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Best Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

The fame of Self Balancing Scooters or “Hoverboards” brought with it some technical issues which is nothing new if you see the other technological breakthroughs, they bring with them technical glitches or issues that were never foreseen when developing that product and they arise when the product breaks some barriers never broken before.

The technical glitch or issue that was highlighted was the batteries getting short circuited at the beginning it was thought to be a faulty manufactured unit here and there but not a fault on a large scale production line it became a common issue in a lot of hoverboards over a short period of time.

Consumer Product Safety Commission of United States (CPSC) in the early 2017 stepped in to look into this growing problem with the hoverboards and the Official Recall of the Hoverboards was announced.

Because of this recall the hoverboards models and manufacturers suffered a setback that led to over 500,000 units to be sent back to be fixed. These 500,000 units affected 8 manufacturers and 15 models of the hoverboards/scooters that they were manufacturing.

The lawsuits for the property damage because of this fault in the hoverboards cost them as high as $2 million. Which was an easy pass for them considering the hoverboards popularity among the public was generating pretty good sales figures.

Best Self-Balancing Scooters/Hoverboards 2017

The hoverboards are now back and are available in the market. Their availability in the market indicates that they are now safe to use and the prior issues have been fixed.

Because of the gaining popularity of the electric hoverboards the average consumer gets confused about making the right buy for oneself when getting a hoverboard. Different manufacturers are producing different models of hoverboards with different specifications to target a wider audience and cater their needs in a hoverboard. So to address the issue of confusing oneself when buying a hoverboard we will discuss the variety of hoverboards available for purchase on the market while keeping in mind every aspect of the consumer we could think of.

So without further wait, let’s go through the best hoverboards 2017 the market has to offer right now.

Hoverboard NameMax SpeedBattery LifeBluetooth 
Halo Rover
(Editor’s Choice)
10 mph2 HoursYes
SwagTron T18.5 mph3 HoursNo
Segway miniPRO
10 mph3 HoursYes
PowerBoard Self-Balancing Scooter6.5 mph4 HoursNo
Skque X16 mph4 HoursYes
SwagTron T38.5 mph3 HoursYes
Razor Hovertrax 2.08 mph2 HoursNo
EPIKGO10 mph1 HourYes
Hoverzon8 mph4 HoursNo
Jetson Rover V88 mph3 HoursYes

The wide range of Hoverboard and the early controversy surrounding them has made it very difficult for average consumer to select a single hoverboard for oneself. This is what we are hearing in the market. We can be sure about these hoverboards that there is nothing wrong with them now, you can go through the list we have provided above and you can be sure about the quality of these products. If you still have doubts UL2722 Certification go through this certification awarded to the Hoverboards. After going through the Certification you will surely have no second doubts left about safety and quality of the Hoverboards.

1. Halo Rover – Best Hoverboard to Buy in 2017

Best of the hoverboards in the market the absolute beast in E-Best Self Balancing Scooters & HoverboardsMobility is the Halo Rover, with it’s aluminium fender wings and all terrain tires, this all terrain hoverboard has a maximum limit of 264lbs to bear.

Halo Rover is packed with features and this hoverboard has all the latest the hoverboard technology has to offer till date. The ride assist feature on board the halo rover keeps the hoverboard balanced and upright when operational which provides it’s users with a No Fall ride every time.

Out of all the hoverboards in the market the Halo Rover is the highest and most positively reviewed hoverboard not only that you get an excellent customer service along with the best quality UL2722 certified hoverboard. So you’re not only buying the product but you are also on for a backing of a great company in form of a great customer service when called upon.

The Halo Rover comes with a lot of great top of the line features. Let’s have a look at them and see what use they can be to you. Here we go:

  • For a trustworthy use for years to come the Halo Rover comes with UL Certified Firesafe Battery as Standard which you might have realized above that the Halo Rover is UL2722 Certified.
  • There is no shortage of on board entertainment on Halo Rover, you get Bluetooth speakers built in the Hoverboard to listen to the music and for the safe rides in the night you get a powerful LED headlight and Tail Lights to keep you visible at night.
  • Comes with  free hard shell casing to carry your Halo Rover around and it also has Ride Assist to keep you from falling when operating the Halo Rover Hoverboard.
  • 8.5 inches tires and dual 400w motors now that is a recipe for a unstoppable hoverboard, you can ride on any surface area with these tires and powerful motors on board.
  • The Halo Rover comes with a personal App Developed by the company which allows it’s riders to check up on battery levels, mileage, location and as well as access the three modes Halo Rover has on board including a Training Mode to get you started.
  • The Halo Rover has a range of up to 10 miles on a full charge with a Top Speed of 10  mph.
  • The IPX4 certification for the Halo Rover means that it is Dust and Water Resistant

After going through all of Halo Rover features this Hoverboard Ranked # 1 on our list because no other hoverboard was able to compete with the features it provides to it’s users, Bluetooth Speakers, Fire Safe Batteries, Mobile App and All Terrain Build all these led to the Crown of # 1 spot for Halo Rover – The Top Hoverboard to Buy.

