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Do Fuel Injector System Cleaners Work?

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

Fuel Injector Cleaners have been around for quiet some while now and the usage of fuel injector cleaners is somewhat still debatable as some users are still skeptical of their abilities. Even though as they are advertised to improve performance and clean your engine the old school motor heads still think that is not possible with just a bottle of liquid poured into the gas tank.

And the skepticism is acceptable and we are going to discuss about the usage and benefits of fuel injector system cleaners and break it down to see if it’s worth the use in our vehicles today.

How & What Fuel Injectors Do?

Fuel injector cleaners are not just a liquid form item that you can buy off Internet, you have to know what is inside that liquid bottle which claims to improve your engine performance. The fuel injector cleaners are basically some chemicals mixed up to manufacture a liquid that can clean up your engine and remove the carbon deposits from the inside. The main chemical that does all the work as claimed, is the PEA (Polyetheramine) which is found in almost all of the fuel injector cleaners. What PEA does in your engine, it cleans:

  • Fuel Injector
  • Carburetor
  • Ports
  • Intake Valves

What do you mean by Cleans Them?

The whole internal combustion process of the engine leads to a lot of by products being produced and although most of them exit via the exhaust but some of them accumulate and insoluble fuel molecules polymerize to form carbon deposits in and around the vital engine parts which lead to performance issues and in severe cases premature wear and tear.

This doesn’t happen in the brand new vehicles but as they get older and are used the carbon build up starts to become an issue. Using fuel injector cleaner in a new vehicle won’t do much and same goes for the old vehicle which has not been properly maintained over the years as the fuel injector cleaner won’t be able to do much in that case.

Performance Changes

The performance changes that you will experience when carbon builds up in your engine start with the acceleration you will feel that your car is not picking on the throttle as quickly as it used to. The carbon build up will also affect the performance of the fuel gauge sensors and the fuel efficiency will also be hit. The idle of your car will not be smooth and it will produce a lot of vibrations. The cold weather engine starts will be a nightmare for you as the carbon deposits don’t allow smooth flow of the gasoline required to start up your vehicle’s engine. If you use fuel injector cleaner in your vehicle that chemical liquid will act as a detergent for your vehicle thus removing carbon deposits and eliminating all the above mentioned problems.

Choosing a Fuel Injector Cleaner

Now when you opt for a fuel injector cleaner you have to be aware that the manufacturer is reputable and it’s not some bad fuel injector which will do nothing to improve your engine’s performance for that purpose we have reviewed the best fuel injector cleaners for you so you can make the safest and wisest choice when choosing the fuel injector cleaner.

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