tips on How To Remove Car Scratches
(Last Updated On: March 7, 2018)

Cars from some people is just a mode of transportation and nothing else and for some people it is more than just a mode of transportation and hold a sentimental value closer to the heart. So maintaining the car and keeping it in that clean crystal look is very important for them. So a single scratch on the body of the car can ruin the whole aesthetic look of a car and can be very annoying to look at. The car scratches can’t be avoided, it’s just not possible but removing it is a task that can be done even if the scratches are stubborn you can put it in extra effort to remove those as well.

Most of the time car scratches are covered up by touch up or car paint by most of the people but it is a more costly option of all the options. There are a lot of options other than touch ups and car paint to remove the scratches that can be done by yourself and it won’t be heavy on your pocket as well.

In this publication we are going to discuss one of those methods that is the easiest and the least expensive. But before you proceed with that method you have inspect the scratch so that you can be sure of what you have to do to get rid of it.

How to Inspect a Car Scratch?

Before proceeding with the car scratch procedure you have to first make sure that the spot or line on the body of your car is in fact a scratch.inspecting car scratch To identify what it is you can just take a clean cloth and remove the dust off the spot. Dampen the cloth with water and start rubbing on the spot to see if the spot fades away or not. If the spot is fading away it is definitely something that got stuck on the body of the car and is not a scratch.

If you find out that the spot is in fact a scratch on the paint and not a debris spot then you can move on to the next step which is to identify the depth of the scratch. If the scratch is on the outer most layer of the paint then it is easily removable and if it is deeper than that then it will require a little more effort.

The next step is to find more little spots all over your car’s body because it is better to get done with all the scratches over the car in a single instance rather than removing it from time to time. Frequent touch ups and painting sessions can be expensive but can be quicker as compared to this method so that is why for this method we suggest you remove all the car scratches when you have all the tools ready for the process.

Now let’s get to the whole procedure of car scratch removal.

Step One

The first step to this method of removing scratches off your car is to remove any kind of dust particles from your car’s body with a clean car with cloth You can do it either by washing the car or if you are reluctant in washing your car then you can clean your car’s body with a damp cloth. If you are going to wash your car you can use shampoo or other cleaning product to remove as much dust as possible from the car’s body. This step is necessary because the dust that stays on the car while you remove scratches will lead to more scratches due to roughness of the dust.



Step Two

The second step is all about the balance between a delicate touch of the sandpaper and the right amount of pressure.sandpaper sanding on car Get a sandpaper and sand the clear coat out of the scratch to reveal the primer (second coat) of the paint. You have to be gentle with the sanding part as applying too much pressure can worsen the scratch.

If you are using the sandpaper for the first time then it is most important for you to know that you should be sanding with the sandpaper in the direction of the scratch rather than against it. Be sure that the sandpaper is clean and has no dust on it as the dust particles can create more scratches on the car surface or can worsen the existing scratch making it difficult to remove the scratch.

Once you are done with the sanding you should wash the area of the sanding with water to remove any residue.



Step Three

Now use a dry and soft cloth to wipe the surface and be sure that the cloth you are using to wipe the surface is clean. We cannot stress that enough.



Step Four

The next step to this car scratch removal procedure is to apply the rubbing compound. This chemical is used to smoothen the car body surfaces. Apply some rubbing compound on a suitable buffer pad and start rubbing the compound with the help of this buffer pad on the surface you just smoothed out with the sandpaper. Apply little pressure and move the buffer pad in a circular motion for about 15 to 20 seconds on the surface, this will remove the paint effectively.

Once you are done with this you can use a clean cloth to remove the excess compound off the surface and you will be left with a dull surface that is ready to be polished.



Step Five

The next step is almost the same as the previous step as you will require the same rubbing compound and the buffer pad to do the exact thing you did in the previous step with a slight variation.rubbing compound and buffer pad on car Now you have to apply the rubbing compound on to the surface area of the scratch for at least five minutes and the buffer pad has to be operating at the slowest speed. You have to move around the buffer pad inn horizontal and then vertical motion and don’t buff a single spot for more than a second. Once you are done wash the surface area to remove any excess rubbing compound to reveal a clear paint job.



Step Six

The last step is all about the finishing touches,applying wax on car to keep all your effort intact you will wax the surface area with the help of a buffer pad, apply some wax on the buffer pad and move over the surface gently to get a nicely done and scratch free surface.




Apart from this method you can also use one of our reviewed best car scratch removers if you don’t like to go in to that much manual labor.


In the end we would like to say that it is better to stay safe on the road and drive cautiously to avoid any unnecessary collisions with obstacles that may cause scratches on your car.

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  1. It really helped when you said that cleaning the dust off a car scratch is imperative before trying to remove the scratch itself. You mentioned that failure to do so would also cause those dust particles to only more scratches. I cannot believe I didn’t realize that before. The steps you gave really sounded very helpful but between work and taking care of the kids, I don’t really have the time to do it myself. I guess I’ll have to send my car to an auto shop to have a professional remove the scratches. Thanks for this very informative read!

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