In a traditional school setup, STEM subjects tend to be boring with too many concepts to understand, memorize, and connect together. However, making it a hands-on experience makes it easier for kids or even beginner enthusiasts to understand the lesson.

Robotics for kids teaches STEM subjects by demonstrating concepts with tangible and moving parts. Overall, it becomes an enriching and fun learning experience for kids and kids-at-heart.

STEM robotics kits are curated to teach STEM concepts in a more engaging and fun way. It makes use of building blocks, a programmable board, and other accessories to connect with your computer. Programming software allows you to “teach” your robot movements. Since these STEM robotics kits are for kids and beginners, the software utilizes basic commands and has an intuitive and colorful user interface.

Aside from teaching STEM theories and concepts, STEM robotics kits also foster other important skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. Hence, it is important to buy an age-appropriate programmable robot for kids so it provides an enriching learning experience instead of a frustrating or stressful activity.

Meanwhile, STEM toys also make great alternative gifts for your kids. Not only you are providing them hours of enjoyment; you are encouraging curiosity and imagination, which can help them cope better with problems, challenges, and issues they have to deal with in their lives later on.

Starting them young cultivates a desire for lifelong learning. And providing them with STEM building toys allows them to start building a good foundation early. Hence, I checked online for the best STEM robot building kit that you can get your child, or even yourself. And here are my top 3 recommendations of the STEM robotics kits based on my research


NameKey Feature 
LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit- Editor's ChoiceIntuitive programming interface (drag and drop)Check Price
Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot KitArduino and RaspberryPi compatibleCheck Price
DJI RoboMaster S1 - Educational Robot STEM Programmable for KidsSupports Python and Scratch programmingCheck Price


LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit – Editor’s Choice

Lego used to hold the patent for the brick design we see in educational building blocks that our kids play. But even if they have long released the patent, it continues to remain as the most purchased and trusted in this area. The building blocks are already popular engineering toys for kids teach a lot of STEM concepts and skills to your children, but adding movement capabilities and making it programmable sure does boost its value more.

Using Lego bricks makes robot building for kids more fun and engaging since they are working with something familiar. Like, who doesn’t have a Lego at home?

Lego STEM robotics kits come in different levels to suit kids of all ages and learning levels. The Mindstorms series is recommended for kids aged 10 and up, and already comes with the famed Lego bricks, servo motors, and different types of sensors. The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit allows you to build your robot hardware into 17 different designs, wherein you can also vary the movements and skills it can do.

Programming your STEM robot allows you to make them do certain movements like walking, talking, grabbing, and even shooting a target! Your kids can explore using different sensors like color, touch, and infrared and how it affects your robot’s movement and reactions to certain triggers.

This robot coding kit has an intuitive programming interface that features drag-and-drop commands, making it easier for kids to learn. The EV3 programming app comes free to use on tablets.

For advanced programmers, you can simulate games and expand your robot’s built and capabilities by combining it with other Lego construction kits. You can program your robot it using the EV3 programming software in your Windows or Apple laptop or computer.

The core of STEM robotics kits lies on its board. The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit utilizes a powerful ARM9 processor on its Intelligent EV3 Brick board. The board also has a USB port for internet connectivity, 4 ports for motors, an embedded storage reader (MicroSD), and back-lit buttons. It also works with the included IR remote control.

STEM robotics kits like the Lego Mindstorms EV3 come with a comprehensive instruction manual. You can also check the Lego website to find more ways to use build your robot, as well as a community of other Lego Mindstorms users and enthusiasts.

Different robot designs and configurationsDoes not work with common programming languages (has its own)
Intuitive programming interface (drag and drop)
Compatible with other Lego construction kits
Can be used by both beginner and advanced programmers


If you are looking for STEM robotics kits that can accommodate users of various levels, or something that can grow with your kid, the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit is for you. It is also compatible to combine with other Lego construction kits so you can still improve your designs and robot capabilities.


Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit

If you are looking for STEM robotics kits that use the popular boards today like Arduino and RaspberryPi, then the Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit is the perfect one from this list.

Using coding robots for kids is a good introduction to real-world programming. A robot that exhibits basic movements allows your children to build their knowledge about cause and effect, and grasp basic programming commands and concepts easily.

STEM robotics kits that use the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms are appealing to programmers since are utilized in real-life applications. And introducing them to your children will now be easier with the Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit.

