Best Shocks For Towing 5th Wheel
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Heavy towing requires heavy-duty vehicles and not every heavy-duty vehicle has the best integrated shock absorbers. If you are someone who owns a towing truck and you have been searching for a shock absorber to make those bumpy rides not so bumpy anymore, you have come to the right corner of the internet.

Towing and driving heavy-duty trucks isn’t something that is on everyone’s wish list. It requires a lot of patience to drive a 5th wheel because in order to handle a heavy-duty vehicle like that, the driver needs a very strong suspension system. One that will minimize the road input the best it can.

If you are looking for best shock absorbers for 5th wheel, then we have something in store for you that you are really going to like. Finding the right shock absorbers is not an easy job to handle. If you are not well aware and you haven’t done a thorough research, chances are you will end up wasting your money.

This is why we have made a list of “things to consider when buying shocks for 5th wheel”. These are a few tips that will help you choose the right shock absorber while you are on your shopping spree. We have also compiled some of the best shocks for towing 5th wheel below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.


Not all shocks are adjustable. In fact, if you have done a thorough research, you will know that most of the standard shocks available in the market are non-adjustable.

However, if you are wanting the best maneuverability out of your vehicle, we suggest you go for shocks that can be adjusted according to requirement. They enhance your ride experience and you can set the quality of the ride you want according to your driving conditions.


When you are buying your shocks, make sure you thoroughly check the building material and the technology of the shocks. This is by far the most important thing to consider.

The overall performance of each and every shock entirely depends on its construction and quality. Keep in mind, shocks operate under high amount of temperature to provide you with enhance quality ride. The most common and quality materials you will find in shocks are steel and aluminum. It is always better to go for shocks that come with warranties.


This is another factor that will determine the quality of your purchase. Make sure you have the budget to buy the right product. We suggest investing a little more because shocks aren’t something that you are going to replace ever now and then. The cost also depends on the brand you will choose. Some brands are cheaper than the others and they provide quality as well.

These are a few things that you must consider when buying a shock absorber for your vehicle. Now, while keeping these tips in perspective, we have come up with a list of best shocks absorbers for towing 5th wheel.

Take a look at the products we have recommended down below and it will give you an idea of what you need to look for.

Best Shocks For Towing 5th Wheel (Comparison)

Shock AbsorberDimensions 
AL-KO Xtreme 813025RP55 x 4.2 x 4.2 InchesCheck Price
BILSTEIN B6 460026.8 x 3 x 3 InchesCheck Price
Rancho RS9000XL (RS999274)24 x 3.4 x 3.1 InchesCheck Price


AL-KO Xtreme 813025RP

The first recommendation we have for you regarding best shocks for towing 5th wheel is a shock absorber from a renowned company, AL-KO.AL-KO Xtreme 813025RP Best Shocks For Towing 5th Wheel The company is known for manufacturing the best shocks in the market and it has established a really well reputed name for itself over the years. The shocks that AL-KO offers are made up of quality material and they provide you with maximum resistance and support.

The shocks that we are talking about are a rear pair known as Xtreme 813025RP. Since we are talking about shocks for 5th wheel, which means we are probably looking for heavy-duty shocks. The Xtreme 813025RP happens to be one of the most resistant and as the name suggests, extreme heavy duty shocks you will ever find. These are designed exclusively for heavy vans and trucks that carry a lot of load.

These shocks are responsible for improving vehicle’s stability, reducing noise diving during braking and body roll when turning on harsh roads. These are basically high performance shocks. Xtreme 813025RP have been designed with maximum vehicle specific damping forces so they provide strong hauling, off-road and towing control. These shocks use Fuchs® Low viscosity High Performance All-Weather Hydraulic oil that provides constant damping forces and excellent thermos-stability at high operating temperatures.

The size of these tubes is monster like, 50mm-70mm that is, enough for providing great oil capacity that most of the other shock absorbers available in the market are not going to offer you. This size also indicates that you will not have to stop your car in the middle of the drive and fill your shocks with oil because they ran out of it. The oil capacity is also really convenient and provides you with a smoother ride for a longer time.

Another feature that these shocks possess is that the it has maximum oil capacity has been combined with galvanic Hardened 18mm or 20mm Chrome plated piston which will increase fluid displacement and will provide you with quick reactions to all kinds of road impacts. The valve system has also been manufactured keeping precision in mind which controls the vibrations and system oscillation.

Xtreme 813025RP have been manufactured in Germany and this is a quality product that comes with lifetime guarantee. These shocks are ideal for fleet and work trucks, those that are always ready to tow and haul. They also have liquid metallic paint finish with red dust covers.

Heavy Duty ShocksThese Shocks Will Only Work Well With Heavy Duty Vehicles
Provide Firm Support
Perfect For Fleet & Work Trucks


AL-KO is known for manufacturing quality products and it has been doing that pretty consistently. These shocks are designed for heavy duty vehicle and they provide the driver with firm control without giving a hard ride even for a second. If you are looking for shocks that come with numerous features and will last you for a lifetime, you have the answer.




