Best Shock Absorbers For Light Trucks
(Last Updated On: March 11, 2019)

Do you want your heavy load carrying ride to be smooth and not bumpy at all? Then we suggest you must get to work and upgrade your vehicle shocks as soon as you can.

Shocks absorbers are mounted or installed in vehicles so that they can minimize the road input and upgrade the game of suspension system. These shocks make sure that your vehicle doesn’t experience that bumpy ride most of the other vehicles are so fond of.

Every vehicle requires shock absorbers. They provide ample support to the vehicle and also keep it steady when driving on off-roads. Most of the shocks fade off after some time of use and they will either need a replacement or service before your vehicle can start working in the right direction again.

This is why we suggest that if you have been facing issues regarding your vehicle’s stability, you should get your vehicle an upgrade in the shocks department.

There are numerous shocks available in the market. All of them come exclusively for different kinds of vehicles. You can just go out in the market and purchase a shock absorber without doing some proper research.

So we have compiled some of the best shock absorbers for light trucks below in this publication. These shocks absorber, the ones we have recommended have optimal performance and are really going to help your vehicle out. But before you take a look at the recommended shock absorber, read the following tips we have for you in this regard.


The first thing you need to consider while choose your shock absorber is that how solid the shocks are. Shocks are made out of variety of materials. The manufacturing quality and the material will tell you exactly how long will your shocks last.

Shocks aren’t something that you will be installing in your car or truck every other day. Nobody wants to waste their money in such a way. So, when you are buying shock absorbers, make sure they are durable and promise to last for a long time.

Driving Conditions

Driving conditions are also really important to consider. These conditions basically determine the kind of shock absorbers you will need.

There are different shock absorbers available for different driving conditions. If you travel more on off-road, then you must look for heavy-duty shock absorbers but if you travel mostly on highways, then light-duty shock absorbers will be good for you.


This will depend on which brand you choose. It is essential to have the best-quality shock absorbers since they will not only influence your ride and driving experience but they will also protect your vehicle. Make sure you choose the best brand that comes under your budget. Do not go for cheap brands because you will not only have a bad driving experience but it will also cause trouble to your vehicle.

So, these were a few tips we wanted you to keep In mind when buying shock absorbers for light trucks. Now, these are the recommendation we have for you. All, these shock absorbers are from renowned companies and they all equally good.

Best Shock Absorbers For Light Trucks (Comparison)

Shock AbsorberWeight 
ACDelco 580-35410 lbsCheck Price
Bilstein B6 46003.5 lbsCheck Price
KYB MonoMax 5650624.2 lbsCheck Price


ACDelco 580-354

ACDelco was launched many years ago and it is one of the leading manufacturers of shock absorbers.ACDelco 580-354 Best Shock Absorbers For Light Trucks Originally, the began manufacturing spare parts for different kinds of vehicle but later on, the company is known as the real General Motors Original Equipment parts brand and it infuses an experience of over a century. If you looking for shocks and suspension systems that you can install in your vehicles, then you need to checkout their catalog because they surely have a lot to offer in that domain.

Shock absorbers are installed in vehicle to help dampen and reduce input of the road into you vehicle and provides you with complete control over your car/truck/SUV. ACDelco is known for manufacturing original parts for GM motors. If you choose to install or mount shocks from their catalog, you will be installing original spare parts into your vehicle and that will provide you with the same performance level, durability and comfort while you drive.

ACDelco 580-354 GM Original Equipment Rear Shock Absorber Kit comes with all the necessary spare parts you need to service your shocks. These replacements are recommended by GM because they are original components of your vehicle, providing you with the same output as before. The 580-354 is a complete kit of shocks that you don’t just install in your car but you will also be able to maintain it since it comes with spare parts and service tools.

The first feature that we would like to tell you about these shocks is that they are going to limit the input of road into your vehicle’s suspension system and provide you with complete control over your car. That means, the bouncy ride you used to feel, you will not be feeling that anymore once you install these shock absorbers. ACDelco perfectly understands the requirements by vehicle owners which is why they have launched a complete shock absorber kit. It comes with necessary tools that is going to help you service you shocks all by yourself.

These shocks are known for performing just the way it has been promised. The resistance is great and they make sure you do not feel any bumps while travelling off-road. Easy to install and service, not to mention, highly economical as well.