The heart of this robot kit is a MegaPi microcontroller board. It is patterned from an Arduino board and hosts many ports for motors and servos (up to 10 servos or 8 DC motors at the same time). This provides flexibility to accommodate various movements and intelligent capabilities for your robot, making it ideal to use with a 3D printer or even a robot car.

The Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit is suitable for both seasoned programmers and budding ones. It includes 160 movable components which expand its design variations and movement capabilities. It also utilizes an intuitive programming interface, which can be block-based or text-based, depending on your preference or experience level.

And since this kids coding toy already utilizes what their bigger programmer brothers are using, it will be easier for them to transition from beginner to advanced levels. The learning curve will be easier since they will be working with the same platform throughout.

This stem kit for kids allows your children to create a robot in 10 designs with guided assembly through the instruction manual. But the designs are practically limitless and bounded by your imagination. It is also compatible with RaspberryPi and Arduino and can be controlled using your smart device.

Learning robotics for kids is easier if they see the correlation between movement and programming in real-time. With the Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit, it is easier to teach science concepts like Physics and Electronics. Sensors explore light, sound, and other natural elements that your kids can use to trigger movements.

Arduino and RaspberryPi compatibleDo not have a separate remote control
Block-based and text-based programming interface
A powerful microcontroller that supports 10 servos or 8 DC motors simultaneously


The Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit is for users who prefer to work with common platforms like RaspberryPi and Arduino, which are mostly utilized in real-life applications. It offers flexible and extensive building and programming capabilities through its MegaPi controller, 160 mechanical parts and modules, and sensors.


DJI RoboMaster S1 – Educational Robot STEM Programmable for Kids

While DJI is known for its powerful and professional-grade drones, they also make good STEM robotics kits. The move to add science toys for kids in their product lineup is inspired by an annual DJI-sponsored RoboMaster robotics competition. But more than toys, this robotic kit makes a good educational aid to teach STEM concepts to children, and even enthusiasts.

Its programming platform is good both for individual explorative learning or with guided instructions from the manual or other online sources. You can even use STEM robotics kits as bonding times for the family. You can work on the hardware together or build your own and battle with each other using your own programmed robots.

As a learning tool, it can help teach STEM theoretical concepts, as well as develop cognitive skills to your kids by training them to think logically and solve problems. And this is possible with the DJI RoboMaster S1 – Educational Robot STEM Programmable for Kids.

DJI’s flagship product, the DJI RoboMaster S1 – Educational Robot STEM Programmable for Kids, supports Python and Scratch programming platforms. I find it fitting for more advanced users, but kids and beginners can still jumpstart their programming skills with its intuitive command platform.

STEM robotics kits like DJI’s include both mechanical and electronic components to allow your kids and even yourself to connect the basic concepts of science to that of technology and AI. This robot kit includes a total of 46 components, which can be customized and built according to your preferred design.

You can also use DJI STEM robotics kits in robotics competitions because of their motor efficiency, lightweight but durable components, powerful microcontroller board, and extensive programming capabilities.

Using a robot building kit for kids allows you to tap your children’s ingenuity and creativity by incorporating play with education. And the DJI RoboMaster S1 – Educational Robot STEM Programmable for Kids is perfect to help you achieve that. In fact, it already received commendations and awards for its design, purpose, and consumer-oriented features.

Supports Python and Scratch programmingLow battery performance
Inspired by the RoboMaster robotics competition
Earned various commendations and awards for design and features
Comes with a camera
Advanced mobile movements like drifting and precise driving


If you are looking for STEM robotics kits that run Python and Scratch programming, the DJI RoboMaster S1 – Educational Robot STEM Programmable for Kids is a good choice. It also has a camera to track movements, which you can use to fine-tune your robot’s capabilities.


Final Verdict

Since this review aims to guide kids and beginners with STEM robotics kits, my best coding robots for kids is none other than the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit. The Lego components make it more engaging to work on for kids, and then the drag and drop programming interface makes it easier to learn. Getting these types of conveniences boosts your kids’ confidence in creating something that works, which further encourages them to learn more about STEM.

The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit is perfect for beginners because of its comprehensive guide to designing and programming the robot. Since Lego is popular, it is not hard to reach more users and exchange ideas to expand your experience level.

This also makes great STEM gifts for kids of various age groups, which even adults can enjoy.

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