Best Shocks For Chevy S10
(Last Updated On: April 3, 2019)

Are you in search of shock absorbers to upgrade the suspension system of your vehicle? If that’s the case, you have arrived at the right corner of the internet. We have a few recommendations that you will really like when it comes to best shock absorbers for Chevy s10.

Upgrading the suspension system of your vehicle is highly necessary. Integrating new and upgraded shock absorbers will not only determine a smoother ride for you but it will also make sure that your vehicle remains protected from oscillations and off-road input.

We have often seen drivers sweating about which shock absorbers to buy when it comes to upgrading the performance of their vehicle but worry not. We have made a list of some of the best shocks for Chevy S10. Here are a few of our highly recommended shocks in this line.

But, before you take a look at our recommendations, we would like to make the shopping experience easier for you. Take a look at the following aspects and make sure you consider them before buying shock absorbers for your vehicle.

Driving Conditions

Driving conditions are really important to consider as well. There are different shock absorbers available for different driving conditions. If you travel more on off-road, then you must look for heavy-duty shock absorbers but if you travel mostly on highways, then light-duty shock absorbers will be good for you.


The next thing you need to consider is how solid your shocks are. Shocks are made out of verity of materials. The manufacturing quality and the material will tell you exactly how long will your shocks last.

Shock absorbers aren’t something you will be replacing in your vehicle every other day. Nobody wants to waste their money this way so they always look for something durable, a shock absorber that will last for a long time. So, when you are buying shock absorbers, make sure they are durable and promise to last for a long time.

Ease Of Installation

Another thing you need to consider when buying shock absorbers is that they must be easy to install. In case, you plan on installing these shocks for the very first time, you will not know exactly how to do it, right?

So it is always wise to buy shocks that do not consume a lot of time while installing them.

These were a few aspects that you need to consider before buying shock absorbers for your vehicle. Moving on, following are a few of our recommendations in this regard.

Best Shocks For Chevy S10 (Comparison)

Shock AbsorberDimensions 
ECCPP Shocks36.55 x 7.66 x 2.95 InchesCheck Price
DTA 40017 Shocks23.75 x 2.75 x 2.75 InchesCheck Price
Monroe 89111 Shocks24 x 7 x 7 InchesCheck Price


ECCPP Shocks

The first recommendation on our list of best shock absorbers for Chevy S10 is a product from ECCPP. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality shock absorbers and other spare parts for vehicles. They have been working in the industry as a prominent name for several years now and they are known for their great quality products.

If you are looking for best shocks for Chevy s10, we highly recommend going through their catalog because the ECCPP is largely trusted by vehicle owners and mechanics when it comes to buying products for vehicle integration. The Full Set Shock Strut Absorber is a set of shocks and a strut that has been tested to ensure the OE standards and provides unparalleled performance. These shocks are 100% quality tested and visually inspected and they are exclusively built to provide quality performance.

The ECCPP Front Rear Shock Absorbers work great for Chevys. They are made up of twin tube shock body to protect the shocks from rugged off-road work. These shocks also inhabit accelerate frame and body vibration attenuation to improve the riding comfort of the respective vehicle. The ECCPP Front Rear Shock Absorbers will also make your driving more comfortable by solving braking and steering issues, providing you with complete control over your vehicle.

ECCPP has made top quality bump stop that are exclusive to their brand only. These high performance rubber bushes and bumps provide you with a better driving experience. The company also offers a one-year warranty for their shock absorbers and they have been engineered for superior quality. The kit has matched front and rear shock absorbers. These are basically tuned for each and specific vehicle application and it will ensure the quality of your vehicle has been enhanced and makes your vehicle safe to drive.

Their steel rod is micro-polished with double chrome plate that provides high resistance against corrosion and longer service life. Another thing we would like to mention about ECCPP is that that their warranty service is the best in the industry. If you need any kind of warranty assistance or you have any queries in this regard, you can contact the company anytime.

So, if you are looking for spare parts that come with good warranty claims, you should definitely consider checking ECCPP’s catalog.

Easy To InstallUsers Had An Issue With Resistance
Offers Sustenance
Great Warranty Policy


If you are looking for a shock absorber that first perfectly to your vehicle and is easy to install, offers a lot of damping power, then you should go ahead and place an order for ECCPP Front Rear Shock Absorbers. These are the best shocks that you will find in the market, ones that come with great warranty service



DTA 40017 Shocks

The next recommendation on our list of best shocks for Chevy S10 is DTA 40017 Shocks Full Set. This is another company that we highly recommend when it comes to buying shocks for Chevy S10. Over the years, DTA has made a name for itself and it is now being recognized among the best spare parts providers for vehicles throughout the globe.