Last but not the least the Ride Assist Technology offers it’s users to feel safer with a No Fall Self Balancing System on board and Training Mode to get used to the Halo Rover’s ride. Safety First Guys!

2. SwagTron T1 – SwagTron Needs No Introduction

SwagTron have a lot of different hoverboard models to their name.Best Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards Catering to wide variety of consumers. Anybody having interest in hoverboards will definitely know SwagTron it’s like hoverboards and SwagTron go hand in hand. So let’s get into their better model of hoverboards and see if it’s any good.

The T1 model from SwagTron is from their higher end range and the product does show features available in top of the range models from other companies so that is clear. Let’s move forward looking into this hoverboard.

SwagTron T1 is UL2722 certified hoverboard like the Halo Rover we reviewed above.  If you missed why UL2722 is important for hoverboards, well it is important because this certification makes sure that the hoverboard certified with UL2722 will have completely safe battery and will not have the issue of short circuiting which happened quiet frequently when hoverboards were introduced in China.

This certification is only awarded to those hoverboard models who go through series of safety and performance tests successfully. So the consumers get the safest hoverboards with the UL2722 certification every time.

There are few very crucial tests performed on the hoverboards to determine that every bit of the manufactured hoverboard is performing well with safety being the first priority. Now below are some of the positive traits of the SwagTron T1 check them out:

  • Safety being the first priority and Peak Performance for the Consumer this Hoverboard is UL2722 Certified
  • SwagTron T1 has a Top Speed of more and less 8 mph and the Range lies around 12 miles on a full charge
  • The motors on SwagTron T1 produce 300W of power
  • Amenities like LED Headlights, Brake Lights, Bumpers, Battery Level Indicator and Light Weight Structure gives value for your money
  • SentryShield Technology for the battery is SwagTron taking that extra step to ensure end users safety. This technology smartly manages the battery system which leads to a better battery consumption so you go that extra mile

SwagTron T1 turned out to be the most comfortable and fun hoverboard during the tests and according to the current market the T1 model is definitely the one to go for.

If you decide that somehow this T1 model is not very flashy or not flashy enough for you. You can always opt for the T3 model which has some visual upgrades, Bluetooth speaker and a handle bar the decision is yours to make.

All in all the SwagTron T1 is a perfectly equipped and safe hoverboard with all the top end features of other hoverboards and it’s light weight structure and comfortable ride provide a lot of value for your money.

3. Segway miniPRO – Self-Balancing Transporter

Now Segway MiniPRO is something to look at. This beauty of aBest Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards hoverboard is here for the people who want to have the best of the best. If you are willing  to go all out on cash and want the best of the hoverboards, look no further than the Segway MiniPRO.

Like the SwagTron, Segway is a name always associated with hoverboard manufacturing and they produce some of the best hoverboards in the world. Their miniPRO model is something to look at and something extra ordinary to own.

The Segway miniPRO is loaded with features, available in Black and White colors with Red accents on both of them, this hoverboard comes with a handle bar which a lot of people would want in a hoverboard makes it much more safer. The miniPRO is the perfect hoverboard for the advanced and the powerful users of the hoverboard.

Now let’s look at the positive traits of owning a Segway MiniPRO. Here we go:

  • Segway has developed an App for the MiniPRO that comes along for the MiniPRO users free of cost. That app is very resourceful you can run diagnostics, remotely control the hoverboard, operate the anti theft system and speed control along with custom lightening features. Apart from the App you can connect to the MiniPRO via Bluetooth as well
  • As the previously reviewed hoverboards the Segway MiniPRO is also UL2722 certified. Which means the safety is not compromised on this model as well
  • The whole skeletal structure of the MiniPRO is made of aircraft-grade magnesium making it super light and durable so it’s capable of easily taking in 220lbs of payload. The tires are capable 10.5 inches air filled military-grade shock absorbers.
  • The motors on the Segway MinPRO produce 1600W of power and capable of taking the hoverboard up to 10mph and when fully charged average range of MiniPRO is 14 miles
  • Padded knee bar provides maximum comfort while riding MiniPRO and the precision steering is a lot better than the standard hoverboards’ foot pivoting steering.

