Best Dash Cams With Parking Mode
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Dash cameras are quickly becoming important in our driving environment. Aggressive and careless driving along with a growing number of common incidents of road rage make an investment in a really good car DVR a shrewd decision.

Another consideration is always that insurance carriers now tell their clientele to not ever admit fault thus it becomes your word from the other party’s if they have got another person using them and you also don’t, you will lose a ton of money. Similarly, in case you not an experienced driver, or one of one’s children is involved in an accident you will require evidence to back up your version of the happened. We have compiled some of the best dash cams with parking mode below in this publication do check them out as well.

In short, invest in a dashboard camera it could help you save a lot of cash and stress.

Unfortunately determining the best dash cam is certainly not easy because often cameras that contain precisely the same body could have completely different working parts. That’s because you will discover just one or two major camera body manufacturers and so they sell to a huge selection of vendors.

Generally, when selecting dash cams, you have what we buy so start with ignoring the really cheap cameras. I have seen dash cams advertised for $16! and that’s just impossible. Buy one of the and also your money probably will just disappear. Personally, we wouldn’t even think about camera under $80 to $90.

The top feature now a days in any dash camera is parking mode and we have reviewed the best dash cams with parking mode for your ease. Let’s check them out.

Best Dash Cams With Parking Mode (Comparison)

Dash CamVideo Quality 
Thinkware F800 Pro (Editor's Choice)1080pCheck Price
Vicovation Vico-Opia2Ultra-HD 1440pCheck Price
Anker Roav C1 Pro1440p 2K ResolutionCheck Price


Thinkware F800 Pro – (Editor’s Choice)

Thinkware have released a substitute version with their already great F800 dash cam.Best Dash Cams With Parking Mode F800 Pro supports microSD cards around 128GB in space, both models are considering the identical hardware, to make sure they look similar fit and healthy and form. The change that immediately catches a person’s eye though could be that the F800 Pro is perhaps all black, turning it into stealthier and far appealing compared to the F800. It also has got the rear camera (named BCFH-200) they are available in wiring and mount system and when you already possess an F800 installed, it will likely be an easy task to upgrade. It also has very solid quality, and post-sales customer satisfaction from Thinkware is known as excellent. If you decide to mount the spine camera the wrong way up, it’s straightforward to rotate its video feed inside the settings. The camera’s settings could be changed either by connecting your smartphone with Wi-Fi, or you can adjust the settings while using included PC/Mac viewer software by popping the SD card for your computer.

For greatest results, we recommend you have at the very least a 64GB (better: 128GB) memory using this type of camera. As mentioned before, higher capacity cards have better durability, considering that the camera’s recording cycles is going to be longer. We recommend using Thinkware branded SD cards, despite their higher price — other brands may work; however, users have reported occasional difficulties with those. One on the most important highlights of the Thinkware F800 Pro is its versatile and efficient parking mode.

With this camera, you really get 3 different parking modes from which to choose: In buffered parking mode, you records continuously to its short-term memory. When a function is detected visually or from the G-sensor, footage from 10-seconds before to 10-seconds following the event is saved to some designated folder about the SD card.

The second is energy saving parking mode: This one is non-buffered. When a celebration is detected with the G-sensor, you wakes up within 1 second and stores 20 seconds of video. According to the manufacturer, this mode consumes 30 % on the energy utilized in buffered parking mode — ideal when you’re leaving your automobile parked longer time periods.

Thirdly, there’s traditional time-lapse parking mode: The camera just records continuously while parked, but for a reduced frame rate of 2fps. This mode lets you see exactly what happened as you were away.

If any events are detected, your camera offers you an audio alert once it resumes normal driving operation. The alert will inform you ways many incidents are actually recorded because you were away.

To protect your automobile’s battery during parking surveillance, the F800 Pro has a reduced voltage cutoff function (called “battery protection” within the settings). When the car battery’s voltage drops below the particular level you specify, you closes which means that your battery doesn’t run the danger of becoming depleted.

Like other dash cams, the F800 Pro should be wired for parking mode to operate: Either you’ll need a hard wiring kit for connecting the dash cam right to the car’s fuse box, or you can have an extra power supply that operates as being a buffer between your vehicle’s battery plus the dash cam.