The DTA 40017 Shocks Full Set are the most convenient and suited shock absorbers when it comes to reducing bumpiness and oscillation while driving and carrying a lot of load at the same time. To be precise, this shock absorber comes with some major and prominent features that enhances its overall performance.

DTA has engineered these shock absorbers while keeping precision and safety along with performance in perspective. These shocks and struts provide the driver with control, comfort, longevity and durability throughout the time he has these shock absorbers installed. They come in 4 pieces to fit in the 4 corners of your vehicle. In order to provide the users with unparalleled performance, the DTA tested its shocks for highest quality standards set by the OE. All these shock absorbers are visually and quality tested and they are also thoroughly inspected.

The company has used NOK multi-lip piston seal ensuring prevention from external debris and dust. These shocks are basically known for providing high corrosion resistance and long service life to the user. Another thing that DTA has integrated in these shock absorbers to make them remain cooler is the Teflon bonded piston seal to keep friction down so that valving stays firm.

These shocks are responsible for providing you with highest amount of control while driving and you won’t find any other shocks in the market that come with these many features. The shocks are made out of high quality material which means you will not need to change them for a longer period of time.

DTA has experimented a lot when it comes to manufacturing shocks and struts that will last longer and nonetheless, these are the most recommended shock absorbers. Many heavy-duty vehicle owners have highly praised these shocks and according to them, they are perfect for those who travel a lot or own a Chevy s10. These shock absorbers also happen to be extremely affordable which means they will add value to your money as well.

Provides Added StabilityNo Warranty
Solid Build
Perfect For Any Kind Of Road Conditions


If you are looking for a brand that provides you with shock absorbers that come with a lot of features then DTA 40017 Shocks Full Set is the one you have been searching for. These come with a lot of features, provide added stability and are extremely durable. They are exclusively made to handle any kind of road conditions that make them the perfect steal.



Monroe 89111 Shocks

The last recommendation that we have on this list is a set of front and rear shock absorbers launched by Monroe.Monroe 89111 Shocks Best Shocks For Chevy S10 It is a gas shock set that comes with bolts and nuts. It is one of the best gas shock set that you will find in the market. The Monroe Heavy Duty Shocks Kit Fits is a new and innovative gas shock set that makes sure your suspension system gets the upgrade it deserves.

The Monroe Heavy Duty Shocks Kit Fits is among the best shock absorber sets that Monroe has ever launched and it has a new, innovative core that comes with a patented valving system along with an advanced compression phase. These shocks are highly recommended for multiple vehicle use and they work well on mild to medium off-road conditions. The Monroe Heavy Duty Shocks Kit Fits offers you with true velocity sensitive valving and they control the rate at which suspension springs rebound and compress.

When the shock is pushed together, that is known as the shock being compressed or bumped whereas when it expands, that is called the rebound or extension of the shocks. The springs in the suspension actually perform the absorption of created by the shock of suspension loading and bumps. The shock’s real job is controlling the energy stored in the springs. The Monroe shocks respond to on and off-road conditions instantly because they come with performance specific internal components.

Doesn’t matter if you are going over a rough or a smooth road, the true velocity sensitive valving will produce a control and stable level of resistance for better handling, providing you with a smooth, comfortable and controlled ride. These are performance oriented shocks that deliver a noticeable performance and help improve the overall stability of original equipment.

The Heavy Duty Shocks Kit Fits is basically a combination of all-weather fluid with larger shock bodies that allows the shock to tolerate internal temperatures ranging from -40 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. The entire shock set includes compression discs and patented progressive rebound. Rancho’s shock absorbers deliver a safe, comfortable ride with improved handling and stability. They keep the tires in contact with the terrain and put you in control of the road ahead.

For those people who are in search of a complete set of shocks that are not just compatible with one another but also fit perfectly with your vehicle, then you should definitely look into the products offered by Rancho. The Monroe Heavy Duty Shocks Kit Fits is an efficient set of shock absorbers that never fails. Those people who have a trouble controlling the velocity of their car, these shocks are exclusively made for them.

Provides Immediate Impact ProtectionHard To Find
Highly Responsive
Comes With All Accessories


If you are looking for a complete set of gas shock absorbers that provide your vehicle with impact protection and keeps your ride stable, Monroe Heavy Duty Shocks Kit Fits is the shock set you should absolutely consider. These are highly functional shocks that are going to make off-road driving extremely fun for you.



So, these were a few of our highly recommended shock absorbers for Chevy S10. We came up with these recommendations after searching the market and the internet thoroughly. If you still think that we may have left a product out, do let us know through the comments below.



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