Apart from being able to drain your pockets dry the Segway MiniPRO doesn’t have negative traits. You wouldn’t be able to find it if you looked it yourself.

The price tag of the MiniPRO delivers the best build quality you will find on a self balancing scooter. The attention to detail and safety is amazing on this thing. All in, the Segway MiniPRO is the best self balancing scooter in the market today. And if you are willing to pay up you will get bang for your money with this.

4. PowerBoard Self Balancing Scooter – The Affordable Hoverboard

Next in line of hoverboards on our list is the PowerBoard Self-Best Self Balancing Scooters & HoverboardsBalancing Scooter. The simplicity in the name of this hoverboard is not to be made fun or be made fool of. This is a very powerful nimble hoverboard for the masses.

Powerboard has made it’s name in the field of Hoverboards, some of the best hoverboards they have produced so far, and this model is no exception.

As I mentioned earlier that this hoverboard targets the masses it is because of it’s price tag. The powerboard is one of the budget friendly hoverboards in the market today. The decrease in price tag still hasn’t led to the company making compromises with safety and performances. Surely you don’t get the gizmos and features of Segway MiniPRO but it gets the job done at half the price of MiniPRO.

Like we did with other hoverboard reviews, we will shed a light on the positive and negative points of owning a Powerboard Self-Balancing Scooter. Here we go:

  • As required by the US safety standards this Powerboard self balancing scooter is certified UL2722, which means the safety of this hoverboard is not compromised regardless of the price tag. The hoverboard will not heat up or the batteries will not short circuit and you will have the safest hoverboard experience guaranteed.
  • The Powerboard company is based out of the United States and the orders will be shipped on the same day as you order. For all you impatient hoverboard enthusiasts, this is a blessing for you.
  • Despite the lack of all the gizmos and power of the earlier models we reviewed this Powerboard scooter manages a decent Top Speed of 10 km/h.
  • The ride of the Powerboard Self Balancing Scooter is surprisingly comfortable and smooth with responsive cornering, you can corner this thing maxed out, how cool is that.
  • Powerboard company offers one of the best customer services among the hoverboard companies. This self balancing scooter comes with a 1 year warranty so that you can make the most out of your hoverboarding experience.

When you will get so much out of a single hoverboard with so little to pay for. You will start to wonder if you are paying for a good product or are the features not enough to have a good hoverboard riding experience.  Well we know for sure that you will have fun with this hoverboard without draining your pockets dry. And the features? Well comparing this hoverboard to the other higher end hoverboards you will see the features are not there but for a price so low you will never get more features out of a hoverboard than this Powerboard Scooter. It provides very good value for your money that is for sure.  

5. Skque X1 – Fastest Hoverboard 2017

The next one in our list of top hoverboards 2017 is the Skque X1.Best Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards This hoverboard possessing a dramatic name is one of the fastest hoverboard in the market today. It’s got the speed, it’s got the style and it’s got a cool name too.

The skque x1 is available in three models depending on the tire sizes. The dimensions of the tire size defines the three variants it is available in the variants are 6.5”, 8” and 10”. The structure is made up of robust metal alloy. Making it very light and nimble. The design of the skque x1 is also a noticeable thing as it depicts fun, practicality and the name gives it the final touches to add more coolness to the design. Skque X1 is known for it’s speed. With riding speeds reaching upwards of 15km/h. the Skque X1 is capable of handling payloads of up to 264lbs.

As with all the hoverboards we have reviewed the positive and the negative aspects were placed in front of you. The Skque X1 is no exception.  So let’s see what this gadget is made of:

  • Like the other hoverboards we discussed earlier, the Skque X1 has not compromised on safety. This hoverboard scooter is also UL Certified with a UL 2272 certification making it safe for you to enjoy.
  • The motherboard operating this hoverboard is state of the art with Gyro Sensors matching the same level of advancement. Working together creating a smooth and stable ride with durability provided by a strong metal alloy shell.
  • Safety is not compromised in the night time as well the bright built in LED lights make sure that you are seen and your path ahead is bright as well.
  • Built in Bluetooth connectivity and Speaker provide a great on board entertainment along with a Smooth ride.
  • The Skque X1 is capable of Top Speeds upwards of 15km/h and goes on to a 20 km range with a full charge.
  • One of the best customer service is provided by the Skque X1 manufacturers. A 1 year warranty that cover the parts and the labor.
  • The learning mode feature of the Skque X1 is designed to help new users to adapt to this fast hoverboard.

