The toddler stage is one of the most critical phases our children go into. This is where they use their newly-acquired skills to exercise more freedom in terms of movement and will. Toddlers run and climb with every chance they get. They let their curiosity bring them to drawers, cabinets, and other areas where Mom and Dad hide things. Now is the perfect time to consider cabinet locks.

A cabinet lock is one of the simplest yet useful tools to protect our mobile and inquisitive toddlers from accidents. At the same time, it also protects the stuff in our storage at home from being disorganized by curious little people.

The best thing about cabinet door locks is that it does not require sophisticated equipment to install or use. No need for batteries or wirings – just stick it and let it do its job. Aside from keeping your curious toddlers from wreaking havoc your storages, it also bars them from accessing hazardous items and products like cleaners and medicines.

Though cabinet locks are straightforward tools, not all your options in the market can provide the right protection you need. It is still best to exercise due diligence in choosing a product that will not only do its job but will also remain effective and useful over time.

We’ve rounded up three of the best cabinet locks in the market based on functionality, effectiveness, durability, and safety. Read on.

Best Cabinet Locks for Children (Comparison)

Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks – (Editor’s Choice)MagneticCheck Price
GiMe-US Baby Child Safety Latch-type Cabinet LocksLatch-typeCheck Price
BEADNOVA Child Safety Drawer Locks with Adjustable StrapAdjustable StrapCheck Price


Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks – (Editor’s Choice)

Magnetic cabinet locks are rising to popularity because of its simplicity and straightforward function. It is a great innovation in addressing safety concerns for children at home. Aside from that, magnetic child locks are installed hidden from sight unlike other cabinet lock designs in the market.

Magnetic cabinet locks are heaven-sent for parents who cannot hover on their children 24/7. Exploration is good for our children since it is part of their development. However, our homes are usually created adult-oriented. Having baby proof cabinets is one of the best remedies we can do to create a space where both adults and children can thrive safely.

Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks offer additional protection for your children by securing your storage areas containing stuff you do not want them to access. You can now keep them from getting to your household cleaning chemicals, which we usually keep on low cabinets. You can also secure your drawers containing pointed objects, small things that can be swallowed, and medicines.

Aside from securing items that are potential hazards, you can also keep your toddlers from engaging themselves in accidents when they open and close drawers and cabinets using cabinet locks. After several unsuccessful attempts in opening the drawers equipped with cabinet locks may just discourage your toddler from opening it next time.

Magnetic design that keeps the mechanism hidden from your child’s sightOnly one key for the four cabinet locks comes with the package
Easy-to-stick and fits most types of cabinet designs
Can only be unlocked using the magnet key, which a child cannot do


Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks are designed with both ease of installation and maximum safety in mind. It is clever to use magnets so that the mechanism can be hidden inside the cabinet and away from curious toddlers.

Baby-proofing the home does not mean taking away convenience from the adults; it helps both children and adults to thrive in their daily activities with peace of mind. With cabinet locks, you create a safer space where your child can safely explore the world with minimum hazards.


GiMe-US Baby Child Safety Latch-type Cabinet Locks

Adults have been investing in almost any gadget or tool that will make their lives easier with children on the same roof. Aside from those that give convenience, parents are also prioritizing their children’s safety at all times, particularly addressing all the potential hazards in the home that are inevitable, to begin with. Especially for those parents with little kids, it is important to keep them from accessing items and products that will compromise their health and safety.

Baby drawer locks are simple tools that can help the parents to child-proof their storage furniture. Mobile and curious children are always on the habit of opening doors and playing with whatever they get their hands on.

Kitchen cabinet locks are also essential since it keeps young kids from accessing and playing with your supplies. Some adults are also keeping cleaning substances and other chemicals in cabinets beneath the sink, which are easily accessible by young children. Cabinet locks help secure these areas.

These GiMe-US Baby Child Safety Latch-type Cabinet Locks are a perfect way to secure these conspicuous areas in your home. The mechanism is simple to figure out by adults but not young kids. You do not need other tools to install, as well as to unlock these cabinet locks so it is not a hassle for parents, but definitely is for young children trying to break-in your important stuff again.

These cabinet locks are made with durable ABS material for prolonged use. It uses 3M adhesive to secure the locks in almost any type of surface at home. It is also versatile to use with drawers, cabinets, and even appliance doors.

Being latch-type means an easier unlock-lock operation for adultsIt cannot be used on corners; needs the two surfaces to be in parallel to secure it
Sticks to a variety of surfaces


The GiMe-US Baby Child Safety Latch-type Cabinet Locks are multi-functional tools that can help parents create a children-safe space in their home. Baby cabinet locks do not discourage a young child’s interest in exploring his or her environment, but rather protect him or her from accessing areas that can risk his or her safety.


BEADNOVA Child Safety Drawer Locks with Adjustable Straps

Childproof cabinet locks are continuously evolving to suit every home setup. It comes in different forms and materials to ensure effectiveness and maximum protection for our children.

When looking for the right cabinet locks for your home, check the areas or appliances that you want to secure first. Then, look among the ones available in the market that will fit your item or area’s length or dimension. The last thing you want to happen is that you bought a cabinet lock that won’t fit your shallow drawers.

The best thing about BEADNOVA Child Safety Drawer Locks is its versatility. It comes with adjustable straps that you can also cut into the desired length to properly stick to different types of surfaces. Because of its adjustable, strap design, you can also use it in other areas of the house you want to secure like windows, doors, refrigerator doors, oven doors, etc.

These child locks for cabinets can also adhere to most types of surfaces like glass, ceramic, or wood. It is made with lightweight material but sturdy enough to withstand the pulling force from younger kids. Adults can easily unlock the straps with a single push of the button, but not young children.

These BEADNOVA cabinet locks are precisely engineered with extended length to support different applications. It comes with brown or white colors so that it can blend with your furniture or appliance without your young kids noticing.

Extended length for wider applicationsInstalled in plain sight so children can easily notice it
Adheres or sticks to most types of surfacesThe adhesive may be too sticky that peeling it off may damage your appliance or furniture's surface


The BEADNOVA Child Safety Drawer Locks are designed to be versatile with most types of surfaces of furniture and appliances at home. Its best feature is its extended straps, which can be cut into your desired length to get the best fit. It works as advertised as desk drawer locks or even as a refrigerator or washing machine door lock. Overall, baby-proofing drawers are easier with these child safety drawers and cabinet locks.

Final Judgement

From among the best three of our list, our unanimous vote goes to Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks. This is the lone one on the list that can be hidden in plain sight to provide a more effective way of securing storage furniture. As we all know, young children are inquisitive and can be creative than we can ever imagine. By hiding the cabinet locks from their sight defers their natural tendency to explore the tool.

Another plus point for the Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks is its magnetic feature, which is an innovative way of unlocking the mechanism. With this feature, these cabinet locks for babies are most unlikely to be accessed by young children.

When we have kids at home, ensuring their safety should be one of our utmost priorities. And with the demands of life like jobs, peer relationships, and other responsibilities, there are times that we cannot give them our full attention. With this, child-proofing our homes are what can help us lessen the risks and potential hazards for them.

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