Best Dash Cams For Motorcycles
(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

If you’ve ever watched any motor sports you will know the teams, drivers, or riders will review footage of the races and practices to determine where they could improve. In recent years it really is been delivered to the next step for dirt bike and motorcycle riders. The riders can strap on helmet cams and literally relive their race to find out where they made mistakes, or where they are able to have elected better choices. The pros will perform this to receive a tenth of any second per lap sometimes. They can see very minor mistakes or better lines which make them an improved rider or let them have a faster lap. A motorcycle helmet cam can make YOU a much better rider too! We have compiled some of the best dash cams for motorcycles below in this publication do check them out as well.

When you are looking at motorcycle riding, we’re an obsessed bunch. That should be the truth for improving our skills to be a rider also! A helmet camera can assist us just do that. Take for instance a dirt bike rider using a trail ride from the woods. There’s usually plenty of obstacles to traverse and also a amount of line choices. With your camera rolling, you can see the ride back at your home. Sure, your camera extends to capture the ride and many scenery yet it’s also capturing more. It can provide you with your work right, and your work wrong. While riding you must make minute decisions with what line to adopt, or how you can traverse or avoid an obstacle. Sometimes we make right choice, sometimes the incorrect. Reviewing footage of a ride will help you to hone those skills and also be better prepared for the next occasion.

That’s what sort of motorcycle helmet cam can turn to do the job, but all work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Your cam is ideal for capturing riding footage to share with family and friends or generate a video log to your website or YouTube channel. You can edit the recording, add commentary, and much more. If you take a spill when jumping that off camber sand dune, you’ll be able to choose for taking that out or include some colorful voice-over. Use the cam for street rides that can help identify risky intersections and also other poor behavior that individuals see frequently from my 4 wheeled counterparts. There are so many excellent reasons to have a very motorcycle cams and you also really merely have one reason to look out and acquire one.

Let’s check out reviews of best dash cams for motorcycle.

Best Dash Cams For Motorcycles (Comparison)

Dash CamVideo Quality 
DOD Tech Hummer (Editor's Choice)1080pCheck Price
Tachyon Motorcycle Camera1080pCheck Price
Goluk T1 Mini1080pCheck Price


DOD Tech Hummer

If you happen to love recording your long bike trips in rich detail, then you just need to an exceptional dash cam to perform exactly the same.Best Dash Cams For Motorcycles The hummer is such dash cam, and it’s also a breeze to control, turning it into increasingly attractive. You do not have to become tech wizard to learn the way to mount this cam or utilize it effectively; now you may learn the best way to make use of it right away. The dash cam is made to present you with top quality video and images; it arrives with a big 1.5-inch aperture which enables it to capture images during low light. The product is totally waterproof and many types of weather resistant, as well as the camera is usually mounted into the front or perhaps the back of one’s bike as well as holiday to a vehicle likewise.

The camera was designed to capture 1080P and permits you to record hi-d video even under extreme low light conditions. It comes filled with patented image processing technology that gives you with hd video without much image distortion. Even with strong contrasted lighting, the device should deliver on superior grade videos, in order to depend on HD videos at any point on time. Moreover, the device has an 140-degree wide angle lens that ought to allow you to capture nearly everything while you utilize it. It has a completely water-resistant body and might be fixed easily for a bars with clamps.

The unit might appear expensive, and frankly, it’s a little expensive, but because of the host of features it packs in, it really is worth the cost. The unit includes wireless technology that ought to allow you to upload videos to the device, as well as is included with an app that can be used to use yes, that’s right with the smartphone.

It has a hardwiring kit making it simple to mount it. It also incorporates GPS logging that ought to let you monitor your service along with your location closely. This product is perfect had you been searching for ways to record all the information in your trip, is actually its additional features, you need to be in a position to record all that’s happening close to you in clear detail. The product was created to start recording the minute you switch on the ignition and needs little or no ability to keep operating even though you may like to look into the energy consumption details. You may choose to review warranty information when acquiring this product.

140 Degree Glass LensDisplay Is Small
IPX6 Water Resistance
Everything Is Included For Mounting


This is one of the best dash cam for motorcycle. It is water proof and verified by IPX6. It also has 140-degress glass lens for an excellent recoding. It comes with accessories which are required to mount it to your bike and motorcycle. On downsides, the display is very small and if you have eyes issues you surely going to need glasses to read it and the manual it comes with is very small does not explain its processing in detail. Overall, the camera itself has no flaws and works efficiently once you figure out its working.




