Best AV Receivers Under $200
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Let’s talk about AV Receivers first before we get into which Best AV Receivers Under $200 you should go for. AV Receiver is a very important device if you have multiple speakers or even a home surround sound system. It is necessary because it performs the function of routing sound and video signal to the concerned audio and video outputs and this is not the only task it performs. Before routing audio and video signals to their concerned output units it amplifies those audio signals as well taking those sound signals to the highest quality possible and as consistent and smooth as possible but in reality this task depends on the AV receiver you have chosen.

These days there are a lot of the AV receivers in the market which are just black boxes and they have receiver printed on them that’s it. They prove to be of the worst quality and they don’t do their job as they should be doing and if you end up buying one of those AV receivers then your speakers will end up producing worst sound than they already were producing before installing that AV receiver.

In an AV receiver there are multiple components that are working together to provide you with high quality sounds. First there is a amplifier and a pre amplifier that is dealing with the audio signals from your stereo. Then there are video inputs that are working out where the visual signals need to go. Then there is a decoder which prevents a mix-up between the audio and video signals coming into the receiver. A surround sound decoder is also built into some AV receivers which decode the audio signal and work out which speaker should each specific sound should go to.

Now before you go on to buy AV receiver for your speakers you should have one thing clear in your mind that is how much power you should be looking out of an AV receiver. There is a lot of variation in the power figure when it comes to AV receivers. You will find receivers that will deliver power as low as 30W to your speakers and at the higher side that figure will reach 500W. Before you decide on the power figure you should check how much power can your speaker handle. If your speakers are designed to handle 100W of power then getting a 500W receiver is just a waste of money and power on the AV receiver end. To be precise you will need to find a figure such as 100W (8 ohms, 0.08%, THD) on the specs of the AV receiver in which the ohms and the Wattage will be of your main concern and you need to match these two with the specification of your speakers.

Now with all that out of the way, we will get into the best AV receivers under $200 list.

Best AV Receivers Under $200 (Comparison)

AV ReceiverWeightPower 
Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver (Editor's Choice)14.8 lbs140WCheck Price
Sony STR-DH130 2 Channel Stereo Receiver14 lbs100WCheck Price
Sherwood RX-4508 Stereo Receiver16.3 lbs200WCheck Price
Sony STR-DH190 2-ch Stereo Receiver17.11 lbs200WCheck Price


Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver – (Editor’s Choice)

The first AV Receiver we have on here in the list of best AV receivers under $200 is the model R-S202BL from Yamaha.Best AV Receivers Under $200 The R-S202BL falls under the budget of $200 and is one of the best options available in the market right now. Manufactured by Yamaha the R-S202BL receiver carries a legacy created by Yamaha in regards of manufacturing quality audio equipment. How it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the R-S202BL AV receiver. The design is pretty simple and aesthetically pleasing as well. The brushed aluminium design of the R-S202BL receiver not only makes it beautifully made but also durable as well.

When it comes to the features of R-S202BL receiver let’s begin with the power rating of it. The R-S202BL has a power rating of 140W @ 8 ohms making it one of the powerful receivers for the price range. The R-S202BL features the capability FM/AM preset tuning for 40 stations. The power transformer and the amp circuit on the R-S202BL are positioned close together just for the sole purpose of reducing power loss. The R-S202BL also provides Bluetooth connectivity to it’s users too so that they can connect their Bluetooth enabled devices to this receiver. There are two speaker terminals for two audio systems on the R-S202BL receiver. The R-S202BL also features a headphone terminal as well and the power saving mode featuring auto standby mode on this receiver is also customizable.

The performance of the R-S202BL is excellent and it produces high quality sound. The amplification done by the R-S202BL speaks for itself. There is no reported electrical or durability issue in the Yamaha R-S202BL AV receiver and it is one of the highest rated receivers in it’s class. We could not find anything wrong with it, design or performance wise.

Bluetooth ConnectivityNone That We Could Find
40 Station AM/FM Preset Tuning
Brushed Aluminum Design


If you are looking for AV receiver within the range of $200 that is powerful and provides good value for money then look no further than R-S202BL by Yamaha.




Sony STR-DH130 2-Channel Stereo Receiver

The next receiver we have on here in this list is the model STR-DH130 by Sony.Best AV Receivers Under $200 The STR-DH130 is carrying a reliable Sony name and that is why we chose to review it. It falls under the $200 budget mark as well. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the STR-DH130. It is a decent looking receiver but not the type that you would proudly want to display in your living room.

