As the technology of televisions continuously evolves, so is the demand for speakers to complement the enhanced visual experience. A soundbar is best suited for televisions with its elongated design and the way it distributes the sound across your space. The addition of a soundbar for TV in any home theater system is also a must as it completes the setup and the whole experience.

A soundbar for TV augments the big built-in speakers that earlier television sets used to have. As televisions now become thinner, the built-in speakers may not be as effective. Hence, a soundbar for TV can help disperse the sound especially in bigger spaces.

A sound bar for TV is usually placed beneath a television for that line-of-sight sound emission, which is directed towards the listeners. Or, it can be mounted on a wall top of the television. Sound engineers can recommend the best area for your speakers depending on your space’s configuration and the other elements you will install that are part of your home theater system.

Usually, a soundbar for TV provides straightforward features, that is, to serve as your television’s main speakers. However, more sophisticated models employ advanced technologies that can enhance sound. Also, they usually enable you to choose from different sound modes that match the purpose of the speaker. Whether you are watching a movie or your favorite sports, playing games, and streaming music, there is a sound mode that will best suit it.

In addition to adjustable controls and preset modes, a soundbar for TV may also have smart features. You may encounter voice commands or wireless connectivity in some models. You can also use a wireless soundbar to stream music and audio from your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Your hunt ends here. Here are Top Best Reviews’ most recommended soundbar for TV models for this year, 2021.


NameKey Feature 
SENNHEISER AMBEO Soundbar - Sound Bars for TV with Subwoofer (13 Speakers)- Editor's Choice5.1.4 channel immersive experience with 3D sound with 30 Hertz deep bass (omits the need for a separate subwoofer)Check Price
Sonos Arc - The Premium Smart SoundbarTruePlay technology; Equipped with 11 Class-D amplifiers and 11 driversCheck Price
SAMSUNG HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Alexa Built in (2021)World’s first Dolby Atmos 11.1.4 soundbarCheck Price



SENNHEISER AMBEO Soundbar – Sound Bars for TV with Subwoofer (13 Speakers) – Editor’s Choice

Subwoofers add depth to the sound and are essential in creating a multi-dimensional and immersive listening experience. However, if you have limited space, these additional devices add bulk and take up a lot of surface space. The good thing is, present-day sound technologies can now emulate the features of other sound system elements and have them built-in on the speaker itself. This is what the Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar is known for.

The Sennheiser Ambeo technology brings the 5.1.4 channel immersive experience by creating 3D sound with 30 Hertz deep bass. This omits the need for subwoofers. Meanwhile, the same technology can cleverly optimize the sound emission and dynamics according to the position of the listener, the dimensions of the space, and other elements present in the room.

This smart feature further enhances the experience and also adds convenience to non-tech-savvy users. On top of that, the built-in equalizer and Ambeo 3D sound technology modes allow for a more refined and custom listening experience.

Meanwhile, if you are particular about controlling the sound dynamics itself, this soundbar for TV also comes with adjustable controls, as well as different preset modes that suit specific situations.

The Sennheiser soundbar utilizes the UpMix technology to convert ordinary sound to 3D. This allows it to turn stereo sound and 5.1 sound that has more depth and presence in your space.

This soundbar for TV is also compatible to play the most advanced sound technologies such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and MPEG-H. It supports the latest standards for HDMI, with pass-through for 4K, Dolby Vision, eARC. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in Chromecast for your mobile devices.

The heart of the Ambeo soundbar lies in its hardware engineering. Inside the modern black case are 5 high-fidelity tweeters that can deliver professional sound quality.

This soundbar for TV is also equipped with 6 long-throw woofers that can produce 30 Hertz deep bass, omitting the need for a separate subwoofer to deliver the same. It also comes with an aluminum dome tweeter and 2 top-firing full-range drivers. That’s a total of 13 drivers working together to reproduce sound in its highest quality.

5.1.4 channel immersive experience with 3D sound with 30 Hertz deep bass (omits the need for a separate subwoofer)Heavy
Compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and MPEG-H
Supports the latest standards for HDMI, with pass-through for 4K, Dolby Vision, eARC
Equipped with 13 drivers - 6 long-throw woofers, 5 high-fidelity tweeters, an aluminum dome tweeter, and 2 top-firing full-range drivers
Supports Bluetooth and Chromecast
UpMix technology that converts stereo sound to 3D


The SENNHEISER AMBEO Soundbar – Sound Bars for TV with Subwoofer (13 Speakers) is effective in delivering an immersive listening experience with its engineering, technology, and design. It can definitely elevate your home theater experience.