Complete KitHard To Find
Easy To Install
They Dampen The Road Input Into Your Vehicle’s Suspension System


ACDelco 580-354 offers you with reliability, durability and quality of GM OE products. These shocks are highly affordable and since they come with a complete kit to suit all your garage needs, this package is a total steal.



Bilstein B6 4600

Next recommendation on our list of best shock absorbers for light trucks is Bilstein B6 4600 24-184847.Bilstein B6 4600 Best Shock Absorbers For Light Trucks It is a front shock for jeep grand Cherokee and it is a product in Bilstein 4600 shock series. The company is known for providing shock absorbers that will immediately improve the movement and handling of your car and they promise that it will be noticeable.

If you are looking for shocks that can add strength to your light trucks, then Bilstein has something to offer you in that regard. The Bilstein 24-184847 is a quality spare part that you need to incorporate in your vehicles so that you can get the most performance out from them. if you own a truck or an SUV such as Chevrolet Suburbun, these shocks are perfect for you. The design of this shock basically includes a monotube that outpaces the original part once installed on the vehicle. It will provide you with additional load capacity, added friction and smoother ride.

This shock is the least expensive and the most cost-effective shock that you will find in the market for your vehicle. As mentioned before, a monotube gas shock provides you with ample support that you need while driving. Bilstein ensures that if you choose to mount this shock on your vehicle, you will have complete control over it.. Most of the cars come with OE that does not provide good performance when it comes to precision which is why these shocks are a great replacement for them. Bilstein 24-184847 shock is a light-duty shock and it is exclusively designed for light trucks.

These are rear shocks and you can install them on your own. However, the shocks do not come with a good user manual so you need to keep that in mind if you plan on buying them. You may need to get help from a professional if you will be installing shocks for the first time. This is a German made shock absorber and they are going to last you for a very long time.

Provide Ample Support To Your VehicleNo Thorough User Manual


If you are looking for shocks with imported quality, Bilstein 24-184847 is the shock absorber that you need to buy right away. These shock absorbers are affordable, sustainable and extremely durable that will provide you with the ample support you need.




KYB MonoMax 565062

The last recommendation on our list of best shock absorbers for light trucks is a product from KYB.KYB MonoMax 565062 Best Shock Absorbers For Light Trucks KYB is known for their optimal shocks that provides added stability to heavy loaded trucks. If you are looking quality shocks that are going to last you for a long time, KYB is the company that you need to keep your eye out for. The recommendation we have in this regard is a flagship product of theirs, KYB 565502, a MonoMax gas shock that is going to be the answer to all the vehicle-related prayers you have been looking for.

You do know that tough conditions demand tougher truck shocks. The large bore KYB Monomax shocks provide all the stability that heavier, more powerful and high center of gravity vehicles demand. The KYB Monomax shock is exclusively designed for trucks and it is a heavy duty shock. It is a powerful monotube shock absorber that will provide the user with most handling, control durability that can come from any KYB shock.

These shocks provide fade-free performance which means they are going to last a long time for you. Not to mention, these shocks are capable of adjusting according to the road conditions so rest assured, whether you drive on highways or off-roads, KYB 565502 has got everything covered for you. KYB has a reputation for designing the best shocks for vehicles that do heavy leading, go off-roads, and drive in tough weather conditions or even tow for that matters. Their shocks are of extreme quality and they are going to add the strength you vehicle needs.

The KYB Monomax shocks has received a maximum performance upgrade and they provide 40% more damping as compared to other shocks in the market, this is why they come off as a great shock absorbers for light and heavy trucks. It uses a work-ready, zinc-coated steel piston ring and includes an off-road dust boot. They are by far the perfect solution when you want to upgrade the suspension system on your GM trucks. The shock comes in a zinc-coated, stainless steel piston ring that provides a seal in the most extreme conditions and keeps the shock from sustaining any kind of damage. The shock also features a rubber boot that keeps dirt and debris away from the shaft, keeping it protected at all times.

Has A Rubber Boot That Keeps The Shaft ProtectedHard To Install On Your Own
Maximum Performance Upgrade
Made Using High Quality Material


If you are looking for a shock absorber that has all the features you need, provides you with ample stability, is strong and will last for a long time, you must consider KYB Monomax Gas Shocks. These are made for high gravity center vehicles and provides complete support needed for light trucks




So, these were a few of our recommendations regarding best shock absorbers for light trucks. We hope this article was able to sort out confusions regarding your shock absorber options. If you think there is another shock absorber out there that needs to be on this list, let us know about it in the comments below and we will absolutely add it to our list.



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