The STR-DH130 features 5 analog inputs and a AM/FM tuner as well. The power rating on the STR-DH130 is 100W @ 8 ohms. So it is pretty powerful for it’s class. The STR-DH130 features energy saving mode as well making it efficient to use. The standby mode on the STR-DH130 kicks in after 30 minute of idle. The STR-DH130 is compatible with all smart phones and audio players.

Performance wise it is pretty decent but lack of features on the STR-DH130 is prominent. The construction of the STR-DH130 receiver is also pretty decent but it is not as durable as the other models on the list and requires certain level of care when you use it.

The thing that bothered us the most on the STR-DH130 is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity and the lack of phono input which leads to lack of a pre amp.

Energy EfficientNo Phono Input & Pre Amp
Compatibility With Smart PhonesNo Bluetooth Connectivity
AM/FM Tuner


The STR-DH130 AV receiver provides a very basic level of functionality and if you are that kind of person that wants a receiver that will just sit there and work with a single unit for years then you can go for STR-DH130 by Sony and it falls under the price range of $200.



Sherwood RX-4508 Stereo Receiver

The next AV receiver we have on here is the model RX-4508 by Sherwood.Best AV Receivers Under $200 Now the model RX-4508 by Sherwood falls in the price range of $200 and is one of the better rated receivers in the market under that price tag. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the design of the RX-4508 and it is pretty basic nothing too stylish. The RX-4508 has a solid build making it very durable. The RX-4508 features a unique block pattern design which is rare to see in the receivers under this price range.

The RX-4508 features Quartz PLL Synthetic digital tuning which gives it the capability of auto scan and preset scan with the AM/FM. The power rating on the RX-4508 is 100W and it features Bluetooth connectivity as well. There are 4 audio inputs and 2 output terminals on the RX-4508. The RX-4508 provides high power output as well as discrete amplifier stage.

Apart from these features RX-4508 receiver also has digital encoder, headphone jack, fluorescent display and a sleep timer as well to save energy.

The RX-4508 AV receiver performs very well for it’s class and the sound refinement of this receiver is excellent. The sound feels more open and dynamic coming out of it. The electronics on this thing have no reported issues and if you use it well it can last for years without a single problem.

The only thing that bothered us is the remote’s design which certainly has room for improvements.

Block Pattern DesignRemote's Design Needs Improvement
Auto AM/FM Scan
Bluetooth Connectivity


Apart from the remote control of the RX-4508 receiver by Sherwood the receiver provides very good value for money falling under the $200. It doesn’t have many features but the ones it has get the job done excellently.



Sony STR-DH190 2-ch Stereo Receiver

The last AV receiver we have on here is the model STR-DH190 by Sony.Best AV Receivers Under $200 Now with the previous model under the $200 mark from Sony was STR-DH130 which we reviewed and it didn’t quite live up to the Sony standards. This model though is one of the better rated and the latest arrival of receiver models from Sony under $200 price range. So how it fared in our review? Let’s find out.

The design of the STR-DH190 is nothing too flashy or has an eye catching design. The device itself though is designed to have a low profile and it can easily fit in tight spots.

The power rating on the STR-DH190 receiver is 100W x 2 and it also has a phono input making it compatible to use with turntables. The STR-DH190 also has Bluetooth connectivity so it can be connected with other Bluetooth enabled devices. The STR-DH190 features discrete amplifier producing high quality sound. The STR-DH190 features 4 analog and 1 output terminals. It also has a large capacity transformer capable of powerful performance. The STR-DH190 also has a FM tuner as well.

The performance of the STR-DH190 receiver is a lot better than the STR-DH130 and it produces crystal, consistent and clear sound. There have been no issues reported regarding it’s durability and built-in electronics.

There have been issues with the wired antenna that come with the STR-DH190 receiver which doesn’t work well in certain areas. You can have issue with that depending on where you live.

Powerful CapacitorWired Antenna May Not Be Adequate For Everyone
Low Profile Design
Analog & Digital Input


Apart from the antenna issue the STR-DH190 does a pretty decent job but there is certain room for improvement. But considering the $200 it has a pretty good performance level.



That is all from our best AV receivers’ compilation we hope you find this publication useful. Do let us know what you think about it and share your opinions.



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