All in all the Skque X1 provides you with a lot of features and the three variants gives you the flexibility choose according to your riding style. The light weight durable structure makes it very easy to operate and responsive. The features offered in the Skque X1 are top of the line so you will never have to worry about missing out on things.

6. SwagTron T3 – Expensive yet AWESOME

The SwagTron T1 the one we reviewed earlier. The SwagTron T3 isBest Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards the upgraded model of the T1.

Is it any better? What has been improved in this hoverboard model? To be honest the design of the SwagTron T3 hasn’t changed much. But the features like Bluetooth connectivity to the speakers and LED light do sync up with your phone including some other extra features. There were speculations of a handle to go as standard with the T3 model but it turns out that was just a speculation.

So what is there in the SwagTron T3 that is worth an upgrade? Let’s shed a light on it, here we go:

  • The extensive safety tests were there for the SwagTron T3 to pass through to get to the consumer market. No safety compromises there for the T3 model as well. The SwagTron T3 is UL2272 certified for a safer hoverboard ride experience for you and your family.
  • The top speed the T3 model offers is in the range of 8+ mph and this hoverboard will go on for maximum of 12 miles on a full charge depending on the riding style.
  • The two 300W motors are used among the high end models produced by other hoverboard manufacturers.
  • The lithium ion batteries take no more than 3 hours to a full charge and doesn’t heat up.
  • The built in Bluetooth speaker on board this hoverboard can be synchronized with your cell phone. The LED headlights, bumpers and light and responsive shell are some of the main features of the SwagTron T3.
  • SwagTron T3 also has the successful patented SentryShield technology which was launched in the T1 model as well. For a smart and efficient battery management as well as safe usage.

All in all the SwagTron T3 is a worthy purchase but is it better than the T1 model? That’s subjective. The T3 model doesn’t  have the most advanced features of the market hoverboards but the SentryShield technology like features make the T3 models make good value for your money.

7. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – The Smartest Hoverboard 2017

The next hoverboard on our list is quiet an entry because theBest Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards company that makes Razor Hovertrax 2.0 claims that they have built the smartest operating hoverboard available in the market today. Now the claim itself is quiet a thing to say in such a competitive market. If the claim happens to be a false one that can irreparably damage the reputation of the manufacturer. Now to find out what made the manufacturer make such a claim about it’s product and if it’s true or false.

Now you are not the only one to find out the truth about Hovertrax 2.0 we are also looking to get in-depth of what this hoverboard has to offer. So let’s get right to it, let’s find out what’s going on with this hoverboard:

  • Keeping in mind the events that led to recall of over half a million units of hoverboards, the HoverTrox 2.0 went through the mandatory safety tests and came out successful on the other side, those tests led to determine that the battery of this hoverboard won’t short circuit and catch fire. Thus the UL2272 certification was given to this hoverboard.
  • The dual 350W motors in the HoverTrox 2.0 provide a silent and comfortable hoverboard experience to it’s users and the cruising speed of this hoverboard is around 8+ mph marker.
  • The HoverTrox 2.0 provides commendable 60 minutes of operational time which is decent. But this is an average figure the run time may increase or decrease depending on the weight and riding style of the user.
  • The Razor HoverTrox 2.0 run on 36v batteries produced by LG and are easily replacable. This feature means that you can replace HoverTrox 2.0’s batteries when you are out and about and continue having a good time with your hoverboard.
  • Now the smart part which you’ve been anxiously waiting to find out about, EverBalance Technology offered in Razor HoverTrox 2.0 allows it’s user to stay relaxed and let the hoverboard level itself and it may not sound much but the hoverboard will allow it’s user to easily stand on it and will not start moving until the user is ready to do ride.
  • LED light bars, LED battery indicator, bumpers and two different riding modes for the beginner and advanced users are just in line out of many features that come as standard with Razor HoverTrox 2.0.

There are no as such any ground breaking achievements made by the Razor HoverTrox 2.0 but it is worth an eye and consideration. It  is loaded with a lot of features as you can expect from a hoverboard with this kind of price tag and it does compete well with the hoverboards with the same price tag category and offers value for money.

Is the Razor HoverTrox 2.0 a worthy opponent and can it provide excellent value for your money? Yes, Definitely!