Tachyon Motorcycle Camera

If you are someone who love recording your trips while travelling, you would then need to have a proper dash cam being mounted on your bike when you’re traveling and record precisely the same by using these dash cams.Best Dash Cams For Motorcycles The thing that you need to become in search of can be a dash cam that’s all weatherproof, one which provides top quality output with good pixilation, which enables it to be looped back for playback and gives a hands-free operation. The Tachyon Biker camera system offers the identical and many more; having a 1080 pixilation, this camera system provides a superior quality recording of your respective trip.

Moreover, it is possible to mount the cameras to your handlebars in order to the inside and in many cases acquire one fixed into the back, thereby proclaiming to offer you varying views because you travel with your bike. This system is designed for those who are in authority, especially traffic cops, since it allows them to record everything in clear clarity. Its features with all the looping function and one who’s made to start recording on ignition, it is actually causes it to become worth every cent. On the flip side, the pricing is usually a tad steep, but overall the huge benefits far outweigh the price. It is completely waterproof and operates only once charged up. It does not require much ability to operate under normal light, but may need more under low light conditions, so that’s something you might check into.

This product comes that has a 64 GB card which will allow someone to record nearly seven hours if not more of video output. And other than this can be the indisputable fact that the system can be simply mounted and comes that has a quick release work as well. While the loop back function allows you to definitely record seamlessly, additionally, it helps it be possible for that you stream your data onto other devices that is another plus. Once charged up, you are able to record as much as two and half hours before you decide to ought to plug it into a 12V source, and yet, it is possible to also operate it with or without the date time stamp. Overall, this supplement is really a great buy and will enable that you record your holiday seamlessly. It is quite lightweight and comes which has a 12-month warranty for your camera unit and parts, rendering it a rewarding buy.

Professional CamBattery Timing Is Very Low
Good Picture Quality


This cam is designed for bikers in mind. It offers professional cam experience to its users. The camera is tiny enough to adjusted in your bike efficiently. The picture quality is also flawless. But, its battery timing is very low, and you need to charge it again and again.




Goluk T1 Mini

The Goluk T1 has a selection of features including having the capacity to record videos in high-definition and also, additionally, it incorporates ultra HD video compression technology, making it possible to record reams of knowledge and store it comfortably.Best Dash Cams For Motorcycles This particular product means that you can record even low light and also at points during the blackout, that is what you should need specifically if you are searching for a method to track suspicious activities that take place in the center of the evening. its patented image processing technology, it is possible to depend on hi-def video and images and may present you with advanced pixilation. The camera is built to present you with good quality images and records the identical with pristine quality. It provides you with 1920×1080 Full-HD Video at 30 FPS. The unit also contains megapixel CMOS sensor and gives you which has a 152-degree wide angle lens which lets you record everything or nearly everything in both the leading or the perimeters of your respective car. the characteristics it packs into that slim package, and understanding that sleek look, it certainly stands apart in the other bulky apertures doing the rounds. It includes loop recording, and also the HD compression, you ought to be in a position to record and wirelessly upload precisely the same easily on your other devices. Moreover, the system has a crash collision G sensor which auto locks it record and stores it safely so that you will may examine it later for gathering import data about the crash, for example the license plate and also other relevant details.

The dash cam is included with wireless connectivity which you may use to interface using your Android along with devices. Moreover, this product incorporates an app that will let you control you using exactly the same. It also features a remote magic key which you may use to capture short videos and upload exactly the same to social websites platforms like Twitter in real time. It is sold with an of storage space card which often can hold about 16 GB of internet data and in addition supplies a 64 GB TF card. The only other side is the unit doesn’t apparently consist of any clamps which could be employed to mount it on your dashboard. But regardless, the product is a wonderful purchase, and another that it is possible to use to record high-definition videos.

LightweightBattery Life Is Not Good
Wide Angle ViewCustomer Support Not Good
Beautiful Design
Budget Friendly


This is multipurpose camera. Mostly used by bikers it is light weight, compact enough to adjust in your helmet or on the bike its lens can capture wide angels and the design is also very beautiful this camera is also cheaper than other brands. On downsides, it has internal battery which does not have long life and if you need customer support for something? Well, they truly sucks. So, you are on your own after purchasing this camera.




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