Next recommendation on our list of best shocks for towing 5th wheel is BILSTEIN B6 4600 (24-060820).BILSTEIN B6 4600 Best Shocks For Towing 5th Wheel It is a front shock for 5th wheel vehicles and it is a product in Bilstein 4600 shock series. The company is known for providing shock absorbers that are immediately going to make a difference to your vehicle’s performance on off-roads.

These shocks are highly recommended if you wish to minimize the input of harsh roads to the suspension system of your vehicle. This shock comes in a monotube shock design and has been manufactured by using highest quality materials. You can upgrade the ride quality of your car or truck over standard OE shock absorbers with a set of Bilstein 4600 series shocks and you will know exactly what the company talks about when it says you’ll experience a smoother ride.

The entire series of 4600 shocks launched by Blistein promises to provide you enhancement for suspension performance. Imagine unbelievable control, precise handling, ultimate performance and incredible comfort in your truck or SUV. Replace your OE shocks with Bilstein, and you’ll soon discover your imagination is now reality.

Of you are looking for shocks that are least expensive and provide most cost-effectiveness, you have a winner. The Bilstein (24-060820) is basically designed as a monotube shock absorber that makes sure your vehicle is entirely in your control.

Most of the vehicles come with built-in OE shocks that do not offer good performance. Bilstein (24-060820) is a great replacement for those shocks and you will see the difference they provide within the first ride. These shocks also provide you with an improved control when you are using your vehicle for towing purposes.

The best part about Blistein 24-017985 front shock is that it provides the users with an increased lifetime capacity. If you want your shocks to last longer, these are the perfect options to go for. Another feature about this shock is your vehicle will experience extra traction and enhanced stability, even if you are driving your car off the road The shocks will make sure your car remains stable and thoroughly under your control. Bilstein (24-060820) have been tested and tuned according to vehicles so rest assured about the safety of these shocks and just go ahead, buy them.

Offer Extra TractionCustomer Support Issues
Provide Firm Control Over The Vehicle
These Shocks Promise Quality


Finding shocks that will provide your vehicle with extra traction and are thoroughly performance-oriented may be hard but we do have a contender for you. Buy Bilstein (24-060820) and you will experience the difference these shocks will have on your suspension system.




Rancho RS9000XL (RS999274)

The last recommendation we have on our list of best shocks for towing 5th wheel is a product from Rancho.Rancho RS9000XL (RS999274) Best Shocks For Towing 5th Wheel The company is another one of the best manufacturers that you will find in the industry when you are hunting shocks and suspension systems for your vehicle. Rancho has been in the business for quite some time now and they have marked several milestones when it comes to achieving excellence.

The new RS9000XL shock absorbers are the latest addition in Rancho’s shock absorber family and they either feature a diameter reserve tube of 2.75- or 2.38-inch along with adjustable damping system. The massive shock body enhances performance and durability of the RS9000XL, allowing it to run cooler and with a lot more consistency even in harsher towing conditions. Not to mention, the shocks have been constructed with a larger and stronger 18-mm diameter chromed piston rod that is typically not found in other readily available shocks.

The best part about Rancho RS9000XL shock absorber is that it features nine position tuning technology that provides you with the ability of adjusting the shock performance at nine different levels. The RS9000XL is basically known as a premium shock that possesses polyurethane bushing along with a boot that not only enhances the overall performance of these shocks but also protects the shock’s oil seal and rod.

The RS9000XL is mainly known for its feature where it provides with nine different level of adjustments to SUVs, jeeps and off-road trucks. This is an advanced line of off-road shocks and has been exclusively recognized as the first 9-position manually adjustable shock series globally. The RS9000XL provides the driver with the opportunity to adjust the dampening of the shocks according to his own requirement regarding how smoother he wants his ride to be. It provides up-to 400% change to the control quality of vehicle’s suspension system and provides different level of firm, smooth ride. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that these shocks come in a huge body that allows the shocks to remain cool and provide consistency even during the most demanding towing conditions.

The shocks come with a user-knob that easily allows the driver to adjust the9-position feature accordingly. It feature a 2.75-inch diameter body that easily carries more fluid to keep the shocks cool at all times. The durability and long-life of these shocks has been exceptional. Once you install these shocks in your truck, you will not be replacing it for a very long time. The rods have a liquid metallic finish and the double welded loops enhance the durability factor of RS9000XL.

9-position Tuning TechnologyKnob Is Difficult To Adjust
Metallic Finish


The RS9000XL is definitely one of the best shocks that you will ever find for 5th wheel towing purposes. The 9-position tuning technology makes it easier for the driver to manually adjust the shocks performance and provides with added stability. The RS9000XL is extremely durable and is going to last you for a very long time.




So, these were our recommendations regarding best shocks for towing 5th wheel. We hope this article was able to sort out some of your choice conflicts and now you have a better understanding regarding the kind of shock you require.

In case, you think there is another shock absorber that we must know about, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.



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