Sonos Arc – The Premium Smart Soundbar

The best thing about owning a premium device – a soundbar for TV for this matter, is that you will surely have an immersive listening experience. The magic happens because most of the newer models, like this one, utilize 3D sound and adaptive technologies that emit sound and its dynamics with more depth and according to the configurations of the space.

The Sonos Arc soundbar can emit a 3D sound effect because of the drivers and its placement inside – this is where the action happens. This soundbar for TV is equipped with 11 class D amplifiers and 11 custom drivers. Eight drivers happen to be elliptical subwoofers and are formed as a beam. The rest are silk-domed tweeters and make up for the front area and are positioned diagonally.

The Sonos Arc takes a notch higher when it comes to boosting your overall listening experience with the TruePlay technology. With it, the sound emission is tailored to the dimension of the space, the position of the soundbar for TV, and the presence of other elements inside the room like where you are sitting, etc. It continuously emits test sounds and returns values that will help the Arc soundbar know how to enable the sound to reach you better, as well as create a more immersive experience.

Meanwhile, the Sonos soundbar still also grants you control, relying on your best judgment by fine-tuning some sound elements according to your preference. You can adjust the treble and bass (on the Sonos app), or choose a mode that suits your situation. For example, the Night mode reduces the bass effect and flatten some of the sound elements and dynamics so as not to disturb sleeping children.

And yes, this soundbar for TV is a Dolby Atmos soundbar but is still dependent on your TV’s compatibility with it. But when you’ve settled with that, you can maximize this feature and definitely add a new dimension to what we call, an “immersive listening experience”.

In terms of hardware, I can’t get enough of its sexy curves. But, know that this soundbar for TV is not shaped like that just for the sake of aesthetics. The curvy design works with the sound emission as well. I find that it is best if this soundbar for TV will be wall-mounted instead of resting on a table because there is a difference in the sound quality that way. Meanwhile, it comes in white, making it seamlessly blend with any interior, even looked concealed against a flat white wall.

The Sonos Arc comes with an Alexa function that allows you to utilize voice commands to operate your device, as well as ask her to set reminders, answer your questions, give you weather updates, and a host of other Alexa-capable features.

3D sound effectNo Bluetooth and does not come with remote control (needs to be controlled wireless via a mobile app)
TruePlay technology
Equipped with 11 Class-D amplifiers and 11 drivers
Dolby Atmos compatible
Modern design and comes in white
With built-in Alexa


The Sonos Arc can definitely deliver superb and immersive sound quality that makes this soundbar for TV a great addition to any home theater system setup.


SAMSUNG HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Alexa Built in (2021)

If you got a state-of-the-art Samsung television on hand, then definitely do not miss having this soundbar for TV in your home theater system. It will not only elevate the whole experience but also maximize both devices’ features.

This Samsung soundbar omits the need for a separate wired or wireless subwoofer in your system. Instead, it comes with one built-in on it. This is complemented by dubbed as the world’s first Dolby Atmos 11.1.4 soundbar with a technology that reproduces sound in strategic angles that altogether create a 3D and immersive listening experience. It utilizes a total of 11 channels, 4 firing-up channels, and a subwoofer.

This Dolby Atmos soundbar works with your compatible Samsung TV best by synchronizing the sound and picture seamlessly to deliver a cinematic experience. This Q-Symphony technology elevates the immersive experience, much like what you do inside a theater.

This soundbar for TV also features SpaceFit sound technology. In turn, this optimizes the sound delivery according to your space by calibrating sound dynamics and bass perception that suits it best. Meanwhile, it also comes with preset modes that allow sound to match what you are watching or doing – may it be a movie, a speech, a game, or sports.

The Samsung soundbar for TV is iOS-ready and can play audio and music directly from your iOS devices. Meanwhile, you can also utilize its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to connect other devices to it. It also comes with an Alexa feature but still needs an Amazon Echo to work.

World’s first Dolby Atmos 11.1.4 soundbarNeeds a compatible Samsung TV to maximize its other features
Utilizes a total of 11 channels, 4 firing-up channels, and a subwoofer
Q-Symphony technology for seamless TV-speaker synchronization
SpaceFit sound technology for automatic sound optimization and calibration
iOS-ready; Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity; Works with Alexa


The SAMSUNG HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Alexa Built-in (2021) works with the latest Samsung televisions to create a powerhouse home theater system of your dreams.


Final Verdict

Investing in a premium soundbar for TV is no feat. But if you have the budget, then I can tell you it elevates the experience far and beyond.

With that, the best soundbar on this list is the SENNHEISER AMBEO Soundbar.

The SENNHEISER AMBEO Soundbar combines engineering and technology to create a revolutionary soundbar for TV that hits the right marks when it comes to delivering an immersive listening experience. It is one hefty investment but once you experience it, you’ll definitely not look back.

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