8. EPIKGO – Beginners Friendly HoverBoard

Now the next hoverboard on our list is a hoverboard that isBest Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards primarily aimed for the beginners. You can’t just start learning to ride a hoverboard with a Segway MiniPRO you have to start small and with something safe so that it doesn’t get you in trouble.

EPIKGO has been selected to be on our list primarily because of it’s features suit for a beginner and they are perfect for anyone looking to start with hoverboards. First of all the build of this hoverboard is strong is designed to go all terrain. Packed with powerful features and safe design will offer the best the money can buy for a beginner.

Let’s go through the features which led to EPIKGO landing on our list, the good and the bad. So here we go:

  • EPIKGO has not compromised on safety, because for a beginner safety is the priority because they are already nervous trying something new for the first time. Passing 159 tests EPIKGO is certified UL2272. So no equipment within the hoverboard ever short circuits and cause a fire.
  • The dual 400W motors can climb the steepest hill to about 18 degrees and can last up to an hour on full charge or can give out 10 miles of range.
  • The tires on EPIKGO are IP56 rated for solidness and water resistance which means you can go off road through mud or grass and can still be having fun with this hoverboard and you won’t get stuck with 8.5” wheels.
  • Fast charging technology on board EPIKGO means that you will have a full charge in 2 hours every time.
  • A very good customer service providing 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor direct from the manufacturer.

All in all the EPIKGO is a great machine to own if you are a beginner and the power and durability offered in this hoverboard will give you the freedom to go anywhere and explore the outdoors without limitations.

9. Hoverzon – Self Balancing Scooter

Now we are at the edge of innovation when it comes toBest Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards developments on hoverboards and self balancing scooters in the market. The farthest in advancements manufacturers can go to now is to add Bluetooth speakers to the hoverboards and add flashy LED lights to make it look good.

However, if you to run a eye on the products such as Segway MiniPRO have been able to break some barriers and have developed something of a new and out of the ordinary. But that has taken a toll on the price tag and the end result is that the consumer ended up paying double the price as compared to a normal hoverboard for a one step ahead in the hoverboard  developments.

So today we are going to review Hoverzon on our list’s 9th spot which is not that kind of hoverboard with an absurd amount of power or with a over the top design. This hoverboard is just the right amount of everything. The price of Hoverzon is not very different  from the self balancing scooters we have reviewed earlier so keeping in mind that the consumer needs to be given number of choices and the freedom to be flexible with his or her’s budget we have decided to review this hoverboard.

So let’s get started with the good and the bad Hoverzon has to offer:

  • Aegis Armor featured in the Hoverzon is a first you’ll see in any hoverboard. This may not sound much but the multi layer armor is placed over the battery to protect it from the bumps on the riding terrains.
  • UL2272 certified Hoverzon is no exception to safety standards. This certification is awarded to the Hoverzon Scooter because of it’s successful safety tests meaning there will be no short circuits on any component of the hoverboard and it will not spontaneously catch fire. Hoverzon’s exterior build is fire proof including the pedals.
  • Responsive control with smooth and stable ride is possible because of a top of the line motor and the gear stabilization feature in the Hoverzon.
  • The Hoverzon also features a battery management system on board which makes the battery consumption very efficient and the performance is always on the edge because of this on board battery management system.
  • Hoverzon features two riding modes for the beginners and for the advanced user. You can switch between the modes while on the run. These modes make this hoverboard versatile and caters to all the consumers beginners and experts alike.

Apart from the Aegis Armor there is nothing significantly new or a break through. There are six different colors to choose from.

On the plus side you will not have to pay extra for different colors. All the colors cost the same.

10. Jetson Rover V8 – The Monster Hoverboard

The Jetson Rover V8 is an upgraded model of a fan favourite JetsonBest Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards Rover V6. Since it’s announcement the Rover V8 has gathered quiet a fan following because of it’s predecessor’s success.

From the looks of it the Rover V8 has shown signs of improvement. Before reviewing the upgraded Rover V8 let’s talk about the design improvements Jetson have made. Even though the design itself will have no impact on the performance and practicality of the hoverboard but it is certainly nice to get a design upgrade along with the technological and performance upgrade. To talk about the performance upgrades the motors are more powerful than they were in the Rover V6.

