Different Types Of Car Wax
(Last Updated On: April 9, 2018)

If you are car enthusiast or you just want your vehicle looking shiny and clean all the time then you must be looking for the best possible information regarding car waxes. Knowing which car wax you should go for or which car wax should do the required waxing job efficiently and perfectly, is a very important thing. To maintain your vehicle’s paint job and bodywork you must know what are the different types of car wax which are available in the market.

To put it shortly, a car wax is there for you if you want your vehicle’s paint job to look as good as it was when it was brand new or if you have bought a new car or if you have got a fresh paint job on your car then waxing your car is a necessity to protect your investment and keep it good looking for as long as possible. A wax coat can easily protect your car from dust particles that can give a dirty outlook of your paintjob or pollutants that can get stuck inside the paintwork that results in fading of the original shine of the paintjob of your vehicle.

So which types of car wax will you have available in the market to choose from? Let’s get into it.

Liquid Wax

The first and the most effective of all the waxes available for cars is the liquid wax. The liquid wax gives the best result when it comes to durability, gloss and overall cleanliness during the waxing of the car’s body. Liquid wax is slightly abrasive in nature due to some materials that are involved in liquid wax’s manufacturing so you have to be careful not to overdo the waxing process. Liquid wax is also the least user friendly as it is the hardest to apply on cars you have to make sure you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Paste Wax

Paste waxes are the next type of car wax you will find in the market and has been the most commonly used of all the types for quite some while now. This wax is typically available in a small container and is usually applied with the help of a foam. The luster of the paste wax tends to fade away quickly compared to liquid wax but is easier to apply compared to liquid wax. There is some type of abrasive material present in the paste wax as well which can damage the paintjob of your vehicle if not handled correctly and according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Spray Wax

If you have bought a new car and you want to keep the paintjob in it’s factory condition for a longer duration then the spray wax will do the job for you. Spray wax is the most user friendly of all the wax types and is very easy to apply. The drawback of the spray wax is that it lasts through the least amount of time compared to the other two wax types. It is non abrasive in nature though so you can expect to be worry free in that regards with spray wax.

It is better to consult your vehicle manufacturer’s customer support to know which wax type will work perfectly for your car. It is better to get a professional opinion from the vehicle manufacturers themselves.

Preparing for Waxing Using Clay Bar

To wax your vehicle you probably will wash your car thoroughly to remove any kind of dirt but that is not enough. The dirt particles embed themselves deep into your vehicle’s paintjob which are not easily eliminated or removed by merely washing the car with water.

We recommend once you wash your car, you use a clay bar with some lubrication to remove those dirt particles from deep within the paintjob. The clay bar will provide you with the perfect level of cleanliness required before waxing of the vehicle. You just have to be cautious when selecting the clay bar for the job as there are different abrasiveness levels of the clay bar as well just like the waxes we discussed above.

How Often Should You Wax Your Vehicle?

The answer to this question varies according to the driving conditions of the area if the area you live in has a lot of dust and mud then it is better to wax your car when the shine fades away which will be fairly quickly. Otherwise there is a general rule of thumb that you should wash your car once a week and the waxing should be done once every eight to twelve weeks.

Hope you find this publication useful.

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