is all aluminium making it durable and strong. The front of the amplifier features glass design making it very aesthetically pleasing.

The MM7025 features 2 channel capability allowing it’s users to independently choose any input (RCA or XLR) for each channel. The power rating on the MM7025 is 140W/ch into 80ohm or 170W into 60ohms. The MM7025 offers very low distortion power for each channel. The current feedback circuits on the MM7025 ensures high quality reproduction. The MM7025 offers fully customization options for each channel. The MM7025 features high performance transformer as well as capacitors. The terminals on the MM7025 are gold plated for prevention of signal loss.

The performance of the MM7025 amplifier is very good and it gives out an even detailed sound without any drops. The MM7025 is very quiet when operational that is a plus point and the parts on this amplifier are certainly of very high quality. Overall a very good performing amplifier.

The only thing that bothered us with the MM7025 is that the holes in the posts don’t accept 8 and 12 gauge wires.

2 Channel CompatibleHoles in the Post Don't Accept 8/12 Gauge Wires
Low Distortion
Gold Plated Terminals


The MM7025 by Marantz is a very good amplifier apart from the wire gauge blunder. A little thing not to get in the way of experiencing high quality sound.



These are some of the best stereo amplifiers under $1000 you can find in the market right now. Before choosing any of the amplifier for purchase be sure to check out some of the factors that you should consider that we have discussed above in this publication. Be sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts. We hope you find this Publication useful.



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