Excellent Parking ModeCloud Services Are Not Good
Excellent Video Quality
A Lot Of Storage


This dash cam has one of the best parking mode available in todays market. It offer both front and read video recording and quality of both ends are awesome. It also amped up it’s memory options which make it more effective for longer run and storage. The Think ware promised a lot about their cloud services, but they are not as good as advertised so, that’s the only negative side.




Vicovation Vico-Opia2

The Vico-Opia2 can be an attractively designed high-end dash cam, competent at recording 2560×1440 (1440p) resolution.Best Dash Cams With Parking Mode Like most modern dash cams, the Opia2 supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), a technology to boost visibility at nighttime. The Vico-Opia2 is manufactured out of sturdy materials and contains a superior quality feel with it. It comes having a 2″ screen for reviewing video and configuration. Below the screen you can find 5 buttons, the primary which is really a bright orange lock file or “emergency” button. When pressed, single minute clip starting thirty seconds prior to button press and ending half a minute after are going to be saved to your separate folder to avoid it from being overwritten from the camera’s loop recording. The other buttons will toggle recording, access the menu, mute audio, and turn the digital camera off and on.

Vic ovation cameras assist you to enter a “Vico Tag”, a 12-character tag that are going to be displayed on video with their date/time and even speed stamp (for those who have GPS). You can put your business inside tag if you love, or car’s number plate for anyone who is operating a vehicle fleet.

GPS can be acquired like a separate module to set up elsewhere inside car. It lets you record your situation and still have your speed in kph or mph show up around the video. The speed stamp can be powered down if desired. The camera comes with a substitute for mount a CPL lens (available separately), that may be very useful to relieve reflections inside windshield.

The Opia2 supports two different parking modes: Time-lapse and motion detection. In time-lapse mode, an image is taken every 1, 10, or a minute. In motion detection mode, your camera will automatically detect and record the whole video from a movement in yours field of vision.  Another useful feature with the Opia2 we haven’t affecting other dashboard cameras until now will be the replacement for set the screen saver timer to 15 seconds, which can be extremely valuable in places where it’s illegal they are driving using a screen on. Other settings to the screen saver timer are 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and Off.

Video Quality Is BestNot Very Stealthy
Attractive Design


One more best dash cam with parking mode. It has very crisp and clear video quality. The built quality is also very solid, and design is also good looking. As, it has pointed design it can not be used as a stealth cam.




Anker Roav C1 Pro

Global tech colossal Anker has changed into a trustworthy brand recently from the dash cam arena, recognized for their reliable power banks and charging tech. Best Dash Cams With Parking Mode This naturally led to some buzz when Anker’s Innovations sector announced a whole new brand of dash cams underneath the Roav brand, which seek to provide great affordability and interesting designs to your masses. Price wise, the C1 Pro falls among the greater end C2 along with the basic C1 model, providing a fantastic balance between affordability and features.

Included inside box can be a two-port charger, some 3M mounting plates, an extensive micro USB cable and also the necessary literature to begin with the camera itself, which can be a single unit device. The inclusion of the 32GB Samsung Evo microSD card is extremely commendable with this price, since several dash cam manufacturers are likely to leave the external storage that you can purchase.

The Anker-branded charger plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter, which could end up being either inconvenient or perhaps the complete opposite depending on how you generally use that space. For most drivers, this easy connection method will suffice. The included cigarette adapter possesses an additional USB plug space which could always be employed to charge your phone or another devices whilst it powers the C1 Pro.

The C1 Pro carries a unique wedge design together with the display starting a lot of the space beforehand, in addition to some navigation keys below. The wedge shape is smaller and much less visible on the outside your automobile, helping prevent theft. On the bottom left side, you’ll get a power button, which has a LED within the middle that blinks to show you is recording. On top of it lies a little speaker which acts for an alert mechanism.

2K ResolutionDifficult To Angle The Camera
Parking Monitor
Budget Friendly


This dash cam comes with parking monitor. It also offers 2k resolution which is sufficient for excellent video quality and it is cheaper than other brands. On downside, the camera has no angling options so, it is not easy to adjust its angel like F800 Pro.


We are wrapping it up here. The above mentioned are top 3 dash cams with parking mode. The best one is F800 Pro but other two are also very good if you are looking for inexpensive options. So, if you like our list do not forget to share it with others.



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