To look more into the things and upgrades that are offered in the Rover V8 see down below:

  • The all-terrain 8.5” inflatable tires will let you be with your Rover V8 on any surface, whether it’s grass, gravel or off road, you will never have to carry your hoverboard to cross over a surface again.
  • Like every other hoverboard on this list, the Rover V8 is certified UL2272 which means that Rover V8 has passed all the safety tests and is safe for you to own it. These regulations are put out by US government for your and your family’s safety.
  • For all the hoverboard riders who love to go out and enjoy riding in the night the Rover V8 feature front LED light as well as one on the back. The front LED is useful in brightening the path ahead the back LED will help others to determine your position so they can avoid a collision. Another safety feature.
  • For a complete and optimal experience Rover V8 comes with three riding modes i.e. learning, standard and pro. You can select any one of these riding modes according to your riding skill level so you can adjust to this hoverboard easily.
  • The Rover V8 comes with a standard App which you can install on your phone to control different features on the Rover V8 remotely. The app can also be used to gather information regarding the battery levels and other such things.
  • The dual 400W motors on board the Rover V8 are powerful producing top speeds up to 12mph and capable of carrying payloads of up to 231lbs.
  • The Rover V8 takes up 1.5 hours for a full charge.
  • This hoverboard is IP certified dust and water resistant.
  • Independent GYROs on board the Rover V8 enables you to make zero degree turns.

The only positive thing that came out of the Rover V8 is that they have upgraded it to focus on the things that are practical and are adored by the users beginners and pros alike, instead of focussing on packing on features that no one care about anymore. This thing has landed this Rover V8 hoverboard on our top 10 list of best self balancing scooters/hoverboards 2017.


Honourable Mention

GT Hover Hoverboard – Best Hoverboard in the World

As the title says this hoverboard by GT Hover is hands down theBest Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards 2017 – Buyer’s Guide best hoverboard in the world. This hoverboard is for the advanced user primarily but it can be used by the beginner level user as well.  The thing we like about the GT Hover is that it is an all-rounder. You can customize it to your needs. This hoverboard’s main feature is the self balancing feature with it’s no fall technology that is pretty impressive.

We found the build quality on this hoverboard to be solid and very durable with aluminium used to give it’s protective guards. The UL2272 Certification gives it the safety you require on the hoverboard. There are very few hoverboards that we tested gave us nothing to be disappointed about and the GT Hover is among them. The motors on this hoverboard are very powerful which gives it enough power to go on steep inclines. The power of this hoverboard’s motors give it the top speed of faster hoverboards available in the market.

You can be at peace taking on any surface with this hoverboard as it is build to be water resistant and the wheels are solid aluminium that are both lightweight and strong. These things you need to take on bumpy and off-road surfaces. Now let’s get into the main features of the GT Hover and see what it has under it’s belt.

  • Self Balancing Feature with No Fall Technology
  • 800 W Motor producing speeds up to 12mph
  • Charge Time is 2 hours with range up to 10 miles and battery life of 2 hours
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • GT Hover App to control Power, Speed, Steering Sensitivity and other features
  • IPX4 Water Resistant
  • Front and Back LED
  • Aluminium Protective Guards
  • Can go on Incline Surfaces up to 20 Degrees
  • 5’ Tires with Aluminium Wheels, Tires are Never-Flat
  • UL 2722 Certified
  • 3 Ride Modes: Training, Beginner and Advanced

All in all we found this hoverboard the best there is and with every feature you can imagine with current technology. The only thing that can be found on the negative side for this hoverboard is the price tag but that is justified with the quality and features on board.

Last thing we found was that the self balancing technology on board the GT Hover needs refinement when it comes to extreme usage angles, sometimes the self balancing technology can go a step further saving you from falling and can end up scratching the body with the riding surface. Other than that you cannot ask for better hoverboard than GT Hover.


Self Balancing Scooter Buyer’s Guide

Some people who don’t know what a self balancing scooter is, might confuse it with motorcycle scooters. But just to make things clear self balancing scooters are commonly known as “Hoverboards” among the masses.

Some people also think that this technology is quiet old but it’s not as old as they think.

The Technology Behind a Hoverboard?

Containing two wheels on each end with a board on top of the wheels is a Hoverboard. The board in the middle serves as a space for the user to stand on, while most people don’t know this but the board is split into two parts right between the middle.

The hoverboard is powered by rechargeable batteries and the person who is standing on the board is basically standing on equipped gyroscopic sensor pads which sense the foot pressure direction and moves the hoverboard accordingly.

Gyroscopic Sensors are:

By standard definition a gyroscope is basically a spinning wheel or a disk, on this wheel, the axis of rotation is actually able to freely move in any direction or orientation it wants. While the movement is happening, the axis of rotation will remain unaffected even if the whole apparatus is moved or tilted.


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